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Sunday, March 8, 2015

This App can stop police brutality and force cops to obey the law.

Please help support the completion of this smartphone application.   type  sidekik app

Dear Paul,  
Last week, at Anarchapulco 2015, 
I saw Orion Martin give his 
presentation on a smartphone app 
that his company, Sidekik is 
developing. He's been told, that 
when completed, it may be the 
most complex in app history. 

Martin, an Afghanistan War Veteran 
spoke about the militarization of 
domestic police forces across the 
nation and I was struck by his 
compassionate presence and his 
open heart. We've all become so 
inured to the outrageous violence 
that goes on in our midst - and 
perpetrated by our governments, in 
our names - but during his talk, he 
made everyone in the room become 
quietly present to these daily 

(Later, I had conversations with him, 
including about what is happening in 
Afghanistan and his experiences were 
so hair-raising and sickening, that they 
violate the terms of service of my 
mass-emailer and Google Ads - so I 
can't even publish what he said!)

We've all seen and heard of the 
escalating police brutality and the 
hundreds of stories of police officers 
who've literally gotten away with murder. 
even recently read a story about a 
Florida cop who's sodomized 28 young 
boys - and he's still on the job!

Well, this app is your answer to this 
growing problem. The moment you are 
pulled over or otherwise stopped by law 
enforcement, with one touch, the app will 
turn on your smartphone's video camera 
and instantly have the contents of your 
interaction recorded to a online server, 
so that even if the police officer smashes 
your phone on the ground and destroys 
it - this act will be duly recorded. 

If the officer does not smash your phone, 
your phone's GPS will give you the option 
of alerting up to 50 lawyers in your area, 
who are waiting to not only take your call 
but to *represent* you, at the scene of the 
intervention - the time of the most urgency. 
The lawyer can proceed to have a video-
streaming, recorded conversation, in your 
defense - directly with the police officer - 
because you have the right to remain 
silent - and you SHOULD remain silent.

At the time of his talk, Martin made no 
mention about what had driven him to 
create this app. I discovered on his website, 
that his good friend was beaten half to death 
by cops, and that "...After the punches, 
kicks, baton strikes, pepper spraying, 
and tasering were over, [his friend] was 
laying on the ground and still conscious. 

This is when he overheard the three 
officers talking to each other about  
their concerns that their criminal assault  
had been recorded. After ransacking
the victim's car and finding no recording 
devices the officers were now free to 
follow standard procedure and charge 
their victim with assaulting police 
officers and resisting arrest."
Martin was at his friend's trial and watched 
as a jury convicted his friend of the charges, 
even though the officers couldn't keep their 
stories straight and all the physical and 
circumstantial evidence showed he was 
innocent. Martin concluded that the only 
thing which could have resulted in a different 
jury decision would've been audio/video 
evidence of the officers' assault streamed 
and recorded to a remote server, to prevent 
the cops from destroying the evidence.

"Sidekik solves the problems of data 
recording and preservation as well as a lack 
of legal knowledge, and works to bring 
accountability for police misconduct through 
financial consequences. Individually, using 
Sidekik can help prevent you from having 
your rights violated during encounters with 
agents of the State by providing the means 
by which an attorney can represent you and 
defend your rights during the encounter, 
which also tends to act as a de-escalating 
force in the situation"

Recently, a handful of towns have had to 
fire their entire police departments because 
the number of complaints against them has 
rendered them uninsurable.

"Sidekik will streamline the formation of 
lawsuits against police departments by 
ensuring that evidence of rights violations 
is preserved and by providing a steady flow 
of attorneys willing to file lawsuits based on 
that evidence. In short, when the use of 
Sidekik becomes widespread, police 
departments will have two choices: 
change the way they do business - or 
go out of business."

Martin also made no mention in his talk of 
his company's imminent crowdfunding 
campaign but I found out about it on his 

In looking to do what I could, to help this 
project, I discovered that the Indiegogo 
crowdfunding campaign to raise the final 
US$130k for the app's completion launches 
this Monday, March 9th, 2015 - and if 
successful, the app could be available as 
soon as Q3 of this year. 

I don't see it up yet on Indiegogo but I want 
to make sure that as many people know about 
this as possible.

Enter "Sidekik" into Indiegogo's search 
engine, starting tomorrow morning, and if 
so moved, you can help to make this app 
a reality before the end of this year.

Video (6 and a half min): 

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That's how we grow. Thanks.
Alexandra Bruce
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