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Monday, November 21, 2011

County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds

County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds

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SPECIAL REPORT: County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds
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Americans are pushing back all over the country. It is very clear a revolution is in full swing. Tea Parties have been organizing to fight the bailouts and taxation. Occupy Movements have be springing up to fight against Wall St corruption at the hands of the Federal Reserve. Americans are pulling their cash out of Big Banks and supporting local Credit unions, as we move into a heated election season where it looks like it's anyone's game.

In today's exclusive special report Gary Franchi is joined by Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack. They discuss the County Sheriff Project, a movement that will compound the effort to push back against an over reaching Federal Government, a movement that needs your support.

How you can support the County Sheriff Project:

1st. Visit their website at and make a financial contribution

2nd. Simply share this video to your social networks and email lists.

3rd. Give your local Sheriff a copy of Sheriff Mack's book "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" available at, and tell them about the County Sheriff Project.



SPECIAL REPORT: County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds
Primary video link:

The Ron Paul Uprising by William Lewis

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1 comment:

  1. Sheriff Richard Mack, Lawman or Strawman – Palestinian Christian Riad Hamad wrote to newspapers in Austin Texas, part of Congressional District 21, about the lack of religious freedom in occupied Palestine, his tortured murdered body was recovered from Lady Bird Lake in Austin, 18 April 2008.

    The APD says he suicided then bound himself, Alex Jones and Victor Thorn conducted a studio interview, that went coast to coast on Jones radio program, in Austin later the same day, both men are thought to be CIA Mossad operatives, who should explain their whereabouts, in the hours leading up to the discovery of Mr Hamad’s body.

    Jones recent trip to Dallas was a watershed event in American history, like the 1968 Woodstock rock music festival, whence the hope and trust placed in him by the American ppl, was dashed as he shared the podium in Dallas, with such high level traitors as Jim Marrs and Kurt Haskell.

    Jones wants to “take out the trash,” meaning commit genocide upon poor ppl .. the other side intends to prosecute the entire 911 conspiracy, the newsmen and women who perpetuate bullsh*t, like Haskell does re the phony Underwear Bomber, and in response to the 911 attacks.

    Which were patently the work of Jews .. 60,000 or so Jews who failed to turn up for work at the WTC on the day. Mossad agents filming the drama amid “evident Jewbilation,” and Put Options on airline stocks, that made hundred$ of million$ traced to Mossad HQ in Yisrael.

    So was Jones re appraised of this Kennedy material, before going to Dallas .. the Moorman Polaroid taken Dallas Texas 22 November 1963, shows two snipers nests on the Grassy Knoll, with muzzle flashes behind the picket fence left screen, with E Howard Hunt firing on President Kennedy, and Martin Luther and Coretta King to his right.

    The “Badgeman” enhancement, shows Dallas Police officer Joe Smith, firing from behind the rotunda wall, alongside Gordon H Arnold talking on a hand held radio, with an unidentified bald guy, and deaf mute Ed Hoffman and his missus to his left!

    William F Buckley, has been identified as Umbrella Man, whose raised device signaled the shooters on the GK, that all systems were go!

    Takin’ out the trash, is different than prosecuting capital crime under the aegis of the United States Justice Department, whence Jones, the entire staff at PP, and Sheriff Mack, will be arraigned as capital conspirators, whence upon conviction they will be legally put to death!


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