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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

White Hope Mine - legal pathway in sight, Judge issues order.

Judge Charles C Lovell has issued and caused to be served by U.S. Marshals, an order that might be looking out for the interests of the Miners, and shows a pathway for them to have their day in court.

I am not a lawyer, and no legal expert by any stretch, but it appears that in making clear that the miners must answer the summons issued earlier, and that they need to be represented by "Licensed Council" before a pretrial conference on Sept. 4th, that at least within the rules of a federal court/ corporate tribunal, the miners might be on a path that will lead to a trial before the end of the year.

Oathkeepers has promised to be here until such a court date is actually set, so it looks like we might be here at least another 2 to 3 weeks, but I think the USFS has been sent a message by this Judge that yes these miners have a right to be heard BEFORE any taking of their property, and I think (all of this is just my opinion) that for any government agency to interject themselves into this while these orders are in effect they would not only be in trouble with the court, but they would lose all semblance of fairness and destroy their own credibility with not only the Judge, but most of all the public.

That last one is the most important, because really, this case is being tried RIGHT NOW as we speak in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION and we are winning that trial big time.

When we got here just over 2 weeks ago there was lots of tension in the air over this situation, and now I think everyone involved has the feeling that there is at least a way to avoid the confrontations that were anticipated.  All is quiet at the mine, and the miners have one day short of two weeks to answer the summons.  That is far better than the mental standoff, and grandstanding that was going on before we arrived.

I hope the public is learning that this kind of thing is going on around the country, and it's my opinion that we will see lots more if we don't get to the underlying issues of who owns this land, who owns the mining claims, and who has jurisdiction in these issues.

I would never incorporate a company holding a mining claim created before the 1955 federal mining act, and I would never even begin to try to comply with administrative orders by the minions of a corporate entity like the USFS, who has no jurisdiction over living breathing human beings, but only has jurisdiction over corporate fiction entities like LLCs and other paper "persons".   But then again, I am NOT an expert or lawyer, and this is all just my opinion.

However I do know of such a person who IS a legal expert and lawyer, and a judge who might have something of the same opinions and advice. Her name is Anna von Reitz  (short for Reizinger) of Big Lake Alaska.  She has written a book about all this kind of thing that you need to read to even begin to understand how we all have been gypped out of our entire prosperity and heritage by people with esquire behind their names, and their bosses, over the last 15 decades or so through the use of fraud, and semantic deceit, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation.

There is NO statute of limitations on fraud. Think about that.

The title of her book is:  You know something is wrong when.... An American affidavit of probable cause.  And you can get it from Amazon here:

So, get the book, and in the meantime we still need your support to help this come around to a fair conclusion, and one that works towards an increase in freedom from federal tyranny in the near future.

It's one thing to be qualified to help with a security operation like this, and something else entirely to find enough people who have the intestinal fortitude to actually do something about it.

Here is the link where you  can donate to the communications end of the operation, which will lessen the burden on Oathkeepers national to pay my expenses while I am here.  I am stuck here until this is over because I have lots of equipment on the ground and my van is tied up with a repeater system in Lincoln.  Any help you can give in lieu of being here yourself will be very much appreciated, and you will earn our prayers.


  1. Do some research! Reizinger is not a lawyer, and certainly not a judge!

  2. You are the one that needs to do some research. You obviously have not read anything published by Judge Anna or you would understand it.

    Get a copy of her book on Amazon and you might begin to understand where her title comes from. The title of the book is:
    You know something is wrong when...


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