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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Repeat of What Anna Says About Contracts and Quantum Grammar

by Anna Von Reitz

Anna says all contracts created by men are bull.   It's all hokum and fraud.  We aren't competent to guarantee what we will be doing at ten o'clock tomorrow morning, much less thirty years from now when we are supposed to pay off a mortgage.  That is the fact of the matter.  And that means that nothing we promise to do has any binding force or true validity.  It doesn't matter what language you use, or if it is grammatically correct or not.  People have no control of their circumstance or life-span or any of the many, many contributing factors that go into whether or not a contract----even a contract made in "good faith"---can or will be kept. 

Ever tried to enforce a contract against someone truly down on their luck?  Do the words "blood out of a turnip" have meaning for you? 

Therefore, all contracts made by men and even by our institutions--- governments, corporations, etc.,----are rendered ridiculous and void the moment they are signed. If that is not obvious to everyone on this planet by now, it surely should be.  All that a contract can be and all that it can represent is a "good faith intention". That's why a "loan" is not the same thing as a "debt" and why the moral obligation to keep your promises, if at all possible,  matters.   

Now, if it makes sense to you that Russell Gould somehow rules the world through the Post Office and that this is because certain keyholes and gates at the Vatican no longer line up with the constellations the way they used to, you don't need me.  You need a psychologist.  I don't think these guys -- Russell Gould and David-Wynn: Miller--- mean anything but good toward the world, but the fact is that they have gone down the rabbit hole and learned to think like most of the Pope's advisors and that is a real problem, because good intentions are no fit replacement for reality, and a dictatorship based on one man that was bad before is unlikely to be any better just because you change the man in charge.  I have the same problem with Frank O'Collins.  He apparently means well, but he was a Jesuit and he learned to think like a Jesuit and he can't break out of the mold.  He is still stuck.  He is still creating his version of the same bad old template pattern, making the same assumptions, and therefore recreating the same problems he is trying to escape.  And what does that get us?  More of the same insanity.

Let me hop up and down on one leg, substitute numbers for letters to make a new code language, start writing mathematically correct grammar rules, and declare myself Queen of the World and see how many people buy into that.  There's a reason that people won't believe it. 

The entire rationale of the claim made by the Holy See back in 1302 was flawed to begin with and in responding to such a claim with new counter-claims all you do is build fraud upon fraud. You unavoidably bring forth a new fraud that is the derivative of the old fraud. Rabbits give birth to rabbits.  Thus the Unity-States-of-Our-World Trust becomes Unam Sanctum 2.0. 

If you believe and give credence to the Bible at all, you have to admit that no man can breach the covenants of God and you have to realize that Pope Boniface VIII over-reached himself and trespassed against two Divine Trusts that were not his to breach when he created the Unam Sanctum Trust.  Both the Adamic Trust and the Abramic Trust owed to all people descended from Adam and Eve and to all the Sons of Abraham, respectively, were breached by Boniface's actions.

For fellows that advocate the adoption of mathematically correct grammar neither Russell nor David-Wynn appear to grasp the fact that if you start out with a breach of trust you end up with a breach of trust. 

Similarly, replacing the current legal jargon which is aptly described as "legalese" with Quantum Grammar does not appear to be a net gain, because numbers can be manipulated and redefined as readily as letters and the use of such a language to try to construct valid contracts would be just as doomed to failure for the natural causes already cited and would be even less understandable for average people who would have to hire "experts" and then depend upon those "experts" to enforce and interpret and judge every aspect of any such agreements. 

That would give those experts ultimate power over the outcome of all disagreements and the corrupting affect of such power is already known. 

Just as we had the Big Fight, (known as the Protestant Reformation, in part),  over the translation of the Bible from Latin to modern languages, we would have the Big Fight over translation of contracts into Quantum and then another Big Fight over their proper translation back into non-Quantum.   

And worst of all, it would all be a Big Fight over interpreting and enforcing contracts, which are impossible and null and void by definition anyway. 

Stop for five seconds and let the abject craziness of all this sink in and let me repeat: All human contracts are void by nature. Why?  Because we don't have what it takes to make contracts, and neither do our human institutions and corporations, which have life-spans and limitations just like we do.

I know that Russell and David-Wynn think of Quantum as a way to overcome the Tower of Babel and reduce everything down to simple and irreducible terms and that is a noble enterprise so far as it goes, but neither one seems to have the scientific background to know and truly understand how prone mathematics can be to manipulation and misinterpretation. Mathematics is just another language. It has the same flaws. Is it a better tool for making contracts than German or English or Peruvian?  Arguably so, but why are we engaged in doing something as dumb and as dishonest as making contracts in the first place?  Once you give up assuming and believing that you can make contracts when you clearly can't, the whole underlying miasma of lies and pain and purgatory and owing and usury collapses.

So, as Quantum is conceived as a better means of forming valid binding contracts, and as it is a literal impossibility to form valid binding contracts in the first place, let's just quit trying to do the impossible while we are ahead? 

Let your yes be yes and your no be no.  Live in the moment of Now, because Now is your only time and sure possession.  Live now, love now, give to each other now.  Neither store up riches upon the Earth, nor speak of any Future as a certainty. 

Even the Great Writs and great documents like The Declaration of Independence and agreements like The Constitution for the united States of America are nothing more or less than expressions of Will and good faith intentions, so let us take our moral obligations to heart and question our commitments more deeply, understanding anew that they do not derive from some moldy bit of parchment, but from the hearts and minds of living men who give life and light and meaning to the words and principles of justice and compassion.

The efforts of Russell and David are well-meant, heroic, and well-taken.  The efforts of the men who have helped them, too. But it is a fact that neither we nor our institutions are competent to make contracts. We can agree on things, we can express our intentions, we can testify as to our Will----but not make contracts. It may seem like a picky point to you, but I assure you that it is not.  It is the difference between truth and falsehood.

Maxim of Law demands that fraud taints everything it touches.  Whatever agreements we had with Britain were breached and Dishonored by the British Government and the Crown in 1822, less than fifty years after The Declaration of Independence.  The proof is the Treaty of Verona of 1822 and the subsequent Treaty of Verona 1845. 

On Tuesday our nation will begin to face the onslaught of a currency war mistakenly directed against us because of the misdeeds and criminality of British subjects residing on our soil and acting under color of law while pretending to "represent" us and our lawful government.   These undeclared foreign agents include the members of the Bar Associations and international bankers who have defrauded and pillaged us without mercy while working for the British Crown.  

Yes, these are things that I am griping about, but believe me, the worst firestorm of invective I could ever possibly pour down upon those responsible would pale into insignificant whispers when compared to the gravity of their sins, errors, and omissions.  These false friends have done more damage to us and to our economy and to our reputation and to our good names than our enemies could ever hope for.

I want it very clearly understood that I am not a British subject of any kind and neither is anyone in my household.  I want the world to know that we, Americans, have been defrauded and abused by these criminals in suits.  If anyone wants the American Gold they will have to ask the Pope and Queen Bess where it went and I do hope that the Chinese and Russian Governments fully understand that our nation has already been gutted by these thieves as their thanks to us for standing by them through two World Wars. 

If Russell has any magic beans in his pocket this would be the moment to come forward.  I don't think that any good suggestions or practical solutions or leadership initiatives would be turned down.

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  1. At least Frank O'Connor knows reincarnation is a fact of

  2. PART 1

    I was fortunate enough to have grown up during the peace love generation and experience what it meant to share in unity, what it means to have a moral, ethical and spiritual compass in life, where love and service to others was our calling.
    And the self-evident proof of this is an oxymoron that we all represent, in essence what gave light and love as conscious soul energy that all life and matter manifest, which means what I do to you, I do to myself.
    It is why the age old axiom still holds true as universal and timeless, and that is the GOLDEN RULE, and why it’s called GOLDEN.
    My Father a former Naval Aviator in the Pacific Theatre in WW II, and later an aerospace executive, would often remark to me how multi-billion dollar defense contracts would be agreed upon by a handshake over lunch, when a man’s word was the very essence of his honor and integrity.
    We not only have very little of that moral, ethical and spiritual compass left in how so many millions of people who live in the west care so little about their honor, what it means to act in good faith as long as they benefit by it out of serving “self”, but very often would drive by a man whose car broek down in the middle of a winter storm, and would just alone let the man freeze to death, as they did me, when if it was not for the California Highway Patrol who picked me up when no one else would, after I called 911 to inform them I was suffering from hypothermia.
    You can also see how little they care about their own life, or the lives of their children, when billions of pounds of toxic heavy metals of nano-aluminum, strontium and barium compounds are saturated into the skies and air we all breathe, that is not if, but when the does response accumulation of those health effects are gonna take a massive toll, notwithstanding what it is doing to loss of ozone, and food-chain agriculture, that is nothing short of ecocide and genocide, and I have yet to see one lawful remedy being sought to put a stop to what is a global crime against humanity, except they are not doing it in China.
    So ask yourself why the people of China are being spared of such genocide?

  3. PART 2
    If I show unconditional love towards my fellow living beings, I am showing love, to that which I am, for we are all of the same fabric of light and energy that gave us life through love we express.
    But we in time, especially when the black and white television came out, was fed a saturation through the TV and print media, all manner of illusions, fraud and deception, that people chose to define themselves, through what was artificial and has no real meaning in what gives us our greatest happiness and fulfillment in life, for that comes through love and attachment we have with others, through love and friendship.
    America lost all of its soul, and what is left is trying to survive in a world of perpetual war because it did.
    They were fed a body of lies and fraud, and why the JP Morgan bank is going down.
    The loss in GDP will be staggering, and what I cry over most, is that it is happening to so many who don’t deserve it, not that anyone deserves anything less than love, but this place is not run by love, but by fraud, deception and money systems, to test us if we choose to be what we are not.
    Its why I thank my lucky stars everyday now, that I never chose to find happiness through money and artificial materialism, that so many millions of Americans chose to define themselves by bumper plates that say those with the most adult toys wins, when the truth is, no you lose the ultimate loss of your souls ability to move forward to a higher cosmic density, where people have earned the right to live in peace, love, harmony and balance, for it is how the essence of true love as unconditional love is returning home in a cycle of renewal, because in the beginning was vibration.
    And that vibration was thought.
    I think therefore I am.
    And with that conscious soul energy and light came what love for it being it self’s own self recognition, could imagine a world it could create through that energy of light.
    And we are as that light over time expanded throughout the universe, split off smaller units of light and conscious soul energy that could create through its own manifestation, the world through thought we create.
    Being one with the Creator is to be one with our self in love we have to our higher self, and that we give to others, as the same we have within ourselves to feel and share as one and the same.

    We are all in a word, the true essence of the conscious soul fabric of the universe, through which as I have chosen to call it,”LOVE ENERGY”, that gives light and love to what it is we create through thought what it manifests, that is all of us as One with it..

  4. PART 3
    If we choose war through silence, then war is what we receive.
    We stopped a war in the 1960's with 100's of 1000's of peaceful protestors who recognize “ War is, self-annihilation” a purely psychotic experience that we allow others to manifest, as the ultimate crime against all of us we share mutual responsibility in putting an end to all violence and harm we create, as a self-contradiction of expression we recognize, is instead what truth is we acknowledge in our heart and soul-spirit, that gives light through love for us to experience and create through our own divine and infinite imagination what’s possible in the first place, that creates a world we live in that is born of our own self love we share and give unto ourselves through each other, to live in peace, love, harmony and balance, the sum of all life we interact with as the foundation that defines what free will, love and unity can enjoy.
    We were hundreds of 100’sat the White House, that by the time Nixon came in, he was scared out of his pants, we were gonna jump over the WH barricades and remarked to Kissass war criminal Kissinger, "Henry? They are coming to get us Henry!"
    Well that stopped a war in Viet Nam.
    There has never been 100’s of 1000's of peaceful protestors at the WH in 43 years.

  5. Well I've spent a lot more time reading Frank O'Collins writings and ideas than I have Anna's. If there ever was a list of modern day prophets I think Frank would be at the front of that line. I can tell that Anna has not read very much of Frank O'Collins Ucadia materials by the statements she made in this article. According to his own written account of his early life, he was educated by the Jesuits at Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia. But just because one went to a Jesuit College for a few years does not make one a Jesuit! Anna, if you'd read more of Frank's materials you would have no doubt whatsoever that O'Collins is no fan of the Jesuits or the entire Catholic Church heirachy for that matter, an organization he has called the 'Western Roman Cult'. Yes Frank means well and he has put his time, his life and his money where his mouth is, having spent the last 30 years, 24/7, creating an open source alternative system of philosophy,canons and laws, universal time, fully backed monetary scheme, and on and on, completely outside of the Western Roman Scam that has dominated life on this planet for 2000+ years....the one we now know has evolved over millenia into the slave bond system that Anna and many others speak about so eloquently. Instead of sniping at one another, should we not be working together to rid the planet of the mind virus that has enslaved so many for the great benefit of the few?

    1. what are the jesuits? the current military arm of the ROMAN vatican... what are the Janus Priests? the TWO-FACED (ROMAN) "god" Janus is the TWO-FACED god of duality, deception; transitions; GATES; his priests are the FORMER military arm of ROME. Who is Frank O'Collins? by his own confession he is a Janus Priest in a Millenia-long line of Janus Priests. don't believe me. ask frank. he'll tell you himself, or at least he USED to acknowledge being a Janus Priest and has admitted as much to me myself.

    2. The people who you think are Catholic are not. They belong to a new and false religion called the Novus Ordo.

      There has not been a true Pope since the death of Eugenio Pacelli, otherwise known as Pope Piux XII in October of 1958.

      Don't look for Christ's true Church in Rome.

      It's easy for protestants and other non Catholics to be duped by the enemies of Christ into thinking that what is in Rome is Catholic. It's not.

      WE ARE living in the great apostacy foretold in the Bible.


      Paul Stramer


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