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Monday, December 5, 2011

True Freedom vs. false freedom and the tyranny of corporate amerika

This is one of the best short articles I have seen explaining how we got to tyranny from freedom.
My comments are below the letter.

Having spent the best part of three years in the study of what exists in America, how we have gotten to where we are, and the structure of our country at this point, I feel compelled to make an attempt at clarification of it for those who have not had the opportunity for such in depth study. We have a system in place which has corrupted the basic tenet of law and we have departed from the basic intent of law. We have allowed it and accepted it because of our ignorance and lack of understanding. Until this is acknowledged and understood there will be no freedom for man on this earth.

Many of those in the sovereignty movement have discovered the difference between law, which is the common law (the law of the land), and the legal system which is a corporate creation using international law. The corporate created legal system is not a system of law but a system of corporate rules and regulations by which the created "creditors" and would be masters may regulate the lives of man and manufacture excuses for confiscation of production and/or assets. It is a system through which they find excuses and the means for extracting the productivity of man by various devices and those devices are whatever they claim them to be.

When a sovereign/free man claims that those rules do not apply to him, the typical response from most of the uninformed is that these folks think they are "above the law." This is the predominate attitude of " law enforcement, the courts, the would be corporate rulers, and ..unfortunately most of our people, who have been trained to keep their fellow man in line and compliant. This view is what has been taught to the people for decades. It is NOT what our founders believed, it is NOT based on the natural law, the law of the land, the law of the free man, nor is it based in Constitutional law or principles. It IS based on the law of the sea and the law of the international merchants/bankers. It is wholly opposed to the law of free men which is God's law or the natural law of the free man. The merchant law (corporate law, law of the sea, international law, commercial law) is the law for the slaves constructed to make all the people debtors and is written by the slave masters who set themselves up to rule and prosper.

I hope to make this basic and simple to understand herein. There was a time when the saying "ignorance of the law is no excuse" had very good reason for being valid. That is because the common law, or the law of free man, has but three laws. 1. Do not harm another one of the people. 2. Do not harm the property of one of the people. 3. Do not commit fraud. All three of those laws can be boiled down into simply DO NO HARM.

That is real law. It is simple, it is straight forward, and ignorance of it is no excuse. Frankly, no one growing up under these laws of free men could ever have been ignorant of them nor claim ignorance as an excuse. If you will but stop to ponder those three laws you will realize they encompass all the protection and security a free man would need. Under the common law what we knew of as the police or sheriffs were ACTUALLY peace officers and served merely to keep that peace. In the current system they are "law enforcement" which is another term for corporate rule revenue collection officers. They are now the muscle for an illegitimate criminal system to make and control slaves of men.

The old saying that ignorance of the law no longer applies for there are now tens of thousands of "so called" laws variously termed statutes, codes, or public policy, and no one could possibly know them or indeed keep up with all the new ones being passed every day. This is ludicrous to any thinking man who values freedom and does not relish slavery and chains.

The corporate rules now accepted as laws are merely under "color of law" and are described to people "as law" when in fact they are the rules of corporations, designed to be the creditors, in a system through which they manage to take more and more money from the people using agency and devise by making the people the debtors and subjects of their rule. It is a system through which they gain more and more money, expand and grow controls via created corporate governmental fictions, and make more and more excuses for more and more power and control. It is a system the slaves are expected to pay for and support. It is a system in which the slaves pay for their own increasingly tyrannical rule via theft of their productivity.

The simple common law is the premise for our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. These documents were not written to give us our rights as those are inherent inalienable rights we are born with...natural or God given...and it is so stated within those documents. These are the rights and rules for free men to live by. There is NO valid excuse for any others as those three are all encompassing.

Let us merely consider the basic premise of the laws of free men. It is "DO NO HARM." Those who do harm to another man, his property, or defraud another are held accountable. Period.

I would suggest to you that much, if not all, of the corruption that exists in this country traces back to the concept of the limited liability corporation. It is a fictional person created within in their manufactured legal system. It is a legal construct through which accountability and liability is avoided. That is completely opposed to the laws of free men. It is a shield erected which allows harm to be done and the culprits responsible for that harm to walk away scot free. I suggest to you that the concept violates the law of free men by setting up a construct through which one may avoid the law of responsibility for one's actions. No accountability. In other words those doing harm are no longer held accountable to their fellow man. This violates the basic premise of all the real law that free man ever had. The people are said to have volunteered into this system and yet they do not know it even exists. The system itself is a fraud upon the people and hence violates the real law.

To be surprised by what has evolved due to the violation of that premise of do no harm is to admit a failure to understand what makes real law and what is lawless rule. We created a fictional person in law with the corporations and now the corporations (all the various governmental entities) now rule by edict, decree, and corporate rule making with no responsibility or accountability. You may venture the opinion that they do no harm, but I challenge you to reconsider.

If a corporation files bankruptcy and the stockholders walk away from all debt, would you claim no one has been harmed? I allow that in every case there IS harm done. If the vendors to that bankrupt corporation are to survive, they will have to be able to overcome such losses. They can only overcome such losses by having net revenues sufficiently high to be able to absorb the losses and indeed even the risk of such losses.. That means higher prices for all goods and services and is a price born by the consumer....the people. The rules ultimately protect government and their corporations from the people who bear the cost; the slaves. It removes all recourse in real law and all protection under real law. It protects the law violators from the victims which is ultimately the people in every case.

These corporate creations were a violation of law in the very beginning and the current situation is but the natural progression of that corruption of the basic premise in law to do no harm. The protections and security of free men is not to be found in corporate rule making but in the return to real law and a departure from the fictional system created to avoid responsibility and the premise of real law.

The federal government is a corporation. It exists as THE parent corporation. All others who file a charter to "incorporate" and obtain the limited liability protection as one of their sub corporations must pay protection money to the parent who controls them. The IRS tax code applies to such corporate fictions and taxes them for the "benefit" of their relationship to the parent limited liability. It is protection money. It is collected by their muscle, the IRS.

The corporate taxes are the "cut" of the corporate profits taken by the government for the protection provided of limited liability and passes to the FED as interest on the debt run up by the parent so they can continue to expand controls and grow in size. The regulations and interventions in business are manipulated to scientifically create inflation. As the cost of dealing with regulations goes up to the sub corporation then they must increase prices for goods and services. The increase in gross revenues and subsequent net revenues of the corporation as measured in dollars goes up, hence the tax dollars collected as protection money go up. This cost in scientifically created inflation is born by the people and is theft of their productivity.

It is why a car that was once $3000 is now $50, 000. It is why a house that was once $10,000 is now $200,000. It is why a man can no longer support his family on one income and why most wives now have to work. It is why people now struggle to make ends meet and it is largely why our kids are now raised by people outside the home. It is why companies and individuals behind them do not always act morally and ethically in their business dealings. It has corrupted our society and completely undermined the concept of do no harm. Why worry about it if you can file bankruptcy on your corporation and walk away? It happens every day and it costs the people in every way. I suggest the "harm" is massive and wide spread.

We have a parent corporation with a seated CEO/President who can rule by decree and bureaucratic department heads who garnered the ability to regulate day to day activities of their managed herd and now we have a criminal corporate institution in place which can literally control not only your freedoms but your very life or death by decree. To oppose corporate rule or their decree mandates is to be labeled a traitor or terrorist. I can think of nothing which could be more ridiculous or absurd than what exists in this country. We gave up God's law for the rule of man and we have a cruel master coming forth for our failures.

All people must realize the difference between real law and corporate rule to ever end corruption and return to a free and moral society. Consider what you have accepted. Question every thing you have blindly accepted as good or necessary and why. Think about it long and hard.

Many Americans these days want to be so free that they would also be free from God's laws. They want to be free from the Ten Commandments and be allowed to violate the natural laws put into spin by God at Creation. That might be the reason corporations dominate.

That so called "freedom" is really slavery. It's slavery to satan, who wanted to replace God with himself. As Satan lost his true freedom and was kicked out of heaven by St. Michael the Archangel so will we lose our true freedom and heaven if we live without God.

The true SUPREME law for the United States is the US Constitution. It was and is a reflection of the moral law, natural law and in some respects positive Divine law. Notice I said a reflection. Because true positive Divine law is contained in God's Ten Commandments delivered to Moses. These laws have been explained throughout over 2000 years of history by Jesus Christ through His Church, and are pretty well defined.

So ask yourself this question. Do people who want to ignore the Divine Law and also the US Constitution really deserve true FREEDOM?

I think not. Then ask yourself this question. What am I doing to MAKE MYSELF WORTHY of this divine gift of true Freedom?

If you can't answer that might I suggest several things?

1. Prayer

2. Study, of history, moral principles, a bit of law etc.

3. activities that help inform your fellow man.

4. prepare for the worst, and hope and pray for the best

5. Most importantly live so as to set a good example of a person truly free under God's law, and then DO NO HARM.

We are all imperfect, and we don't get it right 100% of the time, but it's the effort to be so that really counts, and we can all use the practice of living right. That practice is the preparation for TRUE AND ETERNAL FREEDOM, which is perfection itself before the face of God in heaven for all time and eternity. May we all be so blessed.

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