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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Snowden Says Of US Gov: ‘If They Want To Get You, They’ll Get You In Time’

The problem with this whole story is the focus on Snowden rather than on what he has done for the world.

He has ripped the curtain of secrecy off the oathbreakers who don't give a damn about the law, and want the power in their own hands.  That is why he will be a hunted man until they "get him".

He KNOWS TOO MUCH to be left alive, and they will kill him as sure as I am setting here writing this.

Only God Almighty can save him, and I pray that God gives him the grace of repentance for his sins, which do NOT include what he did in revealing to the world the absolute satanic corruption of some of our own government agencies.

Read this story on CBS Washington blog and pay special attention to the comments section, which runs almost 100% in favor of what he did being a very valuable service to freedom. 

Even the author of the patriot act says he would not have known of the abuses if it were not for Snowden's actions.

Poll: More Americans See Man Who Leaked NSA Secrets As ‘Patriot’ Than Traitor

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  1. Snowden may be neither traitor nor patriot, but may be co-opted by TPTB to be used as a thermometer to measure the level of boiling the frogs are willing to take in terms of spying. In other words, TPTB may be measuring on one end of the spectrum, how oblivious is the public in general to violation of the 4th amendment and outrageous spying... and on the other end of the spectrum, how ready is the public to physically rebel against the government. TPTB like to have full spectrum dominance (own both sides of discourse) in order to know what tweaking they need to do further control the public as they continue to take possession of all paper assets, and even more importantly all precious metals (Ag and Au).

  2. I agree in prayer with Paul that God would grant him repentance (not of divulging information, unless he did this in cahoots with TPTB, which is a possibility). Nevertheless, I pray that God would grant him readiness for his eternal state through the Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus.

  3. IF Snowden is co-opted or not by TPTB for their nefarious purposes, they may or may not dispose of him as their useful patsy, depending on how they want to communicate "their" narrative and what works best to get them even more power and control.


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