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Friday, February 13, 2015

ernie wayne ter Telgte to Motor Vehicle Division

The following letter was mailed by US Postal mail to the Motor Vehicle Division in Helena by ernie wayne ter Telgte in response to a letter they sent out which you can see at this link:

Can some person explain to me why STATE OF MONTANA has de-clared pre-deceasement onto it's citizen CIVILITER MORTUUS ?

A notice to the TRUSTEE of the TRUST: STATE OF MONTANA :
This notice is to inform the above TRUSTEE, whose NAME is un-known to me, that a TRUST document, referring to a TRUST: ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE, and bearing a LICENSE OF TRUST #1004319614115, and further claim that scribe trust was created, by a parent trust: STATE OF MONTANA, on 10-15-1961; and that , due to said trust's failure to pay a levied fine against it, it's license to navigate has been posted indefinitely by the TRUSTEE: STATE OF MONTANA, who is the trusty that was required, by law, to appear and / or pay any costs / fines / fees, etc., such as this, associated to TRUST: ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE:
i must , by law, cause the clarification to this seemingly clouded title: ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE, CORPORATE TRUST:

1. i am by nature, caused to be a living man;
2. all allegations contrary to this instantly place such allegors under burden of proof;
3. i deny the ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE TRUST as to be i, or represent 'i', in any way;
4. any appearance contrary to #3, cause engagement of #2, resulting in lack of full disclosure on part of STATE OF MONTANA as claiming creationary status of life;
5. any attempt of any allegor as to cause 'i', FICTITIOUS CORPORATE TRUST : ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE, causes immediate commitance: CAPITAL OFFENSE, as in no way am i qualified for officer positions regarding TRUST:ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE; which causes contrary allegors to be investigated for incompetency as intending to commission and commit GRAND THEFT IDENTITY, 'CAPITE MAXIMA DIMINUTIO';
7. which is, in itself, a capital offense;
8. furthermore, such TRUST: ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE is held under Global/International banking trust law of Rome, and
9. which is ecclesiastical in TRUST FORM/LAW PERTINENT; 1540 a.d.,
10. and held, by CHARTERS of LAWFUL, (OR NOT) OPERATIONS, under the auspices of the current Pope Francis,
11. who retains sole jurisdiction of the aeris (air); and as such, Popes are the only 'entities' who can inflate or deflate such TRUSTS;
12. which such UNITED STATES CHARTER has now been stripped, thru 13 July 2013 papal proclamation: MOTU PROPRIO, of immunity from such #10/#11 inspections of CHARTER; necessitating the setting of a
13. time frame, established by Pope Francis, of 3 years, ending mid 2016, in which:
A) review of all corporate charters B) are being reviewed, by Rome, for C.) the purpose of discovery - "according to charter and lawful"... or not;
14.which will then result in continued operation 'lawful'; OR
15. revocation of said CHARTERS will result in TRUST DEFLATION and
16. Liquidation of assets
17. of which i, the living man, am not , by volunteerism, TRUST CHATTEL; this non-compliance of 'i' to claims of such trust holders, based on lack of full disclosure as noted on page 1, #s 1-4, other #s non exclusive;
18, which brings about then, a necessary investigation into the ENCHARTERMENT: STATE HOOD STATE OF MONTANA into and under as a sub-franchise TRUST CORPORATE 1889; UNITED STATES
19. which investigation reveals the pre-1889 Montana State and it's 1855 Hellgate Treaty Montana territory to have been FRAUDULENTYLY breached by force of 1871 UNITED STATES / CODE / STATUTES, and was
21. created by the B.A.R. as B.A.R.'S government for occupation of the former 1789 united States, which said
22. B.A.R. colluded and conspired to invade and conquer, via the 1861 - 1865 civil war; (emergency war power act)
23. at the beginning of which, Abraham Lincoln by-passed congress (the IM Mature Body) and proclaimed all States as to be "enemies of the United States,"in perpetuity";
24. which placed all state citizens under Martial Law, forever, and such Martial Law still apparently
25. carried out under the 1864 Lieber Code as conscripted by Francis Lieber and based on " Frank" "Law", vs. "civiliter mortuus", (not a court case;) a phrase;
26. which in Black's 5th means "dead in view of law"; the condition of one who has lost his civil rights and capacities and is accounted dead in law";
27. which, such death is identified in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS: TRUST NAME,
28. and this is the estate trust: State OF MONTANA identifies itself as, and
29. caused by the requirements of the B.A.R. via ENCHARTERMENT: STATEHOOD; united states; 1871 corporate:
30. and which STATEHOOD OF DEATH then identifies it's STATE CITIZENS
31. as estate named: 'DECEASED', entrusted as "CIVILITER MORTUUS",
32. also known as CAPITUS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA, (S.S. = coordinates: "Grave Site"...)
33. there-by leaving the naturally living persons as seemingly DEAD PERSONS & CALLED strawman trust;
34. which is claimed as actual by the STATE OF MONTANA, as it carries on war against it's own citizens,
35. and such war announced upon the face of STATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE at birth of infant, = SUDDEN DEATH', and
36. who is then held as a DECEASE PRISONER OF WAR, 'CIVILITER MORTUUS for entire life, an enemy in perpetuity of the B.A.R.'UNITED STATES'.
37. and which is now endurant of a papal inspection as to "operating according to Charter and Lawfully",
38. which, if the 1871 UNITED STATES CORPORATIONAL CHARTER is revoced
39. then so shall be all sub-charters granted for statehood: STATE OF MONTANA due to incompetency and mal-intent of B.A.R. UNITED STATES
40. followed by Papal deflation of UNITED STATES TRUST, CORP.U.S. 1874;
42. followed by Papal seizure of all/ ALL 'ACTORS AND CONSENTORS to the ACTS of the ACTORS'; "MOTU PROPRIO";
43. followed by liquidation of the assets claimed by such corporate TRUSTS, (assets = citizens as chattel...)
44. and this is why i truthfully and steadfastly deny any claims laid upon ' i ', the naturally living man;
45. further-more, as regards the selfclaimed 'judge' from a court in GALLATIN COUNTi, Dept.1;
46. his name is RICK WEST- JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, & whose oath appears 'non - sub - scribed'; and
47. who is under allegations of corrupt capitalism via the court registry investemt system, aka the 'C.R.I.S. REPORT'; (='fraudulent enrichment')...
48. who was filmed, by KBZK channel 7 Fox News, as he stripped certified C.R.I.S. report documents; 'FIERIES FACIAS' orders of UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, ='Thou Shalt Give Answer!', then
49. which, at that point, Rick West sealed remaining files re:ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE TRUST, even
50. forbidding Sheriff Gootkins deputy access to said file, before witnesses;
51. whose staff was complicit in charging a $25.00 access fee prior to outright prohibitance / public file;
52. who wilfully flew the sole (flag) standard of war mari-time in his court, on behalf of B.A.R.'S 1871 UNITED STATES: GOVERNMENT;
53. who, due to his own bias, forced himself into a position of having to recuse himself from the next two movements of war that the STATE OF MONTANA thought to bring upon ' i '';
54. who transferred another claimed justice of the peace as a substitute for himself; ARTHUR J. BEHAR,
55. who did commence the appearance of a 1789 Constitutional Common Law Court, laying great claims as to such;
56. and who, by order of RICK WEST, failed to have removed from RICK WEST'S court, the SOLE STANDARD FLAG OF WAR MARITIME; 'MARI CLAUSUM';
57. who, by order of RICK WEST, caused to be forbidden all method of record, which is the purpose of such courts of no record...; for hiding PRIVATE PIRACY... and
58. thru whom, ultimately, i prevailed by presenting ' i ', myself, seen as to be mature, competent, truthful and more honorable than any actors and consentors, resulting
59. in jury ruling of " not guilty" of resisting arrest": TKT # 13-5029;
60. and which was also filmed by KBZK;
61. yet RICK WEST JUSTICE OF THE PEACE an un - "sub-scribed" (under-written) court actor, flagged on by a consentor named MARTY LAMBERT Pro se' cutor for GALLATIN COUNT-i, pursues the living on behest of an ESTATE TRUST STATE OF MONTANA, which voluntarily entered 'CIVILITER MORTUUM; and a greed to be identified as CAPITES MAXIMA DIMINUTION, rolling this onto your citizens; SHAME ON YOU !!! You are a most unwise TRUSTEE, a most despicable EXECUTOR of CAPITAL CRIMES against the people; a malignant BENEFACTOR / BENEFICIARY, governing the living from your own SEPULCHRE : STATE OF MONTANA; A BANKRUPT CORPORATION;
62 how dare you to think that you can tell the living how to live; each must rule themselves well, harming none;
63. yet you have already, gleefully proclaimed 'our DEATHS; and pirateered,
64. thinking nothing of it, DIS-CLAIMING the harms that you conspire and collude to cause; (Leiber Code - Article II...)
65. and so it is, that with great sadness, i now see that STATE OF MONTANA'S evil leadership, beginning 1889, have turned this part of earth into a gian cemetery, laden with legends which really begins at the 1st claim of England upon this soil;
66. and the B.A.R. son's continue to carry forward the standard of BRITAIN as the desires of their mother's country... the B'nai B'rith hold sway via the Union/Jack;...
67. at this point, i have spent "enough time in the "COMPANY OF DEATH"; and now that i know that your TRUST: STATE OF MONTANA is morraly, metally, spiritually, and physically BANDRUPT, incapable of maturity, rendering STATE OF MONTANA an un-fit lender due to fraud,
68. i do here-by revert, rescind, and revoke your STATE OF MONTANA DRIVER LICENSED as a de-funct credit card, which you never had proper backing to 'loan' or issue any "rights" of any kind, whatsoever; and which you FRAUD-ed me thru;
69. and, as is legally advertised and recommended to do in the case of such cards, i have cut it into many small pieces in order that it never can be used by ANY/any, ever again...; and now,
70. as a living son of soil, i go my way in peace; but the white man cannot...

                                                 - ernie wayne; of the old oaks
       * au'gend: "asset" - authority - 1945
                          noun               websters coll. Dict.  p.65:
1) Any 'item' of 'value' 'owned'.
2) That which is a resource; (HUMAN RESOURCE) as in "character" is an asset


now look at "assets", and apply this same knowledge: 'DEAD LINE' /'DEADORS'
[af. "asetz"l from old french "asez" = enough; from latin "ad" = 'to' and 'satis' = 'enough']

1) Law:
    A) The property of a deceased person subject by law to the payment of his (it's) debts and legacies. (Legend/Lagan)
* me: 'property'=character: DEAD
-subject = British Administerial 'Law'
- Law = 'Lex Lares': Myths of 'common law'
his='HIS'= Term of Opprobrium: Lifetime of Shame
-HIS = 'HIS"TRUST' - 'he' never owned;
-debts = 'deador' - bLACK'S 5TH & cASELL'S l.d.
-lEGACIES = legend, capital name: DEATH
B) The entire property, = spirit, mind, body of a person, vs. PERSON = Living vs. DEAD CORPORATION, = Corporation = no soul... or estate, = TRUST ESTATE =DEAD applicable to, = voluntarily, or subject to = by force.  BAR UNITED STATES.
the payment of = harvested / grim reaper his or it's debts. = his; it's = DEADOR- Casell'sLatin Dict.& Black's 5th
2) Ac-count-ing:
The items on the balance sheet of a business, showing the book value of it's resources as real property, cash, materials at any given date.

me: items = chattel = dead characters...
-balance = scales= justice = blind to this mess
-sheet = white papers war = alchemy: tranferrance
-business = corporate' = public trust
-showing = theater= actors & consentors
-book=bookies, etc. = the racetrack-1855
-value = assigned = imagined/'claimed'
-resources=HUMAN ANIMAL as 'Resources'
-real property = material Body DECEASED VS. living immaterial spirit, sould mind; at any 'given date' = not when gambling on a life insurance future's market... until these 'past' evils are 'stabilized' as 'present' for 'futures!!

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