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Thursday, March 19, 2015


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer
Many Montana residents are being threatened by what they see as a statist takeover of their long protected water rights, now under siege by a Democrat generated water compact and sponsored byRepublican State Senator Chaz Vincent of Libby who was against the bill before he was for it.  “The water compact is like ObamaCare on MT water,” says a Wisconsin opponent who vacations in and around Montana’s  Flathead region. He has posted a video on YouTube urging every MT resident/voter to call Democrat Governor Steve Bullock in Helena, toll free, at 1-855-318-1330 to say NO to the Flathead Water Rights takeover bill (CSKT). (1)
Senator Vincent is from a severely polluted region in Northwestern MT, an area that has been virtually taken over by governmental forces which for years heard nothing, saw nothing and said nothing about what was going on up there in the wilderness.  Perhaps the left got to Republican Senator Vincent and he had an Oprah Ah-Ha moment of liberal satori. “I’m asking (legislators) for their time to evaluate it,” says the senator of the 1,500 page Water Contract, a document so complex, so confusing, so controversial that one begins to recognize in it just how Democrats govern: by complexity, confusion, controversy! “It’s the only tribal water agreement that remains un-ratified in Montana, and it has generated strong opposition because it’s long, it’s complicated, and it deals with water rights both on and off the Flathead Reservation,” says a MT Public Radio news story. (2) 
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