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Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Obama Really the President? Can you refute this?

If he didn't have anything to hide, why did he try to put the issue to rest with a phoney document?
If you don't believe it's a phoney document you need to see this website, which is a compendium of the actions taken by many diverse groups that have all come to the same conclusion idependently of one another.

If Obama has nothing to hide why the coverup. Why are there dozens of lawsuits on the issue.

The website above is just one of many, but it's huge.

I challenge anyone to answer it's questions from law and verifiable facts.

Think of the ramifications if what they are saying is true. If Obama never WAS the president because of ineligiblity then everything he signed would have to be reversed including all the money appropriatioins, all the appointments, all the so called stimulus money etc. A real Constitutional CRISIS.

That leaves out the criminality of presenting for election a candidate that was not capable of holding the office, which is exactly what the Democrat National Committee might have done.

The evidence seems to be overwhelming.

1 comment:

  1. My opinion of the problem is that the evidence proves not his ineligibility to be president of the U.S. Inc. but that it proves the U.S. Inc. is not a constitutional government and they all know it. IF IT WAS A CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT OPERATING UNDER THE CONSTITUTION...THEN he would not be eligible. They avoid the issue and say we have "no standing" in the courts because of their "presumptions" that we are all under contract and have waived our constitutional rights and standing....and because it is NOT our constitutional government. We have no real standing in law to question the operation of the corporation which is operating outside the constitution.

    This is the same situation as if the people were filing suit to remove the president of any other corporation in this country. It has nothing to do with the people in the view of the corporation and it is none of their business who the president is. Even the employees have no say as to who the corporation opts to chose as president. The people are acting upon their illusion that they have a constitutional government and the evidence they are being delivered is that their assumptions are but an illusion. It is NOT addressed in the courts because it would bring out the truth, end the illusion, and cause the revolution. The simple rejection by the courts and refusal to hear because we have "no standing" explains it all if you but understand that which exists. It stands as the proof.


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