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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wolves, the scourge of the land.

Wolf introduction is A Criminal Enterprise!

This is from the new Idaho-Safe website at:

Introduction of Wolves: When, Where, Who, How and Why?

by Jim Beers, USFWS Retired

Speech given at Bozeman, MT 16 May 2010 for Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd.
So there you have at least 12 actual or likely law violations associated with the introduction, protection, and spread of wolves in the Lower 48 states. I accuse federal bureaucrats, state bureaucrats, non-governmental organizations, Washington lobbyists, and even myself. It was a sordid affair and it has only grown worse. The “losers” thus far are ranchers, hunters, dog owners, rural residents (especially parents, children, and the elderly), local and state governments, and American Constitutional government. The “winners”, although many have gone onto higher salaries and more power, have yet to be determined. When those of us that have been “losers” to date turn this government excess train around we will be the “winners” because we will know where apathy led us and we will never let this happen again.

Read the whole article here, but I warn you this will make very angry:

At a recent Idaho Fish & Game meeting in Kellogg Idaho, Commissioners listened to comments by informed Hunters, and at the end of the public comments, arrogance created a swell of anger. Scott Rockholm of Save Western Wildlife Inc. delivered a rebuttal to the commission at the end of the meeting. You could feel the anger building in the room, stemming from the marginalization of hunters, and citizens concerned with saving our ungulate populations from the devastating effects from predation of the illegally introduced Canadian Gray Wolf.

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