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Friday, April 8, 2016

People's Awareness Coalition Comments About

by Anna Von Reitz

Several people have asked my opinion of the PAC  and the organization's guru LB Bork. 

I first read the Red Amendment several years ago, and while the material was well-reasoned within the information the author had at the time, it was immediately apparent to me that LB Bork didn't have all the pieces.  

For example, not knowing that the United States has always been foreign with respect to the states, that the United States has always embraced dual citizenship--- and not just after the Civil War, that the United States Trust is what the United States of America was organized and tasked to protect,  that the names of documents as well as the legal style of the name matters, that these things are meant to operate in completely different jurisdictions than the organic states--- that is, the reason that the Federales call us "non-resident aliens".  

There are a great many weird realities that result from the odd arrangements our Forefathers made.  For example, the Federales, as James Thomas McBride observed, are not obligated to protect your body, but they are obligated to protect your property and not trespass on your rights. A sane man might say it is hard to protect one while violating the other....but that's the way it is and the reason that police are not obligated to protect you even though you pay their salaries and assume that that is their job. 

Bork is also one of the main sources of the theory that we "commoners" who owe our allegiance to the respective land-based organic nation-states where we were born as Californians, Texans, Wisconsinites and so on, are not members of the "People" of the United States.  This assumption on Bork's part seems to stem from looking at it only from the perspective of the organic states, which never allowed dual citizenship at any time, and failing to look at it from the perspective of the United States which always has allowed and promoted and used dual citizenship. 

This is reiterated over and over in Federal Code and indeed, even by Bork, who refers to the language of the Fourteenth Amendment repeatedly and somehow fails to note that the Federales claim people born in their jurisdiction and anyone "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" as "citizens" but one may be one of the people without being a citizen so far as the Feds are concerned. And this has always been the case, too. 

Going back to the Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 which was the official peace treaty ending hostilities between the British and the Americans at the end of the Revolutionary War, we see two different kinds of people present and mentioned---- the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States and the "inhabitants" who are subjects of the King and the Crown who remain to provide "essential governmental services" as provided under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the much-later Constitution for the united States of America. 

From the Federal perspective--- that is, from the international jurisdiction of the sea--- one can be one of the "People" without being a citizen at all.  This distinction comes from the fact that a "citizen" owes an obligation of service and the people do not. This is the same distinction one must make when realizing that "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron, a conflict of terms, and that one cannot be a "citizen"---neither state nor federal--- and a "sovereign" at the same time. 

I am aware of that fact and the reasons for it and as nasty, duplicitous, self-serving, dishonest, and often in Breach of Trust as the British Crown has been in mischaracterizing us as "inhabitants" and "employees" and "volunteers" and "citizens" willingly and knowingly subjecting ourselves and our property to their tender mercies, I think that it is a great disservice to everyone concerned to advance any argument whatsoever disinheriting us from our natural status as one of the free, sovereign, and independent people and members of the People, collectively.  

To act upon this misunderstanding is to throw away our joint sovereignty and inheritance --- the assets of the United States Trust which we are all owed.  One does not need to be or to claim to be a United States citizen of any stripe to be a Beneficiary of the United States Trust, the richest, largest, most powerful trust on the planet. Indeed, it is our standing as lawful beneficiaries of this Trust and its assets that is our most compelling source of empowerment, for in this capacity we act as the Equitable Title Holders and Holders in Due Course, and we are enabled to "take against" the Will of any other group of beneficiaries past or present. 

Those who wrote and adopted the evils of The Constitution of the United States of America, Inc. and its insanely and purposefully convoluted 14th Amendment back in 1868 have been rightfully caught in their deceits and skullduggery by Lysander Spooner and President Andrew Johnson and LB Bork and other great Americans.  The rats responsible stand accused and self-evidently convicted of treason against the actual Constitution, revealed as criminals and con artists, intent on enslaving others and maintaining unlawful oppression by force of arms. They expressed their Will with the publication of their deceptively named corporate charter--- the Constitution of the United States of America--- but there isn't a thing in the world preventing any one of us from making different choices. 

We each have free will of our own.  Just because a bunch of musty old robber barons and greedy, dishonest bankers worked a fraud against our great-grandparents and published a deceptively named corporate charter for themselves, deliberately seeking to confuse "the Constitution of the United States of America" with "The Constitution for the united States of America"---- it doesn't bind our hands today.  

We don't have to vote in their elections, which as LB Bork points out, identifies us as criminals acting against the actual Constitution. We are free to say, hey, wait a minute, I was misinformed and misled and made a mistake accordingly. 

We can revoke all "Voter Registrations" and we can act upon our own Will.  We can act as Beneficiaries of the United States Trust and hold all these vermin feet first to the fire.  We can hold our own elections and fill our vacated Land Jurisdiction Offices and operate our unincorporated States on the Land and we can even call a Continental Congress and rewrite their contract. We can, if we so desire, renegotiate the agreements reached 200-plus years ago and we can fire them. They are our employees on one hand, and their King is in violent Breach of Trust as our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways on the other.   We can bring charges against the banks and their governmental services corporations and their corporate officers and agencies in international courts of record and fine them, confiscate their assets, and liquidate their corporations as known crime syndicates. 

Once you know who you are ---and really, truly know who you are--- it turns out that all the power actually does remain with us and with the choices we make. We are in fact beneficiaries of the United States Trust and all this wrangling over different kinds of "citizenship" is a Red Herring, because we are not obligated to be or to act as "citizens" of any kind.  We can just stand on our little flat feet, revoke all registrations, rebut all presumptions of citizenship, and go from there. 

The inhabitants of the Federal United States who ARE Federal United States (C)itizens are indeed subject to the British Crown and they are here being employed to provide us with essential governmental services under contract; they are literally public servants and in that much-diminished capacity have contrived to benefit themselves, similar to the antics of a dishonest Butler.  Still, at the end of the day, a Butler is still a Butler, and the Lord of the Manor is still a Lord. 

I don't share Bork's bleak and bitter view.  I don't for a moment accept his view that we are in any kind of "limbo land" or statelessness.  We are the beneficiaries of the United States Trust.  We are the joint sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of the United States. Once we wake up and Declare ourselves, the rest is rather easy and self-evident.  We are the sovereigns without subjects, in command of ourselves and our destiny; if we haven't called a Continental Congress together in 200 years it is nobody's business but our own.  If we operate or don't operate our natural unincorporated state governments, that is also nobody's business but our own. I would merely observe to everyone that our failure to do so has enabled a great deal of theft, chicanery, and criminality and that the sooner we take our rightful places at the helm of our fifty ships of state, the better.
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