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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Real Invictus - Nelson Mandella Who is He?

South Africa: Blacks sing about killing Whites (hires)

As for Invictus, this isn't a film about great leadership. It is a movie glorifying a hard core communist, Nelson Mandella. It's most unfortunte that one of the real great actors of today, Morgan Freeman, chose this script.

Nelson Mandella is an evil man who hates America and capitalism. His life has been dedicated to supporting a form of government that is responsible for the deaths of more than 110 MILLION human beings. Empty heads like super model Namoi Campbell have been photographed drapped all over Mandella like a cheap coat. She should be ashamed, but she's not. Perhaps out of ignorance, but inexcusable nonetheless. Mandella no more stands for freedom than did Stalin or Lenin.

Mandella's pals are brutual communist dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Those who think Mandella is now a 'centrist' are either fools or ignorant of the facts:

Speech of the Deputy President of the African National Congress, Nelson Mandella, at the Rally to Relaunch the South African Communist Party, Johannesburg, 29 July 1990. The source of reference is the South African Communist Party. It is a well crafted piece of communist propaganda to suck the gullible into supporting (mob rule) "democracy" by supporting the right of the communist party to operate inside their country.

South Africa has become one of the most dangerous countries on the globe. That is a fact.

"South Africa. The rich class in South Africa has moved into gated communities, creating a schism between classes and evidently races, one which was theoretically abolished during the apartheid. It is ranked first in rapes per capita amongst the whole world and has a notorious record for car hijacking. The problem is so severe, that women are allowed to speed through red lights to avoid being car hijacked, or worse. One of its capitals, Johannesburg, is the most dangerous, with almost all middle-class and high-class families carrying weapons merely for protection.

"Peter Murgatroyd, resident of Cape Town, says "As a 30 year old born in SA spending most of my life here, I have stab wounds in my back, a few times I've had a gun shoved in my face, my car and house broken several times and I purchased another 'security' product this week. Enough said." ( South Africa averages 50 murders a day in a nation of 47 million."

 Read the whole article by Devvy here:

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