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Monday, December 28, 2015

Land at peace, sea at war for 150 years - Anna Von Reitz

Britain Guilty of Fiduciary Trust Fraud Against Americans, Canadians, and Aussies

Seen from that perspective you can see why Congress acted as it did. From their perspective the land was at peace and in control of whatever the sea did or did not do, as the sea jurisdiction operated by the Federal United States has always been just a delegation of 19 enumerated functions to be done in behalf of the States.  They don't even have all of the powers on the Sea--- just some of the sea jurisdiction has been delegated. And if the States want to get together and amend the deal to give the Federal entity more or less power, they can convene a Continental Congress and do so. 

The problem is that in a sense, we have forgotten who we are and what our powers are and what powers we delegated to them and how we can also take back any power delegated to them.

They are in effect just serving us with "essential governmental services"-- but like runaway housemaids they have been defining what those services are and how much they are going to charge for them and how they are going to "represent" us, etc.

Just imagine that the servants have taken over a grand estate, pretended that the lawful heirs are "missing", and wrecked all sorts of destruction, run the Master's credit cards up to the hilt, failed to do basic maintenance, charged a hundred times more than reasonable for basic services and worst of all, enslaved and made the actual heirs miserable. 

That is the situation we have here. The government of Britain is responsible, has acted in Breach of Trust, and deserves to go down in flames for it. They might have pleaded "wartime necessity" during WWII, but at no time since then has there been any rational excuse for any of this abuse of the rest of us and the violation of our contracts. 

This has all only been possible because the American People trusted the British Monarch to perform their duty as their Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. It is now clear that that trust was tragically misplaced and that the British Monarch has instead attacked and victimized the trusting Americans and has behaved in the severest kind of Dishonor imaginable to us, to the Canadians, Australians, and other Allies of the WWII Era. 

The blame for the current situation lies squarely on the British Monarch, the Lords of the Admiralty, FDR, and the Members of Congress. 

As the Federal United States is a separate nation with respect to the Continental United States, this egregious betrayal is a matter of international law and treaty violation. All member nations of the former British Empire have been similarly abused and defrauded as well as many other countries worldwide. 

For the Americans, Canadians, and Aussies it is summed up as blatant fiduciary trust fraud. 

Please post this under a heading -- Britain Guilty of Fiduciary Trust Fraud Against Americans, Canadians, and Aussies-- because that is the major portion of what has gone on since WWII. 

They have enslaved us and their own people on the British Isles proper and have attempted as much as possible to enslave other nations, too, for no very apparent purpose other than to accrue ill-gotten gold and silver reserves for the Queen and numerous Royal Slush Funds. 

The aim appears to have been to steal all the gold and silver of other nations in order to later sell it all back to them at vastly inflated prices. 

In the Americans case the stooges in "Congress" set up a fixed exchange rate between "Federal Reserve Notes"-- private I.O.U's-- and actual United States Dollars defined as an ounce of pure silver.  They thus "exchanged" their worthless promises to pay for our actual silver and gold, then claimed bankruptcy and discharged the entire debt they owed to the American People for this outrage. 

I haven't inquired but it is virtually certain that they did the same to Canada and Australia and as many other nations as possible. 

This leaves the perpetrators in possession of vast amounts of precious metals which are now grossly overvalued in comparison with all the fiat currencies. 

Consider that gold traded at about $30 USD per ounce in the 1930's and now trades for around $1300 per ounce and you can see that the rats hope to realize an over 4000% profit from their crimes against the innocent people who trusted them to act as their Trustees on the High Seas and Inland Waterways and that they have pretended to excuse this vile behavior by purposefully entrapping and mischaracterizing the political status of their victims--- attacking us while still babies in our cradles and falsifying public records without our knowledge or consent so as to give themselves an excuse for their criminality. 

Well, it isn't going to work. 

You and I and all the others who have been mistreated and lied to and lied about by these monsters now completely understand their motives and their methods and their time on Earth is at an end.

Having been recognized for what they are and having their methods recognized for what they are makes it impossible for them to continue or to profit from their schemes.

They have virtually every nation on this planet arrayed against them, including the people of the Continental United States. 

Both the Queen and Jacob Rothschild are revealed to be nothing more than criminals. Their fortunes must be forfeit to the people they have been stolen from and the gold standard-- or any standard based on one or a few commodities-- must ultimately be rejected.

I repeat-- does it make any sense to use a single commodity -- the supply of which is controlled by evil men-- the standard of value against which all other commodities including human labor are measured? 

Doesn't it make more sense to admit the truth that the only sources of value on Earth are labor and natural resources and to use ALL these sources of value as collateral backing a single universal currency? 

This immediately foils all attempts by the criminals to control and manipulate the world economy, to profit themselves via their theft of gold and fraudulent claims against their victims, and leave themselves in control of all the rest of us. 

Time to cut the shackles of gold, of verminous Queens, of incompetent Popes, and dishonest "Trustees" and also time to deal with employees run amok. 

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  1. I'm completely at a loss for words or ideas other than under whose leadership can we people as a collective gain our independence? Each who reads this is but a single individual. Can the writer tell us how to move forward? I'm asking what I believe is the ultimate question?

    1. I am obviously not the writer. I have found a oneness of the same spirit as Anna, as we all must.

      I love your response!

      A major key to re-establishing the Republic is the replacement of the Law of the Sea, our current system of law as adjudicated by all United States District Courts, with Common Law (Law of the Land) as proscribed by the Constitution, to be our Joint Tenants in Sovereignty birthright.

      I believe the understanding and implementation of the process of Common Law should be first and foremost on the minds of all birthrights born on the Land of the 50 States of the Union.

      All studies by serious freedom minded men and women should be focused upon our present hoax legal system as foisted upon natural Americans as daily occurs in all county/state/federal United States District Courts.

      Failure of each one of us to learn how to deal with the tyrants unlawfully occupying our system of law will go down as the greatest failure ever! is a great place to start the journey of true awakening bearing in mind all of humanity are closely related.....all of the same DNA to be exact.

      Our graduation awaits those who are willing to push the boundaries of darkness beyond the breaking point to where light shines so bright that not even shadows are allowed to exist. The shadows are evidenced by virtually every court case processed by the commercialized ripoff 'legal' system today!

      To understand our present condition you will have to visit the Neruda Fifth Interview. It took me till the fifth reading to understand the depth of our captivity AND our way to rid our world of those parasites draining our life from us.

      We do overcome and it is as each of us commit to what is called the Quantum Pause that we defeat the genetic mind each of us has been implanted with. The essence that is truly us can easily overcome as we are awakened to our condition.

      Typing in your search line 'Neruda Fifth Interview' will take you there. I know this sounds far out. The whole thing is not a pretty picture. It is up to each one of us!

      The answer is in the fifth interview. The preceding interviews are informative but precursors to opening the human mind system to receive the truth.

      Much love and support!

      The Neruda Interviews are part of the This is us millions of years into the future traveling back in time to alert themselves (us) to the way insuring the freedom of spirit for all of humanity for the first time in thousands of years!!!

      The key to our understanding is to realize that we live in multiple dimensions all at the same time. Pretty wild huh!

      Your friend and fellow human.


    2. Not the only thing the uk is guilty of, the local councils are using courts not listed or recognised by the ministry of Justice. Google powys magistrates court getoutofdebtfree, to add to this the local council is assisted by powys teaching health board in the facilitation of attachment of earnings orders. By collecting revenue (council tax) via this method dyfed powys police are in receipt of some of this money. Can't go to the police, can't go to the courts, can't go to the council. If this shit were not so serious it would be rather amusing really.


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