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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Open Letter to Congress and the Federal Governors

by Anna Von Reitz:

The Situation:

Ever since the IMF doing business as the “UNITED STATES” together with its “STATE OF” franchises took over the governmental services contract owed to the organic states of the Union,  members of Congress past and present have been racking up debt on our credit and claims against our property assets for purposes we never approved of and which do not benefit us.  

You have also continued to charge us and receive credit for these “services” while failing to actually pay the debt and balance the accounts---effectively triple-dipping: taxing us on one side and forcing us to also provide our private credit as a second payment on the other and then leaving the original debt unpaid for us to pick up at the end of the day.

This is called “odious debt” and we have repudiated it and the entire system of fraud and racketeering giving rise to it.  

The Federal Reserve System began over a hundred years ago, but fraud has no statute of limitations.

It is thought worldwide that you are representing the people and the organic states of the Union and that is what the people here thought, too.  That’s why we trusted you.  We honestly thought that you were occupying public offices and working for us, but instead, it turns out that you are occupying similarly named private corporate offices and whoever and whatever you have been working for, it isn’t us and it isn’t our states of the Union.

You’ve all been involved, knowingly or unknowingly, in a giant fraud scheme.

The aim of that fraud scheme has been to occupy what appear to be public offices and use them for private gain---mostly by manipulation of the currency and commodity markets, secondarily by outright theft and insider trading of natural resources, and last but not least, by identity theft, credit and securities fraud, and racketeering carried out by members of the American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service.

As of March 2015 the UNITED STATES has been insolvent.  The parent corporations, the IMF and the UN Corp, have moved to take over the derelict shell and act as Successors to Contract.  That means that you would all be working for Jacob Rothschild and we would all be on the meat hook to pay your debts for you as “presumed Sureties”---- the same exact scam introduced by FDR in the 1930’s.

It goes like this:  create a bunch of bogus corporate franchises named after living Americans and the organic American states, name them as Sureties (Co-Signers) for your debts, seize upon their assets as collateral, run their credit into the stratosphere, claim bankruptcy protection for yourselves, and leave the victims to pay the “National Debt”---your debt----without ever telling the poor, dumb people a word about what you’ve done while “representing” them.

Right on time, Barack Hussein Obama created a whole new raft of public transmitting utilities named after living Americans this past spring.  He used nicknames styled like this:  JOHN W. DOE.   Was that JOHN WADE DOE or JOHN WILLIAM DOE or JOHN WOODWARD DOE?   Nobody knows for sure, but millions of trusting Americans getting bills addressed to these bogus entities have been paying their bills for them.

This is a crime called personage--- misrepresenting a living man as a corporate persona.  It is closely allied with another crime called barratry --- knowingly bringing claims in court or otherwise against such persons.   This is what is happening in every courtroom in America.

At the same time that the Federal Reserve and your predecessors in office were putting this system into place they cut themselves another unbelievably good deal--- a fixed “dollar for dollar” exchange rate for their own private bank script against our lawful money, the United States Dollar defined as one ounce of fine silver.

This meant that they could exchange their worthless Federal Reserve Notes --- which are Promissory Notes or I.O.U.’s --- for our silver.  By the time Richard M. Nixon hit office the banks had not only cleaned the gold out of Fort Knox, they had heisted the silver, too, via this process.  

This was all done at no cost to themselves, except the price of printing their filthy private script, which they charged back to the American People, plus interest.

The object of FDR’s confiscation of privately held gold and the draining of all the precious metals out of America was to amass all the precious metals on Earth in the control of the perpetrators of this scheme and to force everyone to use the private paper script as money in the meantime.  Inevitably, the fiat script would devalue, allowing the perpetrators to benefit astronomically.

It cost about $30 for an ounce of gold in 1930.  It now costs $1300 an ounce and could go a lot higher. The difference between $30 and $1300 or however much higher --- is what the bankers are after.  That’s their profit for this scheme.   They intend to sell the gold and silver back to the grandsons of the people they stole it from for over a hundred times what it was worth in 1930. 

And it’s all pure profit for the banks, because they never actually paid for any of it.  It was either confiscated for them by the crooked politicians or it was “exchanged” for promises to pay that the Federal Reserve never made good on, because of course, they bankrupted the whole Federal Reserve System leaving the hapless American People and the organic states of the Union to “assume” their debt for them.

And you, members of Congress and Governors, are all up to your necks in this steaming manure pile of fraud, graft, theft, racketeering, and other repugnant criminality, caught with your pants down in front of the entire world.

The Solution:

Blame the banks.

They are the ones that planned all this out and executed their plan.  They are the ones who ran these “governmental services corporations” behind the scenes and set them up to be look-alike, sound-alike false storefronts mimicking the actual government the American People are owed.  They are the ones that incorporated everything in sight so as to remove both the assets and people of the land to the international jurisdiction of the sea, where we could all be plundered at will by them and their henchmen and employees, the members of the Bar Associations and the Internal Revenue Service. 

It really is all the fault of the banks and the bankers, so why not just stand aside?

It’s either them or you.  You get to choose.

You all desperately need to start doing your actual jobs---the jobs you were elected in good faith to do by the trusting American People.  

You need to back our reclamation of our assets being held by the World Bank, IBRD, BIS, IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE and other banks. 

You need to spearhead a worldwide drive to prosecute these criminal banks and bankers.  Bernie Sanders is right.  He only has the tip of the iceberg in view, but he’s right.

The ancient parasitic scourge has now taken refuge among the Chinese.  It’s not their fault.  They need to be warned like people exposed to a deadly flu virus.

A special note to “Governor” Brown of Oregon:  you have no public office, no valid Oath of Office, and no bond worth toilet paper: you are working for a “self-insured” bankrupt corporate franchise.  All attempts to use the FBI as armed commercial mercenaries on American soil are bound for failure. Everyone in the whole world knows what is going on here.  You aren’t going to be able to hand the Clinton’s their uranium deal.  Wash your hands and run. Fast.  

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  1. A Sovereign's Oath to the Peace

    As a sovereign inhabitant of this great nation.
    I pledge allegiance to the peace.
    I pledge allegiance to peaceful conduct.
    I pledge allegiance to peaceful solution.
    I pledge to arrest my impatience, frustration, and fear.
    I pledge to seek understanding of all sides.
    I pledge to always honor the space of my fellow citizens.
    I pledge allegiance to the peace.

  2. by Anna Von Reitz 5
    by Anna Von Reitz 5
    by Anna Von Reitz 5
    by Anna Von Reitz 5
    by Anna Von Reitz 5

    the continental United States of America
    is NOT the district United States of America

    We know now that we are john -henry: doe. We are not JOHN HENRY DOE, JOHN DOE, JOHN H DOE, John H Doe or other variation used liberally around us in commerce.

    We know now that john -james: doe is a free, sovereign human Earth citizen with inalienable, God given rights. These rights are not dependent on, or in gratitude to, any existing document, constitution, government, or representative thereof. As a sovereign being, no living or dead legal entity is our master, without our express and publicly disclosed permission.

    We know now, thanks to Anna von Reitz and David E. Robinson that we are American State Citizens, not "US citizens" and that we, individually, have more civil authority on the land than any and the entire "federal government".

    We know now, that we must learn to exercise this power with a sure hand, indeed, as "kings" and "queens" without subjects.

    We know now that plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery. AMERICA! STOP PLAGIARIZING YOUR GOVERNMENT AND START GOVERNING YOUR GOVERNMENT(S).

    We know now (1) the bible:
    Riezinger, Anna Maria and James Clinton Belcher. You Know Something is WRONG When...: An American Affidavit of Probable Cause. Illustrated by Paul Allen Snover. Copyrighted by The American Affidavit Pure Trust 2014. All Rights Reserved. Made in the U.S.A., San Bernardino, California, 05 January 2016.

    We know now (2) the book of mormon:
    Robinson, David E. New Beginnings Study Course: Connect the Dots and See. Made in the U.S.A., San Bernardino, California, 05 January 2016.

    We know now (3) the doctrine in covenants:
    Robinson, David E. For Anna Von Reitz, Disclosure 101: What You Need to Know. Made in the U.S.A., San Bernardino, California, 05 January 2016.

  3. Well, all of these "Notices" are falling on DEAF EARS because NO ONE is going to force these evil miscreants the abandon the "system"!!! 1,100 American citizens were gunned down by our corporate protectors (cops) last year and yet, the "game" rolls on. Apparently not enough Citizens have been brazenly murdered yet to arouse a response. Life is still "too good" for most of us to risk losing anything. Perhaps a worldwide economic collapse where everything we have is worthless will compel the sheeple to arise. I guess we are about to find out because it's coming!!!

    1. we keep talking about "them" as if they operate autonomously and are separate from "us". "they" are "us" and "we" are "them." "we" pay for "their/our" crusades and the FBI to be in business to kill people in the first place. If "we" stopped paying for these entities to exist, buying our BMW's, refinancing our houses, etc etc (via fictional, debt IOU's) as we are and stood up together and said ENOUGH, there would be no "them" a long time ago. That is the problem, apparently "we" are happy with "their/our" actions as "we" are not taking ANY responsibility for "our/their" actions, a split personality, think Fight Club.

  4. There is constant posts on alternative news sites that the New Republic has been started and the cabal are done and the IRS will be disbanded etc. Then news comes in that General Dunford has already be reinstated as our temporary President. Making people believe that this fight is over and we won.
    This event today should let everyone know that the premature info put out in Alt. News sources is largely bullcrap setup by the cabal to make us think we have won, but they are still in power.


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