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Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Science is Cracked. The Con Game is being exposed.

The following article appeared today on News With Views.
by Tom DeWeese

December 17, 2009

Rarely has a political movement with so much power collapsed so fast, certainly not since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Beginning in 1990, Global Warming has been the battle cry behind schemes for global control of industry, energy use, water use, private property and community development. It has been the excuse for economy-killing legislation like Cap and Trade (that will extract $865 billion from an already overtaxed people who use energy), and global-to-local polices like Sustainable Development (that robs local communities of freedom to decide their own future development). As a result, the world economy is being transformed into a new Dark Ages of superstition and thought-control – all in the name of Global Warming – or more recently – Climate Change.

To enforce their agenda of top down control over the world economy based on Climate Change, the one factor they had to oversee with an iron hand was the science and how it was reported. They were well aware that any crack in public confidence of that science could mark their doom.
The cracks began to show just over two years ago as Senator James Inhofe took over chairmanship of the Senate Environment Committee. As he held hearings on the issue of Climate Change, for the first time those scientists whose research didn’t agree with official global reports were heard. It caused a sensation. Suddenly, the claims of consensus rang hollow. There was disagreement. There was debate. Truth began to leak through the cracks.
Read the whole article here:

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