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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The actual complaint against Cliven Bundy.

There are so many holes, lies, and falsifications of history in this document that it appears to me to be one of the most evil documents I have ever seen.
Just my opinion of course. Make up your own mind.


  1. I TWEETED Nevada Law Maker,"MICHELE FIORE", today 2-11-2016, telling her that Judge Anna Maria Riezinger has some advice for her.... I feel good.

  2. I feel freedom, coming back home.

  3. This is a complete Arbitrary Abuse of Absolute powers for which they do NOT Have in the Constitution, any law created which is repugnant to the Constitution is Notwithstanding, VOID a nullity, and no oneis bound to enforce such a void act. IN fact those who havebeen enforcing this void act are in fact merely Cattle Rustlers stealing 400 head of prime cattle approximately $500,000.00 Half a million US dollars. The Bundy Family was merely protecting their own private property the cattle,so what they had guns on themto defend themself, they didnt murder anyone, but the government agents now cannot say that because they just murdered that man Mr.Lemay was that the name not sure, either way the Budny family werewell within their rights to carry arms and ammunition to defend themselves and their property is an un alienable right in the constitution, the government is just trying to trick Americans intobelieving this bullshit, thats what it is, a bunch of criminals stealing the Bundy Family private family property, and thier rights. denying a right depriving one of a right removes all jurisdiction case should be dismissed, none of these so called charges are real its allsmoke and mirrors tocover their asses for cattle rustling which is a hangable offense, next time round the bastards up and hang em from the highest tree and this shit government coramnonjudice acts under color of law color of right ultra vires which are VOID ABINITIO ON ITS FACEFROM THE BEGINNING VOID, NOT JUST VOIDABLE BUT VOID. A NULLITY, VOID VOID VOID. Judgment made when the court lacks jurisdiction is void "Clark v. State, 727 N.E. 2d 18, transfer denied id (1998)
    "in legal prosecution, all legal requisites must be compelled with toconfer jurisdiction on the court, in criminal matters, as ditrict attorneys cannot confer jurisdiction by will alone. People v. Page 667, NY S 2d 689, 177 Misc 2d 448 (1998)
    Where the court is without jurisdiction, it has no authority to do anything other than to dismiss the case, Fontenot v State 932,S.W 2d 185 "Judicial action without jursidcition is VOID. Id (1996) Jurisdiction means the power of a court to hear and determine a cause, which power is conferred by constitution or a statute or both Penn v Com 528, S.E. 2d 179, 32 Va App. 422
    All courts must give effect tot ALL PUBLIC ACTS, here in the united states of America all courts judges, judicials minsterials are all BOUND TO GIVE LEGAL EFFECT to all public acts. so when the judge says hey thats from out of state it doesnt count, he just tres passed on your rights again, thats $10,000. per party involved every agent in the court room is complicit in the crime, The government had no authority to steal those cattle.look up jurisdiction failings save yourselves from these criminals in black robes and other uniforms violating Rico act 62,title 18 USC 241-242 and title 42 sec 1983 GOD BLESS US ALL AMEN


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