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Monday, February 22, 2016

Censorship in America Today by Rich Scheben


Hi Paul,

This letter, as per your request, is a follow up to the conversation we had over the phone today. The subject matter is regarding the CENSORSHIP that is occurring in America today.

First of all, as you know that my book: “One New York Man’s Journey to Off Grid Living in Montana” has had steady sales and marketing throughout the country and even the world. ( I have even found out that all the public libraries in New Zealand had this book in stock). I’ve been invited to speak at many venues, been on hundreds of radio/TV shows and have created a DVD/video on off grid living.

Apparently, the “powers that be” are not approving the messages in the book and are doing everything possible to curb its sales. Over the past two and a half years since the book has been on the market Amazon has been up to some dirty tricks. They have said the book was “out of stock” (which is impossible for a POD book), misspelled the title (in order to misdirect search engines) and DELETED, at least dozens of five star reviews. ( I have actually seen them deleted while on line).

But now, things have gotten even more corrupt! I had a “representative” from Amazon call me at home telling me that Amazon is doing everything they can to eliminate future sales of my book. He said he was doing this “off record”, outside of the Amazon call center, because he and others really liked my book but can’t mention this on the job. ( He even verified some of my numbers referencing a private information report). I’ve called Amazon and Lightning Source (my Paid-on-Demand) company to get some answers. After a couple of weeks and experiencing a “passing the buck” syndrome, with no responses, I decided to write this short letter.

Please inform the people of our country that fascism and totalitarian dictatorships are now fully operational.

How long do we expect to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave if we don’t have the guts to stand for principle? I define principle as the right to demand that everyone on American soil live by the same rules, laws and accountability.


Rich Scheben


  1. You don't need Amazon! There are so many places and companies to do business without the road blocks etc. Get creative and bypass the bull.

  2. Every time we stand for something they shoot us... just sayin'

  3. Jim Fetzer's book, No One Died at Sandy Hook was also censored by Amazon. My book, Deadbeat Dad, (which exposed the corruption in the local court system in Humboldt County California - which is prevalent nationwide) was removed from because of "privacy issues" without giving me the opportunity to know what those issues were or reply to the allegations. Fortunately I also uploaded Deadbeat Dad to Amazon before the censorship took place.

  4. My take on all of this is that everything that occurs on earth was predestined to happen before it's very creation, therefore, we should not fret about what "they" do, as the solution is also foreordained, and in the end, we know good triumphs over evil. If what we are all doing now has been foreordained to succeed, it will, period and "they" can't stop it. Prayer is the answer, not lamenting about what should be.


  5. Regarding CENSORSHIP occurring in America and beyond.

    The few people who turned out for Thomas Deegan on Feb 19, 2016, witnessed, Judge Reed say "I can do whatever I want" and certainly he's done it.

    Friday was supposed to be a hearing for continuance of revocation of home confinement charge for Thomas’s thought crimes for which Thomas has yet to be tried. However, to the surprise of the prosecutor and the defendant, after the continuance was granted to March 15, it turned out to be a hearing on evidence and motions. No motions by Thomas were objected to by the prosecution, but all were 'dismissed' by heir Judge Reed. Since when is it supposed to be Judge vs Defendant? Phillip Huok.

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