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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A New Resolution put out by Ammon Bundy concerning the Hammond Family.

A new resolution regarding the Hammond family.

Many of you, much like me, remember Ammon Bundy from the very first days and videos released from the Bundy Ranch Incident that later became a huge victory for the Liberty Movement. He was that cowboy that first faced off with the BLM tactical team. These were the same thugs that we saw tackle an elderly cancer survivor and sic attack dogs on a pregnant woman. In that first altercation, the patriots made a point of going un-armed. I still can see, in my minds eye, Ammon challenging the ATF soldiers asking who the real aggressors are and literally showing them that they had left their firearms at home, and they had left even their pocket knives. Well Ammon was tased 3 times that day. Again, I cherish the memory of Ammon cowboying up and challenging them to tase him again and again. It was after this situation, combined the “free speech” zones that the BLM had set up that looked to more suitable for holding small livestock than to practice our first amendment rights that we should be able to exercise anywhere within our borders, that were the last straw. It was then that we saw an organic uprising of patriots from a cross section of American culture come together to say to the Feds that we will no longer sit back idly and allow another family be massacred. At this point, we had received credible reports that the powers that be had snipers trained on the family home and things were being set up for another Waco. Not on our watch! The rally call went out and patriots put down their own lives to come and protect a family of fellow Americans.
Well Ammon’s sense of duty to stand up against the same tyrannical government overreach didn’t end when the BLM left the ranch. It is still running strong to this day. It was through Ammon Bundy that I first started hearing about the nightmares that the Hammond family have also been suffering. In a lot of ways, the harassment that the Hammonds have already suffered seem unbelievable. Ammon feels that he is being called by a higher power to stand up for the Hammond family. If you are not familiar with what the Hammonds have already been through, please take the time to read this post from the Bundy Family blog spot page. It is the most comprehensive history about what is happening the Hammond family to date.
The latest development has been that Ammon is now putting together a resolution that is addressed to the local county government here is the resolution in it’s entirety:

We the People – United Individuals of these States United: Coalition of Western States (COWS), Pacific Patriot Network (PPN), Bundy Family and Supporters, Liberty Watch Washington, Oregon Oath Keepers, Idaho III%, Central Oregon Constitutional Guard, Oregon Tactical, Bearded Bastards Oregon, Nevada Committee for Full Statehood, Rural Heritage Preservation Project, Liberty For All (LFA) [continuous names below]
NOTICE: Redress of Grievance
Notice to agent is notice to principle; notice to principle is notice to agent
Sheriff David Ward, Commissioner Dan Nichols, Commissioner Pete Runnels, Justice of the Peace Donna Thomas, District Attorney Tim Colahan, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Governor Kate Brown 
Dear Sirs,
After extensive research on the Hammond case, We the People of these States United have reason to believe that Dwight and Steven Hammond were not afforded their rights to due process as protected by the United States Constitution.
We have principled evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond committed no crime in the act of performing the prescribe burn and back fire, that the U.S. Government does not have authority to enforce Territorial law under Article Four within the State of Oregon, and that the County of Harney and State of Oregon failed to protect the Hammond’s rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. USC 42.1986, 18.242, 18.121, 42.1983, 42.1985,
We hold compelling evidence that the U.S. Government abused the federal court system, situating the Hammond family into duress as effort to force the Hammond’s to sell their Steen Mountain property to a federal agency.
We have substantial evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s Office exploited an act of Congress, imposing cruel and unusual punishment upon residents of Harney County.
We hold substantial evidence that inside the borders of Harney County the U.S. Government is acting outside the authority enumerated in the Constitution of the United States.
We secure evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s Office independently prepared the indictment against Dwight & Steven Hammond, and that the Grand Jury did not properly assemble or investigate before the indictment. We have no evidence that the Grand Jury participated in the indictment altogether.
We have sure evidence that U.S. Congress does not have authority to legislate minimum sentences, requiring Dwight and Steven Hammond to serve five years in a federal penitentiary.
We hold confirming video evidence of federal agents exhibiting a culture of intimidation toward individuals and businesses within the borders of Harney County. That federal agents, by fire destroy private property, and that the Hammond family are being denied the same protection of the laws that are enjoyed by federal agents.
We have supporting evidence that Judge Hogan controlled the narrative and did not allow full disclosure in the courtroom. We have additional evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond were sentenced for something different than what they were found guilty of.
We hold sounding evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond are victims of cruel and unusual punishment, and that the U.S. Justice Department is violating the 8th Amendment.
We hold sure evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond are being subject for the same offense twice put in jeopardy. Including that the Ninth District Court of Appeals is in violation of the 5th Amendment.
We have obtained appalling evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s Office threatened the Hammond family with early detention and further punishment, if the Hammond family continued to communicate with a certain individual. This evidence foundational speaks against the U.S. Attorneys Office in their gross effort to infringe upon the Hammond’s right to free exercise of speech. 1st Amendment, USC 18.242
In a commitment to expose the truth and administrate justice, We the People of these States United insist that you immediately assemble an independent Evidential Hearing Board (EHB) comprised of the people of Harney County in accordance with Common Law principals.  That the Evidential Hearing Board call witnesses and investigate each of these allegations publicly.  That the Evidential Hearing Board make public conclusions in writing upon their findings.  That the Harney County Board of Commissioners and the Sheriff’s Department enforce the conclusions of the Evidential Hearing Board in support of the United States Constitution.  We further insist that the Hammond family be protected from reporting to federal prison until all allegations can be determined.
We need not remind you of your lawful duty to act on these matters as insisted, nor of the consequences if you knowingly neglected your duty. USC 18.2382, 18.2071, 18.2076, 42.1983, 42.1985, 42.1986
We the People – United Individuals of these States United 
If you support this NOTICE: Redress of Grievance, then fill in the name card below.  
Click on the link to fill in the PERSONAL name card:
If you represent a GROUP, Click on the link to fill in the GROUP name card:
This situation is a much trickier one than what we saw unfold at the Bundy Ranch. The reason being that the Hammonds seem to not want any help in this situation. They have communicated that they are afraid, literally, for their lives. It has also been alleged that the US Attorneys office has threatened the Hammonds with early detention and being put into even worse conditions if they are to continue to just continue talking with Ammond Bundy after they had learned Ammond had gone to spend a couple of weeks with the family to really learn their situation and help out around their ranch. The Hammonds had opened up to Ammond until the threats started coming across. So what does one do when the family is refusing the help that could be the very lifeline to help keep these wolves at bay? Hopefully, this resolution and the evidence behind it will help to make the local powers that be reconsider their current plan of action. I would like to see put together in one place all of the evidence that Ammond has gathered so that we might all review it and be better prepared to spread the message of misdeeds across the land.
I had a chance to speak to Ammond Bundy about this situation over the past weekend on my Sunday night talk radio show “The Liberty Brothers” radio show. Here is a link to the video I made of the interview.
--------------------------------Now read what Anna Von Reitz wrote to the Sheriff of the county Hammonds live in.


  1. We all have proof that the "United States, Inc." has operated as a criminal cartel and needs to be liquidated. Period. Please see: for additional insight into the whole situation and the reason we have placed a commercial obligation lien on the American Bar Association, International Bar Association, and "DOJ".

  2. As of my last update in January 2022, Ammon Bundy has been involved in various activities and movements, particularly related to land rights and activism. However, without specific details about a new resolution concerning the Hammond Family put forth by Ammon Bundy, it's challenging to provide an accurate review. Ammon Bundy has previously advocated for the Hammond family, who faced legal issues regarding land management and federal policies. Any recent resolution or proposal from Bundy concerning the Hammond family would likely revolve around land rights, government policies, or legal advocacy. For a comprehensive and precise review, it's essential to have access to the specifics and context of the resolution outlined by Ammon Bundy concerning the Hammond family.
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