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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Montana Republican Party Hacks shoot themselves in the foot.

I don't know how anyone with a good conscience could read this report and not be somewhat angered by what went on at the Republican Convention this last weekend in Missoula.

I will say that I was a delegate for Ron Paul at this convention, and I had all I could do to not stand up and scream at the top of my voice when the chairman pulled these very dirty tricks.

The only part of this convention that I actually enjoyed was the various committee meetings that I had a hand in for the great new platform we wrote. The challenge there is to hold the candidates and officers to that platform, and that is going to take some doing, considering how prejudiced these old party hacks are, and how willing to sacrifice principle to political expediency they are.

There is NO reason to believe that the old guard "Republican" machine politicians in Montana are going to volunteer to change their direction, let alone give up ANY power to the people who they expect to pay the bill for their shenanigans.

The 47% of the delegates who were supporting Freedom, and Liberty got dumped on completely as if the opposition were deliberately working for the Democrat machine, and it may well end up that the result of what they did manages to blow the elections of many "Republicans" in the fall.

When I get a final copy of the new Platform I will write another article about that, and show the people of Montana how two faced the hacks running the party are, and invite all Montanans to hold their feet to the fire of their own platform.

Please read the following report by Gary Marbut.

Paul Stramer

Lincoln County Republican State Committeeman (twice elected unanimously by the Lincoln County Republican central committee)
Member of the Montana State Republican Central Committee
Montana Republican Platform Committee
Montana Delegate to the State presidential convention from Lincoln County

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