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Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue Republicans unite for Ron Paul

Critical Information to get Ron Paul Elected.

Blue Republicans ~ How To Register Republican For Ron Paul

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. My biggest concern with getting Ron Paul on the ballot this fall is people like my wife who think he is unelectable and may go to the primary polls thinking a vote for Paul is "throwing away" a vote. That's the most dangerous thinking.

    That's why people who have influence within their sphere of contacts must rid that notion and convince those rail sitters to lunge ahead and forget about any reservation and help put him on the ticket.

    That kind of thinking in paragraph one above can be a disaster. I'm doing all I can but I have little influence and little contacts. I have donated to Paul's campaign seven times and I live on social security.

    Please America, look around at the freedoms we are losing every day. I think this is more important than debt and the FED which are important, but what good will that do a people living in a police state?

    This is the most important election in my lifetime and I have lived under presidents going back to FDR.

    Never has an election been so important for the freedom of the American people. Up to now presidents have been selected by the world rulers, but who don't really care who gets in office because they know they own the presidency.

    Ron Paul cannot be owned and those powers know it. We must somehow get this message of freedom across to all who don't know the importance of Paul's winning.

    It isn't about youthful good looks or a dynamic delivery. It is about the truth, and we've got to get it right.


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