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Monday, November 16, 2009

Helena Independent Record steps in it.

On Sunday the Helena Independent Record had an article by Martin J. Kidston entitled "State seeing new rise in anti-government, hate groups" and today an opinion piece by Travis McAdam of the Montana Human Rights Network entitled "Mack outside the mainstream".

If you read the comments (discussion) section you will find that they are running vastly in opposition to the articles.  In fact here is a comment by Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association about the first article.


Helena Independent Record
November 15, 2009 (200 words)

Dear Editor,
MHRN; Ready, Fire, Aim

Travis McAdam of the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) is troubled by folks who want our governments to operate within the constraints of the Constitution. Not surprising. That's MHRN's thing, being troubled.

MHRN was troubled about:

- U. of M. law professor Rob Natelson. They publicly accused him of "anti-Semitism," later learning that Natelson is Jewish.

- Me. They accused me of being a racist when an article I wrote was published by J.J. Johnson (friend J.J. is a very Black guy - MHRN was ignorant of this minor detail), coincidentally the same week presidential candidate and Ambassador Alan Keyes was a guest in my home (Keyes is Black, too - Montana had a chuckle over that glaring MHRN stumble).

- A Mission Valley guy, calling him an anti-Indian racist, only to be sued because he's a full-blood Native American (result - required MHRN apology).

MHRN's goal is to stifle free speech they dislike by accusing speakers of evil intent or connections. It's amusing that they are so often so wrong; a perpetual case of ready, fire, aim.

Watching the MHRN is more entertaining than watching the Three Stooges.
Although they're reliable for comic relief, hardly anyone takes them  seriously.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana
P.O. Box 4924
Missoula, Montana 59806

Here is my comment which I published after the Sunday article:

Was it P.T. Barnum that said "Any publicity is good publicity?

What you quoted from our website at was essentially quoted correctly except it was wildly out of context. It would have been fair, however if you had included the link to our site.

The attitude of your article however was very prejudiced, and it shows vividly to your readers. All the MHRN has left are the same old tired buzzwords of the last decade, and the people don't believe them any more.
Your newspaper must be getting desperate for attention for you to keep on publishing that drivel, and like many other newspapers who don't print the real news but favor the liberal view you must be losing money by the barrel.
Wake up and realize that there is a reason the Glenn Beck show is so wildly popular and setting all kinds of records for attendance. Just trying to help the cause of true journalistic excellence.

Paul Stramer
Co-founder of Lincoln County Watch.

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