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Friday, July 23, 2010

Relationship between Church and State - an Old Catholic View from 1917

There has always been much discussion in America about the concept of " Separation of Church and State".
There are also many errors published about what the Catholic Church has taught regarding forms of government, especially the idea of "the divine right of kings". I have learned that when one wants the truth about any organization one should read what that organization published at least as much as what that organization's critics publish.

Remember while studying this that they are talking about LEGITIMATE governments, truly constituted, not about usurped power stolen by criminals contrary to the laws of any nation.
Remember also that the United States was not excepted or condemned by the Church as to our form of government, and never has been. In fact the Church realized early on that there would be more opportunity in the United States for spreading the Gospel than in most any other nation BECAUSE of our form of government and our 1st amendment.

Notice also that one theme that runs throughout this article is that the purpose of both the Church and the State is to promote the happiness of the people involved. The Church has always condemned any state that works in the opposite direction as we now have in the USA.

It also seems that the Church has sanctioned the very notion held in America by law that the government should "make no law" regarding religion in these words in this article.

"That in States whose personality is constitutionally made up of every complexion of religious faith, much of it in its diversity sincere, there should be a governmental abstention from any specific denominational worship or profession of belief, and a general protection and encouragement of the individual in the practice of religion according to his own religious principles within the limits of the Natural Law, or of a general acceptance of Christianity, seems a practical necessity of evil times, when unity of faith is so widely lacking, and a modus vivendi which, if sincerely carried out, seems to work as little harm to objective right as can be expected in a condition of consciences sincerely differing in the matter of right established by the Divine Positive Law. "

When people condemn the Church saying that She wants to rule and pick the Kings, and that She only sanctions the "Divine rights of Kings" they are simply not telling you the truth.
I know this because I have made a life long study of this subject and I have been a practicing Catholic my whole life.

This is taken from the old Catholic Encyclopedia of 1917.

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