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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fox news says "We Report - You Decide"?

Well try this one on Glenn. Report on this and let us decide!


  1. I've just read Sarah Palin's new book, Going Rogue. Much of it was a litany of names and events, but some of the personal information was interesting.

    I am coming to think that Palin is somewhat naiive when it comes to the power sources behind and around her. I think it's very possible she's being 'used' and doesn't even know it.

    She's made the statement that for better or worse the US has a 2 party system and that's not going to change; so Tea Party people need to jump on the Republican band wagon to defeat Obama...

    I disagree... but, I recognize that it would be an uphill battle to have a 3rd party defeat BOTH the democrats and the republicans.

    The Rs and Ds I think are in this together. They want to APPEAR to be 2 distinct parties... but they are working TOGETHER to achieve the same ends. So we really don't have a 2 party system. A 3rd party would CREATE a 2 party system.

  2. Paul, Alex is absoulutely Correct and Glenn Beck, Judge Napolanto and all of Fox news are all phoneys and will misdirect the grassroots if not exposed. The Judge is as much a threat as Palin. There are several gentlemen out there including myself who know more about the Constitution and the true Court system than the Judge. Paul, we need to quit listening to these people including Sam Kennedy and Mr. Shultz and Mr. Beck. We need to act locally following my Book "BluePrint For the Restoration of the Republic. Save our energy and money on these sideshows and use that energy and money to go back and get Home rule, one county one state at a time. Yes, that is hard work but is the only way. Wyoming Sheriffs are and have been pointing the way for a long time. Sheriff Mathias of Cody, Wyoming walks his talk. Ravalli County should bring him in to speak. Lion of Judah

  3. I also agree with Alex & the above two posters,
    Blind party loyalty is running this country into the ground.
    Why are'nt the supposedly conservative Republican party leaders endorsing, Medina in TX, Kokesh in NM ,
    Schiff in CT & Rand Paul in KY? These 4 are the real deal Conservatives, Liberty minded candidates.
    OK Sarah Palin did finally endorse Rand Paul but only after the true grassroots movement had him leading Trey Greyson in the polls.
    Closer to home it will be interesting to see who the
    Republican party backs in Montana, Rehburg who in the 109th & 110th congress voted only 55% correctly on Constitutional issues and so far in the 111th 75%
    Or Mark French:

    John Quincy Adams said: Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
    I did in the last election and I'm still smiling about it.

  4. I've seen Alex go and try to ruin a Tea Party Rally that was held for the Right to have Arms. WTF was that about? So I'm confused by some of his statements. I agree with much he says but I wonder who pays his bills. You know the statement... Trust but verify.
    P.S. So of what he states about Glenn Beck statements are incorrect and I have the tapes to prove it.

  5. There are many wolves in the clothing of sheep now trying to co-opt the rising tide. In all of the history of the progressive/communist movement they have created places for the opposition to run too, where they could be contained and controlled. Where they could be made to "meet, eat, and retreat". Was the Birch Society one of those? Is the Tea Party movement one of those? I don't know, but I do know that a liar has to tell 99% truth in order to get his 1% lie believed. So take what is good information and spread it, regardless of the source. Truth has a ring to it, and will be identified as the truth by most people. I disagree with shooting the messenger, which it seems is the only thing the radical left has left to use, since they can't argue the issues. Use the known precepts of morality and the higher laws of the natural and positive divine law to judge what is right and wrong, and forget about what is legal or illegal. We need to read between the lines in all of this.
    Paul Stramer


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