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Monday, May 30, 2016

Regarding More Idiot-Speak About "Secession"

by Anna Von Reitz

We don't want or need a civil war--- which is what those vermin are hoping for, promoting, and wanting us to do. 

Why do our enemies want an excuse to murder us?  

We are their Priority Creditors. And they have heavily insured us. 

So, every time they kill an American, they get a big insurance pay off.  That's benefit one.  They also get rid of one of their Priority Creditors.  Benefit two.   Then they get to pay themselves out of our public funds for performing this "service".  Benefit three.  Last but not least, they come in and claim all the property of the dead, murdered Americans as "abandoned property". 

This was Hitler's "Final Solution" and it is still the plan of the Nazionists.

Spread the word about how stupid it is to talk about "secession" and how those in Texas and elsewhere are doing nothing but play into the hands of those itching to destroy us. 

Time to grow a brain, America. 

The only lawful way for any state to secede is for all the states to get organized, send deputies to a Continental Congress, and rewrite the agreement.  If you are too lazy to do that, you are certainly too lazy to win a civil war.


  1. Yes, the only way to win is through the already existing legalities of our Constitution. Violence and civil war are just FEMA camps looking for people to happen to. Choose your resistance wisely!!

  2. What do you suppose would happen if 300+ million people in the USSA decided to give the criminal government the one-finger salute?

  3. I am absolutely certain, with only a small shadow of doubt, that the Good Judge has previously explained "SERVITUDE,and the BAR". HELL it's even buried on this page somewhere..., yet out of 300 million we seem to be collectively FAT and HAPPY about Servitude and the BAR having taken possession of us and terra-firma. They won't be seceding any time soon, Your Honor, ...the waters fine. WE have a quorum on ,"This'l Do"!

  4. The above comment is sad but true in most respects, but then, we only need 3% to act with wisdom and right the ship, and the ones who are fat and happy will join the efforts when it appears they won't have to do much. that's the way it's always been, and won't ever change.


  5. do you collect on an insurance policy when you're the one doing the murdering? Who is this insurance company that is doing business with USA INC?


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