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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eureka Montana - County Tax Assessments, Appraisals and Ticking off the Canadians...

How Do We Hurt Eureka, Lincoln County Montana's Economy even More?

Well jobs are few and far between, the last mill is gone, real estate is getting pretty cheap and still not moving if it is not on a Lake or a Trophy Home there seems to be very little interest.

The Canadians along with the Canadian Dollar is pretty much all that is holding Eureka Montana up. Many are saying this, they say if it were not for the Canadians Eureka would be suffering quite a bit worse then it is.

Ok so how can Lincoln County Make it Worse. Well one way is to Tick off, to Rip Off the Canadian Real Estate Owners who own quite a bit of land in the Eureka Real Estate market.

Well I have got several emails from out of area land owners very upset at their Tax Appraisals, and in a time when foreclosures are up, jobs are down, Commissioners are getting raises Lincoln County Montana is RAISES your Property taxes NOW ... when your real estate is worth half of what it was a year ago. Why?

Well Money and Greed I suppose... Well Guess what the Canadians are Talking, and word is spreading fast. This latest Greedy move is causes Canadians to reThink Buying Real Estate in Eureka Montana. Here is an email I got Tonight...

"Hi Crystal,
As a Canadian who owns property in NW Montana, I couldn’t agree more. I bought the property to use during retirement. I didn’t plan on funding the county’s retirement. I am telling my friends in Calgary not to buy down here now.
Feel free to send this to whoever you wish.
Scott Gibbons "


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