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Monday, February 1, 2016

Answers for Tom--- and the Rest of the World, Too.

by Anna Von Reitz


1)    A few years back I wrote a series of replies concerning the argument that “US citizens are not protected under the Constitution and Bill of Rights because they were not signatories to the documents” or similarly that “the documents only apply to Federal employees and to Washington DC and its territories only”.

My reply was that every American should SIGN these documents and notarize them and then file such with a County Clerk or other registered authority.  This provides a clear statement of jurisdiction and the fact that one has decided to be under “Land Law” and not Admiralty Law.  This would in essence negate any and all Federal or corporate law as being binding on that individual.

To date I have not found anyone who can confirm or negate this assertion or are even willing to respond. 


The Declaration of Independence is the most important document of our Organic Law so far as the living people are concerned.  The function of The Declaration of Independence is that of a Last Will and Testament made for the Future Generations of Mankind by the Testators--the Founding Fathers who in pledging their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor made their bequest to all future generations of Americans, and it must be more fully appreciated, to all Mankind.  

The Declaration is the embodiment of our national trust, our inheritance, and our founding document. It remains the form and foundation of our National Will, which we pass on in turn to our children and all those who are born on our shores and to all those people wheresoever they may be, who are willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the same cause of freedom and justice for all people everywhere, now, and in the future.   

You don't have to be an American and you don't have to be born on our soil to claim The Declaration of Independence as your birthright: The Declaration of Independence stands for all Mankind, throughout all Time.  We continue to give its words meaning and we continue to pass it on to an ever-widening progeny of people all over the world who have taken it into their hearts and lived it with their lives and who strive to pass this most important of all inheritances on to their children.  

The Constitution is by comparison a trivial document.  The Constitution is a tri-lateral treaty of interesting form, also a simple trust indenture binding the new "federal government" entity to guard and respect our national trust, guarantee our Bill of Rights, and other than that, it is a commercial services agreement that sets up the organizational management structure to deliver those nineteen enumerated services all of which are functions to be undertaken in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the international Law of the Sea.  

When Federales call the Constitution "The Supreme Law of the Land" they are looking at it from their perspective--that is, as people who do their duties in the jurisdiction of the sea and who have to respect the agreements of the Constitution when they go ashore on the jurisdiction of the land.  The Constitution is their supreme law with respect to us and their interactions with us, not any "supreme law" over us.  Similarly, the United States Supreme Court is their supreme court, not ours.  The United States Congress is their legislative body, not ours.  Ours top legislative body is the Continental Congress---when and if we elect Deputies and seat one.  

The Constitution is a treaty and commercial service agreement between the united States of America and the so-called Federal Government created as a result of the agreement---not the people.  Except for the Preamble and Bill of Rights, the people have no part in it.  The people are not signatories to The Constitution--- the delegates who signed it were all functioning as Fiduciary Deputies for their respective colonies doing business as the united States of America and the focus of the document is so entirely on the business of setting up international representation in the jurisdiction of the sea that it barely mentions the pre-existing Common Law Court System owed to the people--- just a passing nod in Article I and Article 6, and a single direct and explicit directive in Amendment VII.  

Many American have grown up with the completely silly idea that The Constitution is the source of their rights, when in fact The Constitution merely recognizes and guarantees pre-existing rights claimed and delivered by The Declaration of Independence.  The Constitution limits the Federal Government, not the people. 

Many have also grown up with the idea that the Federal Government created by The Constitution is our government, when in fact it is not our government and never has been.  The Federal Government is an association of sovereign nation states acting together in mutual self-interest with regard to the nineteen enumerated powers delegated to it--and it has never been a sovereign government with respect to us at all.  Our sovereign government is vested in the organic states and the people. That thing in Washington, DC, is under obligation to protect our national trust, to respect the treaties created under The Constitution, and to provide nineteen enumerated services all in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea.  Period.  Put bluntly, the Federal Government works for us under contract. It's our employee, and it has abused its position of trust to commit credit fraud and identity theft against its employers and benefactors. 

Signing onto the Constitution would just commit us each as parties to the contract, and our Forefathers purposefully ordained that we should NOT be parties to that contract, so as to not be bound to it and enslaved by it.   Only states are bound by treaties and obligated to pay the public debts.  We retain subrogated rights through the united States of America, and the actual united States of America are the entities that need to be operated on the land jurisdiction and used to ensure enforcement. 

Having covered all this you are prepared to understand that the United States Statutes-at-Large provide the only process by which anyone born on the land of one of the organic states of the Union can ever become a Federal United States Citizen. This process set down in 1804 has numerous requirements including filings and notices and a two year waiting period. It is literally impossible for any American to actually vacate their birthright status without performing this duty--- which voids all claims that we ever did or ever could trade our birthright for a bowl of porridge.  

Our own United States Statutes-at-Large adequately protect us from false claims against our true political status despite the best attempts of the perpetrators to deceive the other nations of the world and continue their campaign of Breach of Trust, Mischaracterization, Press-Ganging, Inland Piracy, Identity Theft, Credit Fraud, Unlawful Conversion, Kidnapping, Loan Fraud, Securities Fraud, Currency Fraud, Copyright Theft, and more against us. 

We can also formally "Expatriate" from any presumption of foreign political status--- but our position is that we never were and never could be removed from the land jurisdiction of our nation by any fraudulent action undertaken by a private corporate Board of Directors secretively occupying vacant Public Offices and abusing them for private gain. 

Please help spread the word throughout the world that we have been the victims of identity theft and credit fraud, undisclosed enslavement, probate fraud, and numerous other crimes and that the same loathsome practices have similarly been applied to other innocent nations worldwide including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the EU, Japan, and more. Every nation on Earth has been victimized by the scourge of these criminal banks and their henchmen, the members of the Bar Associations working as the "Enforcers" of this malicious fraud scheme. 

Please also help spread the word that The Declaration of Independence belongs to all Mankind, not just Americans. We welcome our brothers and sisters throughout the world to embrace our heritage and fulfill our pledge to our sons and daughters to their sons and daughters, too.  

2)    Your recent article on the TRUE REVALUATION of the Dollar is for the most part correct but it stops short of valuing the Dollar in the US only.  80% of all Dollars are OVERSEAS with NO backing.  These and all currencies are backed by the Collateral Accounts and agreements that gave rise to the Treaty of Versailles and the Historical Boxes issued by the FEDs in the 30’s and all the fraud that surrounds such a mess.

Currently I am fighting the lodging of USD in T’s into the Malaysian Central Bank in exchange for local currency.  This will leave the Central Bank holding what may be toilet paper and a bunch of greedy politicians, bank official and lawyers with real cash and all indebted to the Holder of the bulk of the funds for financing national projects.  Basically this is a scam with big pigs at the trough. 

My question is what do you really think will happen to all those Overseas Dollars in a revaluation?   Particularly since these were not created by the US or by trade, but often through rollover programs and other bank interest outside of the US and often through fraudulent or illegal activities. This also involves derivatives and other market manipulations.
I feel that there will be a lot of “Zeros” written off and the separation of domestic banking from bank fraudulent gambling.  I am not for throwing banksters in jail but permanent retirement from the banking industry is a must.  They can get jobs at McD’s.

We are in the process of repudiating the odious debt compiled by the IMF and its minions against our credit, and tracking down the American Assets that Secondary Creditors have falsely claimed as "abandoned property"---such as the American portion of the gold reserves being held by the World Bank/IBRD.  

Our actual dollar--- the only real dollar there is --- the United States Silver Dollar issued by the Republic will be backed, but not one penny-worth of our assets or credit will go to back any private script of any kind issued by any bank anywhere on Earth. That includes "United States Treasury Notes" and the rest of the "Federal Reserve Notes" that are floating around everywhere--- we won't be buying any of that foreign currency back and we don't suggest that anyone else take any wooden nickels, either.  Here's the situation: 

In a debt-credit system, as you know, you can't have a debt without an equal credit being created.  So how did we wind up with an $18 trillion dollar "National Debt"?   Where's the "National Credit" that goes with the debt?  Answer: we paid it all as it accrued with our goods and labor, and that National Credit should have been applied to the National Debt.  Instead, the criminal banks and the bogus "Treasury Department" siphoned off the National Credit owed to us into their own pockets and simply never paid the debts we thought in good faith that we were paying.  

We gave them the labor, the assets, and the resources to pay all our debts plus interest and they just sat there, year after year, letting the debt side of the transactions pile up against the victims.  It would be like collecting someone's rent money for years, never paying the landlord, and then pretending that the victim was a deadbeat who still owed the rent when the landlord came to town for an accounting.  So the rats owe us $18 plus trillion dollars and they left town, filed for bankruptcy protection for themselves, and left us holding the bag. 

Number 1: They did all this with criminal intention and via fraud and malicious, purposeful deceit, including copyright fraud against our given names.  They deserve no bankruptcy protection, and they deserve no protection from any "corporate veil". Consider the corporate veil already pierced and picture the outraged American people as well as all the angry creditors--like China-- who haven't been paid by these rats on the other side of the swindle, coming to dinner and going after all these criminal banks and their "governmental services corporations" and the people behind all this crappola.  

Number 2:  If they didn't make enough profit after stealing us blind for a hundred years to pay their lawful debts including the debts they owe our creditors, that's a problem for them, not for us.  

Here's another part of the swindle.  The perpetrators gave themselves a fixed exchange rate for their "Federal Reserve Notes" against our actual United States Dollars defined as an ounce of fine silver----one of their worthless I.O.U.'s in exchange for an ounce of fine silver.   In this way they quietly emptied out Fort Knox of all our gold and silver reserves in "equitable exchange" for paper they printed using our credit, and then charged us interest for the "loan" of their private bank script.  This was only possible because the American people were kept in the dark and trusted what they believed to be their own government. 

Number 3:  We repeat --- if they didn't make enough profit from this outrageous currency swindle to pay all their lawful debts plus treble damages to the victims, that's a problem for them, not for us.  They stole our gold and silver and hoarded it and now plan to sell it back to the people they stole it from at 5000% or better profit margins.  Either that, or all the people who have been harmed by their criminality demand that these banks be liquidated and these banker's private fortunes be seized and used to repay the victims. Please note-- we were not the only ones who suffered outright theft of large gold and silver reserves.  Almost every nation on this planet suffered the same.  

In addition to the exchange rate swindle, we also suffered confiscation of privately held gold in the 1930's. King Rat Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave our gold to the Federal Reserve Banks to hold as collateral backing their phony version of "United States Dollar" used in international trade.  For over 80 years our gold sat in their vaults and was used as collateral benefiting them and when the bankruptcy was finally over in 1999--- were we notified as the Priority Creditors and known Heirs of the Priority Creditors to come reclaim our assets?  The titles to our land and homes that had been used as collateral backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc. bankrupted by FDR?  The gold stolen by jack-booted FBI and Revenue Agents from our Grandmothers and Grandfathers?   We were not told a word, not notified at all.   Instead, the World Bank/IBRD came forward as Secondary Creditors and claimed our gold as "abandoned assets" belonging to "unknown heirs". 

All these banks can find every one of us right smart quick when they have a tax bill or a fee-bearing charge to make against the "persons" they created as franchises benefitting their governmental services corporations and named after us by stealing and copyrighting our given names, but when it came time to pay us the receipts of all the escrow accounts related to the bogus "mortgages" they sold us, they couldn't find us.  They didn't even know who we are or where we lived.  And they didn't know where to return all the land titles they seized and placed on our property under color of law back in the 1930's, nor did they know where the confiscated gold needed to go, either.  So they just seized it all as "abandoned assets" belonging to "unknown heirs" and got ready to sell our property and our inheritance off to the highest bidder to profit themselves some more.   

Now they have set up a "Drop Box" and called it the "Global Debt Facility" and put Karen Hudes and the 188 members of the Board of Governors of the World Bank (one of the perpetrators) in charge of getting rid of the stolen loot.  They have had the brass cajones to try to pass themselves off as great philanthropists for offering to give our assets and the assets of other victims away, but sorry, nobody is buying it anymore.   

Number 4:  While the "Federal Reserve" was busy committing all this crime against us and the "IMF" was colluding with the Federal Reserve to pull all this off, and other banks like the World Bank and IBRD and HSB and Bank of Scotland and lots of others were busy getting their fingers extremely dirty, the Priority Creditors didn't come forward because they were never told a word about any of this.  God does work in mysterious ways.  Not all Americans are crooks and not all were asleep.  So a few --- a very few --- claimed back the assets owed to all Americans.  Think of it as a Class Action in Commerce.  

I hate to tell everyone in America that they have been outrageously swindled by institutions they trusted---by banks, by what they thought was their government, by law firms and judges they trusted--- but such is the case.  Because nobody was minding the store after the Civil War, thieves settled in and milked us in ever-increasingly terrible acts of fraud and enslavement and oppression--- and now that the whole fraud is discovered and falling apart, these criminals have offered their "Final Solution"---- kill their creditors.  Just like they killed off the hapless Jewish people in Germany.  They took out million dollar life insurance policies on each and every one of us Americans, on Germans, on Japanese, on Aussies, on Canadians.  They figure that if they kill off six and a half billion creditors, they can save themselves and have the whole planet to themselves. 

We have a better solution.  We intercept their plans and we tell everyone worldwide what these unspeakable vermin have planned and intended to do, simply because they don't want to pay back what they owe to all the rest of us.  

Still think that a job at McD's is an appropriate punishment for what these people have done?  Bear in mind that they think they are smart and that the rest of us are just dumb animals, here to serve them and be sacrificed as needed.  Bear in mind that they are completely unrepentant, even now, when the guillotines they purchased to use on others are being prepared for them, they remain cocky and arrogant, confident that they are going to live to collect on our life insurance policies and the assets of the public transmitting utilities they recently named after us----which they call "derivatives".   

You give the government of Malaysia a message for us---- help us nail these rats to the wall and seize their assets and liquidate their banks and their private fortunes and their foundation shelters----nail them before they murder billions of innocent people they owe money to--- and we will be happy to settle all legitimate debts that any American may have and we will pay those debts in gold or silver or other mutually acceptable commodities having actual value and we will back any script we issue with actual value, too.  

And please, give our best to Neil Keenan, too.

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website


  1. You said, "The Declaration is the embodiment of our national trust, our inheritance, and our founding document." My problem with that is that you are reading "trust" into that document and if I don't see the word trust in writing in the document, I would not insert it. On what basis are you doing so? Is it written somewhere by the authors?
    I have not read the entire document. I wanted to ask you about the trust and from whence it came before I forgot.

    1. a declaration is typically a trust indenture. a settlor, trustee and corpus or res of the trust.

  2. Are you saying Anna that I am the backer of the IOUs: the Federal Reserve Notes held by other people? And to claim that I am the backer of these IOUs is a fraud because my grandparents, parents and myself outputted blood sweat and tears and received IOUs as payment.
    The number of IOUs issued to PATRICIA (see example below) is listed on the debt side of the balance sheet but my grandparents, parents and my labor was the credit against the debt side. The FEDERAL RESERVE conveniently didn't post the labor (confiscated gold and silver and land titles also) my family paid in exchange for those IOUs. \

    PATRICIA'S account should should actually look like the example below. It should show that PATRICIA paid labor and gold and land titles for the IOUs. In essence, if these IOUs I hold cannot be redeemed by me at a bank or anywhere, then my labor (and also confiscated gold and silver and land titles) are still owed to me. They, the Federal Reserve Bank, IMF, World bank, whichever one of them still holds the gold, silver and land titles the government confiscated from me and my grandparents, mom and dad. They are now dead and my inheritance, the gold and silver and land titles and my labor, is still owed to me as the sole living heir.

    I am the victim because I have been convinced that worthless pieces of paper my ancestors received in exchange for their labor, their land titles and the confiscated gold in 1933 is still a debt owed by me.

    PATRICIA'S ACCOUNT below is still inaccurate because it shows that the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank owe me nothing. How is that? I believe it is because the IOUs paid to PATRICIA are worth nothing unless she can redeem them for gold.

    That said, my (PATRICIA'S) gold I am the rightful heir to, my land titles stolen from us with worthless IOUs is sitting in the IMF or World Bank's coffers and they want to sell it back to me? That only works, as you said, as long as I am not educated about the swindle. I can't say I have digested this completely but I am trying to wrap my mind around it.
    I have questions:
    1. Can you please tell me how wrong I am in understanding what you said?
    2. If I am correct, then cannot I make a claim to the World Bank or IMF asking for my gold, land titles and unpaid labor? Cannot everyone else do the same individually?
    3. If we don't get it, suing in courts where we are the hens guarded by the foxes will not work. What is the remedy, if we all want to claim my family's confiscated gold and labor?
    4. Can you tell us to whom we can make those claims to and the form they should take?
    paid to PATRICIA / owed by patricia
    Debit Side / Credit Side
    1000 IOUs ( FRNs) / 1000 hours of labor

  3. What is a public transmitting utility?
    Is there any way to find out what company insures the life of a transmitting utility "named after us which they call a derivative"?
    "…assets of the public transmitting utilities they recently named after us----which they call "derivatives". "
    Here is the whole quote:
    "Bear in mind that they are completely unrepentant, even now, when the guillotines they purchased to use on others are being prepared for them, they remain cocky and arrogant, confident that they are going to live to collect on our life insurance policies and the assets of the public transmitting utilities they recently named after us----which they call "derivatives". "


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