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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Know Anyone in Canada Doing Anna's Work?

by Anna Von Reitz

From Mark Hermary
Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your efforts and energy being put into the exact
place it needs to be, I send massive gratitude to you and yours. Much
Gratitude of course goes to Anna as well!

I've read a bunch of yours and Anna's site and am
absolutely floored at the research and honesty. I also just received her
book "You Know Something..." and have learned more from the first 53 pages
than I did in 10 years of schooling!

As I am Canadian, I know the information is very close in many aspects,
but I was wondering if you knew someone in Canada doing Anna's work? I
have found Eternally Aware on youtube, and he is amazing and helping our
consciousness rise to truth as well, but I always look for more data to
fill in the blanks.

Anyone come to mind?

Might Anna know?

I just subscribed to your blog, so thank you for all I can research there,
and thank you in advance for all further research coming via your efforts.

With much Love,

Mark Hermary
A living man in Canada searching for the answers

Anna answers:

I wish I did know more--- you are right, Canada followed the same path and created the same "System"--- just the names and dates were changed and finessed, but it all amounted to "enfranchisement" and "reconstruction" and "municipal corporations" --- those seem to be the keywords when looking for the offending pieces of legislation. 

In America it was the Reconstruction Act of 1866 that bit the Big One, and in England it was the Enfranchisement Act of 1867---- this should not imply that the malaise came from America--- rather the supporters of Benjamin D'israeli had been hard at work for several years in England, but America succumbed to the "inherent evil" as William Gladstone described it--- before the Mother Country where that ancient evil was reborn. 

It consists of "enfranchising" living people as "corporate persons" merely named after them---- for example, naming the cosmetic corporation ELIZABETH ARDEN after the designer Elizabeth Arden creates the possibility of confusion between the living woman and the corporate persona.  Unscrupulous lawyers have long made profit from this "confusion" by bringing charges against such corporate "PERSONS" and forcing the living people these things are named after to assume their debts.  This is a crime known as "personage" in the first part (creating the "PERSON" especially without due notice and explanation) and "barratry" in the second --- bringing charges under such known false presumptions. 

This is essentially a sin of idolatry--- pretending that one thing "represents" another, and using it to the detriment of whoever or whatever is being "represented"---- fiat money "standing for" gold and silver, "the United States of America, Inc." standing for the Republic, the JOHN QUINCY ADAMS estate trust standing for John Quincy Adams---- it is all the same basic sin as making a little statue and pretending that it is God. 

As you begin the search look for things related to enfranchisement, vital statistics, reconstruction, reorganization, municipal corporations ---- being aware that canada exists on the land, and Canada exists as an unincorporated nation in the international jurisdiction of the sea while CANADA (chartered in the United States) is a "governmental services corporation" also operating in international jurisdiction. 

I'll see if I can direct some of the better people doing this sort of research to contact you. ---------------------------------------

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website

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  1. You might try contacting this website as this man was referred to me as being very good. He does charge for what he teaches, but you can decide if you wanted to do that or not. I didn't as I don't live in Canada and much of it may not apply to me. Hope this helps.



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