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Monday, November 25, 2013

Two US Generals outline their action plan against Obama

General Paul Vallely and General Charles Jones published an eight point paper entitled "The Americans Project".  Their plan includes abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve, stopping the illegal immigration invasion, and forced resignations of anyone who won't keep their oath to the US Constitution who now collects a paycheck from government.

Get the details here:

THIS IS IMPORTANT and these people need to be supported and perhaps guided by the Constitutional scholars we have available such as Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr, who wrote a 2300 page guide to restore the Republic called  "The Sword and Sovereignty", and published a 4 DVD set of videos called "The Purse and the Sword", both of which are available on They should also be working with the national Oathkeepers organization headed by Stewart Rhodes, which would give them a built in instant base of activists for the US Constitution, and guidance they might not have access to otherwise.

If these generals are serious and not there just for their own advancement, and I have no reason to believe that they aren't serious at this point, this could be a rallying point for patriots across the country, especially veterans, and members of Oathkeepers.

In any case we need to watch THEM as well as Obama. The watchers need to be watched. No one has mentioned the organic US Constitution. I have not heard these men refer to the hijacking of the Republic made official in 1871.

I have not heard them mention the fraud of the 16th and 17th amendments, or the unlawfully passed 14th amendment that made us all slaves while it purported to free the slaves of american history. Do they know about these unconstitutional and immoral actions?

They did mention in their paper, the original 13th amendment, which leads me to believe they are starting to understand how the corporate fraud of the all caps UNITED STATES was perpetrated. So it's up to the patriots that do understand this to educate them.

They are dead wrong, however about replacing the IRS and income tax with a flat tax. NONE of the money collected by the IRS goes to fund the government. It ALL goes to finance the interest on the so called "debt" to WHO?? The bankster federal reserve, a private corporation.

They are dead right on the issues of Illegal immigration, and FEMA and the DHS being completely out of control. They want to abolish many of the Unconstitutional departments in the Federal (corporate) government, such as Department of Education, EPA, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, FEMA, and disband DHS.  All of these departments are unconstitutional and detrimental to freedom, and good order in our communities. And they are all at war to one degree or another with the American people.

This group and movement needs to be watched, guided, educated, and then promoted as a vehicle, as long as they stay on the right track. Read their actual paper here:

Then please write a comment about what you have read below by clicking on comments. You can do so anonymously.

A WORD OF CAUTION - If anyone would be in a position to understand the concept of controlled opposition it would be military people.  The enemies of freedom have used this principle throughout history to rally their opposition to some group or organization where they can be contained and controlled by getting them to spend their money, spin their wheels and get nothing done that puts any power back into the hands of the people. I could tell you some very interesting stories about that from my own history of conservative political action going back to the Wallace campaign in 1967 and 1968. Suffice it to say that there is a right way to do this, and many, many wrong ways.  To find the right way and understand what the founders had in mind for the militia of the several states, read Dr. Vieira's work called "The Sword and Sovereignty".
Get it on Then get involved, but try to influence the people around you to follow Dr. Vieira's advice.

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