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Sunday, March 20, 2016

De Facto versus De Jure - more questions for Judge Anna

Your not a De Facto Judge, but a De Jure Judge, right? A lot of people have said you are not a real judge, but what they are trying to say is that your not a corporate judge. But why are people saying you are working for the Cartel/Vatican/Banking?

Next, Corporate U.S. and the European powers to be are suppose to hand the baton of power over to the eastern countries, but are not because they are seeking to retain this global power in fraud? But hasn't the Pope relinquished the assets over through an agreement recently? Isn't that what his recent visit was for, to enforce accountability?

Finally, can you explain a little more about this smooth transitional currency re-valuation for all countries and the planned systemic economic breakdown of the U.S.?

Judge Anna answers:

People are SO ignorant-- it defies imagination....  

When the Colonists came here they set up Common Law Courts and Amendment VII clearly requires American Common Law Courts to decide all matters affecting people and their property....

But in 1965 the last counties and states incorporated their operations--- and began operating under international law as a result. 

All the courts were unlawfully converted to administrative, maritime, and admiralty jurisdiction. All our Public Offices were vacated, too.  Read the Foreign Sovereigns Immunities Act and International Organizations Immunities Act--!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, that is what happened.

Therefore there are no American Common Law Courts, no access to the guarantees of the actual Constitution, no enforcement of the Public and Organic Law.  Why? Because the people we trusted were lured by "federal revenue sharing"--- a cut of the racketeering profits--- and fundamentally changed the form of our government by incorporating. 

We, the people, are still owed a Republican style of government and control of the land jurisdiction of this country, but all the people we thought we hired to do the work related to this got sidetracked off to serve other masters. 

As a result, if we want American Common Law Courts and Sheriffs dedicated to enforcing the Law of the Land we have to provide those courts and perform those duties ourselves. Nobody else can do it for us and nobody on the public payroll is obligated to.  Why? 

Repeat after me: all levels of government in this country unlawfully converted themselves to operate as incorporated franchises of federal "parent" corporations. 

They did this because they were greedy and paid off with "federal revenue sharing"--- basically kickbacks from federal corporation racketeering. 

That left us with all our Public Offices vacated. 

Including our courts. 

The courts have tried to work around the VII Amendment requirements by substituting international martial common law for American Common Law, but that clearly cannot be justified given the time and context in which the Seventh Amendment was written.  

As for the pernicious (and WRONG) rumor that I "work for the Vatican"--- I posted an answer---numerous times already. People who are too lazy to read will just have to twist their tails and spread lies. 

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website


  1. Thank you Mrs. Von Reitz (and Mr. Stramer) for all your hard work and effort. Your courage is rare and greatly respected. The information you are providing is invaluable and I am doing my best to educate myself. I received information that Andrew Basiago is running for President on what I believe is called a write-in-ticket. If you're not aware of this PLEASE go to I was aware of Mr. Basiago because he is in the Truth movement and has stated he time traveled with Obama in the late 60' early 70's. He was part of Project Pegasus that was run by DARPA. DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Project and is part of US Dep't of Defense. If you haven't already, I think it would be wise to communicate with him and somehow work together because everything you all are doing goes hand and hand. He has a 100 point proposal on what he wants to accomplish as President. I Love his thoughts on what this country needs to do and I think you will to. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and may GOD be with Us through all this. Thanks, Tim Bryant


  3. Paul Stramer....FYI...the url on Anna's website sill not load.

    1. Please be specific and copy the link you are having trouble with and send it to me by email to

      If you are an AOL user you will need to copy the link in to the address window on your browser.

  4. You are in total error. Anna is not a Catholic. She is a Lutheran. She has never "worked for the Vatican. See her article # 186 on her website at

    You need to do more study before you open your mouth.

  5. Without prejudice, everyone who has a roman slave birth bond certificate is a catholic; everyone who operates in commerce and uses roman currensee has sold their birthright, property AND soul to the devil; all registered churches are merely sub-branches of the unholy see; we are all catholics; time to call a spade a spade; their is no us or them, only us; we are all in the same boat; united we stand; in peace

  6. I have a question, I have researched this the best I could, but something seems wrong yet. South Dakota is set up exactly like the district of columbia, the courts are circuit courts not district. Their is no intermediate appeal only the South Dakota Supreme Court. This was the original Territory court. All other 49 "State" supreme courts followed after South Dakota, 1889 it failed to be a"state". One or two counties are South Dakota. abbreviated 1976 S. Dak. North Dakota N. Dak. But this is important, they use S.D. N.D. The law dictionary terminology S.D. is United States Court Southern District. N.D. United States Court Northern District. West Virginia W.V. United States Court Western District. There is no E. for United States District Court Eastern District. So what south and north and west district are they referring to? Is this South District of British Columbia North District of British Columbia West District of Columbia? The three branches of ???? South Dakota has something to hide, with this. 2014 Aboriginals in Canada Supreme Court returned their land rights, South Dakota politics in 2014 did a major overhaul. Anna any one? Am I going down the wrong road?

  7. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours


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