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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Classic 1977 Mercury for sale to finish Oathkeepers radio project.

Hi Everyone,
I had published several articles about how we are setting up emergency communications for Oathkeepers safety.
I had said we would finish the project "one way or another".
Well I didn't get one thin dime from the PayPal button so far, but Oathkeepers has found the radio, powersupply, signal link, and some antenna stuff,
and Rocky, our main ham guy in Florida sent that up here. I should have it all mounted in the van and ready to go this week some time.
We have lots more to do. After I get the van done and show you some pictures we want to finish the project with the case with portable magnet mount antennas,
so we can fly and check it all, then rent a vehicle and in a matter of 30 minutes have it all running in that vehicle. This will take a bit more money, and time,
but that way we can use this same gear instead of buying yet another HF radio.
So to get that done I am selling my classic 1977 Mercury Marquis.  I had this car advertised about 4 years ago at this page.
It didn't sell then so I added some more TLC by doing a tuneup, putting new tires on the original steel wheels that came with the car and the full hubcaps that
also came on the car, with new plug wires and plugs, and new distributor. This is a 460 and is one heck of a road machine. With dual glass packs with resonators, and completely rebuilt carb this thing develops lots of horses and torgue, and still gets about 15 to 17 MPG when you drive it easy.  I dare you to drive it easy.
This is the toughest drive train Ford ever built with a C6 tranny and 9 inch rear end. They put this in millions of vehicles and many are still on the road today.
In any case there will be no reasonable offer refused. I am asking $3900.  The car has less than 65,000 actual miles and is in great shape.

Paul Stramer KC7MEZ          800 889 2839

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