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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This video is from June of 2010. Since this video was uploaded Sheriff Joe Arpaio has conclusive proof that the so called birth certificate uploaded to the White House website is an absolute fraudulent document.

This video has NEVER been answered. The points in this video are cataclysmic to Obama's so called presidency. If, in fact, he never was the president, then everything he has ever signed is null and void, illegal, and unlawful and unconstitutional.  That includes all the money he has spent.

Those are high crimes if ever there were any.

The consequences of this massive fraud are difficult to comprehend. The perpetrators are criminals of the first order, and anyone including the judges and the media who are helping this coverup are guilty of the same crimes.
That's a lot of people to arrest and charge. But that is exactly what needs to be done.

Every one of these people is an oathbreaker.

In order to fulfill the requirement of "natural born citizen" the person must have been born on American soil, of TWO parents that are citizens. That has always been held. Read the Federalist papers.

That means Ted Cruz is NOT eligible. It's probably the leftists and Obama who are pushing that issue, because they want Ted Cruz to be eligible to cover their own fraud. They know Cruz is a darling of the Tea Party, and many of the Tea Party people are confused on this issue.

Prove me wrong.


  1. The Cabal is behind OB.and the Federal Boys. Obama Lie's with each breath he takes.Obama is using the white house to foot his vacations. and fills his pockets with the people's sweet and hard work,who never get a vacation.Look at the Fraud he has pulled off and now one stops him,as they will not stay alive or keep a job.


    How do you respond to this?


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