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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

America has NOT been a Republic for a very long time!

From one of our Readers in answer to this article:

Obama's Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

I certainly appreciate the concerns of any and all Americans who fear losing the republic, however, and at the risk of sounding terribly negative, I should point out that the republic has not existed in this country since the civil war.

A good review of the facts surrounding the war and the events which took place immediately thereafter make it painfully obvious that our country was transformed and has been under military rule and a military dictatorship headed by the commander in chief beginning with and subsequent to Lincoln.

Those who doubt that need only look into the events of that period and peruse the documents produced during the war and the 20 years or so following it. Just to scratch the surface one should read the Leiber Code, Orders 100, the Re-construction Acts, the Organic Act of 1871, the history surrounding the adjournment of congress during Lincoln's term, the replacement of the original 13th amendment, and history of the institution of the 14th amendment.

One should realize that in a republic ANY state and ANY individual can withdraw membership from any society, confederation, union, or organization at any time they so choose. THAT is the freedom necessary for a republic to exist. For when any institution of men becomes too burdensome on any man he must be free to disassociate himself from it or he is no longer free.

When membership in any group, association, union, society, or confederation is forced and involuntary; when any such group forces its will upon any unwilling participant; then man has ceased to be free to choose and no republic exists. For in that case you have tyranny whether it be a democracy (mob rule), dictatorship, monarchy, or any other form of despotism.

The very moment the states were forced, at gun point, to join and participate in THE UNION they ceased to be free and when that freedom ceased to exist there was no longer any "republic" in this country, nor any "constitutional rights" for that matter.

In truth the civil war was never about slavery; it was about state's rights, property rights, the constitution (that is the rights the constitution was to preserve), and the rights of free man to choose by consent or withdraw if need be. That war was about our republic, the constitutional assurances of protection of those rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, the sovereignty of the states and of man. In the final analysis it was a revolutionary war not a civil war. Lincoln and the northern states violated the constitutional charter which formed the union and the contract between the states and the national government was broken.

The country has been under military rule and a military dictatorship ever since the war and there is evidence of that fact all around the country for all to see. First; presidential executive orders are strictly unconstitutional. The Legislature was the ONLY law making branch of the three branches of government set out in the original constitution. 

Lincoln was the first president to issue executive orders and he did so because our lawful congress had adjourned sine die at the war with no date set for it to reconvene. No lawful congress has ever been seated since and our republic died when the congress our lawful government ceased to exist.

Lincoln issued executive orders because there no longer existed a lawful government in the absence of the constitutional congress. Our country became a military dictatorship under Lincoln and has remained such since that time under martial law rule. THAT is why presidents have gotten away with issuing executive orders as laws ever since.

There is further proof in the Law of the Flag. The flags sold and flown all over this country are military flags. They are not the civilian peace time flag. The flags in the courtrooms with the gold fringe are military flags signifying that the courtrooms are military courts under the control of the executive branch...the commander in chief. Those are military tribunals in which the defendants are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

I am as supportive of our republican rights as anyone could ever be, but people need to finally realize that there is no republic to preserve in this country. If there is to be one, ever again, it will have to be created. But, do not expect those behind the hostile takeover of this country to lay down and give it back. They have other plans for this country and the people in it. So, let's be honest and not kid ourselves that we can "preserve" something that currently does not exist. This is now a nation of sheep living in feed lots and being fed upon by a pack of wolves.


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