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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If you love Freedom and want the rule of law are you a terrorist?

Is this what Sheriff Daryl R Anderson of Lincoln County Montana would like to see happen to Paul Stramer and others who attend the Lincoln County Watch meetings?

Who runs the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department? Is it the fusion centers and the federal agencies?

In the Tobacco Valley News of October 15th Sheriff Anderson is quoted by Krista Tincher with the following paragraph.
"The recall push started, speculated Anderson, when Anderson first denied the concealed weapons permit last year of Paul Stramer, who was involved in the 1996 Freedman uprising at their Jordan compound and was subsequently jailed."
Evidently Sheriff Anderson believes every word of the vicious diatribes of the now repudiated M.I.A.C. report , the DHS report, the Southern Poverty Law report, and the propaganda of the Fusion centers in general.
Is he trying to brand Paul Stramer and Lincoln County Watch assembly participants as terrorists? Is he getting ready to trump up charges, arrest some of those people, and try to destroy their 2nd amendment rights? We hope not. But we have reason to believe that is exactly what he wants.

Sheriff Anderson, are you in for a big surprise on this? If you continue down this path you will find that you should have checked your information more thoroughly. You don't have your facts right.

1. The recall move was already up and running when Paul Stramer and other Lincoln County Watch attendees found out about it.  Sorry to disapoint you Sheriff but there is no membership list for Lincoln County Watch, and the attendance changes from meeting to meeting. You are of course invited to attend any one of these meetings and put your reasons and views on the table for discussion. Show us your proof that Paul Stramer was involved in the Jordan incident! Show us your proof that Paul Stramer was jailed after that incident in 1996. When you denied Paul Stramer's permit you stated "Past Criminal History"  Show us any convictions either Misdemeanor or Felony against Paul Stramer. Show us where Paul Stramer has ever even been prosecuted for any crime whatsoever. Of course the other thing you can do is admit that all the times you have defamed him in the newspaper have been unfounded and pure political reprisal.

2. The recall people requested that the denial of the permit be included as an issue, because they saw the long paper trail of evidence proving the denial was done without cause, and that no proper statement of the reason for denial was given. Instead of making a proper statement for the reason for denial on the record, the Sheriff has chosen to disparage Stramer in the newspaper.  Since the first denial the Sheriff has said things like "connection with anti-government groups", and "heavily involved with the Freeman uprising of 1996, and now twice he has said that Paul Stramer was part of the 81 day incident in Jordan. Please Mr. Anderson, provide proof of these very serious accusations, or stop defaming Mr. Stramer.

The article goes on "The sheriff's decision was upheld by a Polson judge in August."  The judge in Polson ruled that the appeal was not done in a timely fashion. In other words the appeal was not filed within the 30 days allowed, thus the necessity for another application. That second application had already been submitted BEFORE the ruling from the Polson judge. Sheriff Anderson denied the second application based on false information according to Stramer's attorney, Thane Johnson. That denial had already been appealed by the time this Oct. 15th article came out and we submit he already knew that.

Lincoln County Watch is about the rule of Law, rather than the rule of men, making the rules as they go.
The citizens and voters of Lincoln County are well satisfied when everyone obeys the law, including the Sheriff, because that is the only way there can be peace and good order in the community.

Is the sheriff obeying the law when he denied the permit?  Is the sheriff keeping his oath to support, defend and obey the Constitution, the Supreme Law of this land, (if indeed he actually took that oath and filed it with the county clerk and recorder as required)? Is the sheriff abusing the power of his office for political reprisal against a political opponent, and that, without ever bothering to call Stramer on the phone and to ask him about his involvement with Leroy Schweitzer, and without ever checking his facts?

Who are the real terrorists?  Lincoln County Watch has been about law and order from the beginning. Lincoln County Watch has promulgated lawful change, legislative solutions, and public political action, like supporting the recall, to remedy these problems.  We know that when everyone obeys the law, then and only then can we have peace and good order in our communities.

We know that when we have a problem with the law as currently written we can change it. That is exactly what happened at the last legislative session when people from all around Montana, including Paul Stramer, testified for house bill 246, the Firearms Freedom act, and HB 228 the Self Defense bill to clarify and improve Montana's gun laws and self defense laws. Those two laws are now signed by the Governor of Montana, who happens to be the cousin of Leroy Schweitzer. Does that make Governor Brian Schweitzer a person with "connections to anti-government groups"?

On the other hand the Federal agencies, who it seems Daryl Anderson follows carefully, (the same agencies who brought us Waco and Ruby Ridge), are threatening Ron Paul supporters, returning veterans, Chuck Baldwin supporters, people who love the Constitution (the supreme LAW of this land) and Tea Party people as being potential terrorists.

We submit as a matter of opinion that those agencies are the real terrorists. (See legal notice below) All they have is their tired old buzzwords that they have been demonizing for 15 years. Nobody believes them, because they never offer any proof, or they send agent provocateurs to entice otherwise law abiding citizens to break some statute so they can be demonized as criminals.  Ask Randy Weaver about that.

Is Daryl Anderson now involved in a conspiracy with those same federal agencies to remove your rights to buy and own firearms, and to speak out on the issues without fear of political reprisal? Was he abusing the power of his office to create fear, intimidation and coercion against signing a lawful petition to recall and stop the abuse?  Only he can answer that question. Of course he will say no. But many of the people who were asked to sign the petition of recall said otherwise, and asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal by the sheriff and his deputies, especially some business owners around Libby.

Our advice for the Sheriff, is that this time he should offer convincing proof of each accusation to the public and to Lincoln County Watch attendees, or he should stop talking. Sheriff, where is your proof?

Sheriff Anderson was quoted in several newpapers saying that one of the reasons he denied Stramer's permit was his "connection with anti-government groups"

Show us with proof which groups they are and how they are "anti-government". Are you sure those groups are not anti-corruption in government instead?  Are you sure those groups are not pro good government - pro Constitution - pro rule of law?

Are you sure Paul Stramer was involved in Jordan in 1996? Are you sure he was arrested after that incident? Please show proof. If you can't show proof then don't you owe Mr. Stramer a public apology and don't you owe him a concealed carry permit?  Might you not also owe him some money for making him pay an attorney to secure a right he should have had automatically? And what about his business reputation? Haven't you blackened his name state wide based on false information?

Stramer can prove he had a concealed carry permit AFTER the incidents in question, and that permit was good up until 2002 issued by the sheriff's predecessor, Sheriff Ray Nixon, who renewed that permit in 1998, two years after the Jordan affair. Why didn't you revoke Stramer's permit long ago? Why did you just let it run it's course till 2002 if Mr. Stramer is such a danger to the peace and good order of the community?  Mr. Stramer can prove he has passed the federal background check for buying firearms six different times AFTER you, Sheriff Anderson, denied his first application for a permit.

Stramer has shown Lincoln County Watch the proof with receipts for each of those sales dated AFTER sheriff Anderson's denial of his permit. So if Stramer has passed the Federal background check and bought six different firearms after the sheriff denied his permit, and if the wording on the regulations governing who can own and buy firearms are almost identical to the 8 regulations on who can obtain a concealed carry permit (which they are) then what in the world do you, Mr. Anderson,  offer as proof that Stramer is a danger "to the peace and good order" of the community"?  Are you not terrorizing Mr. Stramer, and threatening the loss of his ability to buy and own firearms? Are you conspiring to threaten him with orders of protection that could effect this 2nd amendment right without proof of anything required by his accusers? Are you accusing in the newspaper without any proof of your own?  Isn't that slander and defamation when you put it in the paper without proof and evidence?  Are you listening to bosses in the federal agencies giving you orders not to cut Stramer any slack?  Are you a willing participant in denying Stramer the right to protect himself in his daily activities without proof of cause? Are you thereby politically persecuting Stramer for your own political ends and to preserve your power? We need your answers to these questions and lots more.

Who are the real terrorists?

Sheriff Anderson, you need to prove your accusations in the court of public opinion, where you certainly have taken your so called case against Mr. Stramer and made him your political whipping boy, or you need to apologize and shut your mouth, and issue his permit.

Why is all this important to the voters in Lincoln County?
( The real danger to peace and good order.)

When elected and appointed officials use the power of their office to promote their own political agenda at the expense of good law abiding citizens, isn't that the very definition of tyranny? It's exactly to prevent tyranny that the rule of law was established in America by our founding fathers. "Power corrupts, and ablsoute power corrupts absolutely".  We have a Constitutional Republic, NOT a Democracy. In a Democracy the mob rules. If the majority vote to take away your home, what is to stop them? In a Republic, what stops them is the law. The law protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority. So we can only have peace and good order in the community when everyone obeys the law. In other words, when elected or appointed officials refuse to do their duty and obey the law, and then they use the rule of men, making the rules as they go "outside the written law", are not peace and good order then destroyed?

What is the most important office to the rule of law? Isn't it the Sheriff's office? If it is, then isn't the sheriff duty bound and oath bound to know the law, and to know the facts about any particular case he is involved with?  Isn't the sheriff under a legal and fiduciary obligation to make sure his facts are correct and that he is following the letter of the law? What is to be said of a sheriff that ignores the law or neglects to find correct facts about a certain set of circumstances, before making public statements? If a sheriff does that over and over, how does that make for peace and good order in the community?

Are there lots of unanswered questions in all this? Are the people in Linclon County being intimidated?
You the public can draw your own conclusions, but only the sheriff can answer these questions.
One more question then.
When did the sheriff of Lincoln County, Daryl R Anderson, ever bother to even call Paul Stramer on the telephone and ask any questions about any of this at all before opening his mouth in the newspaper?
That question we (the Paul Stramer family) have the answer to. The answer is NOT ONE TIME.  NEVER!
Why is that Sheriff Anderson? 

This article submitted by Paul Stramer speaking only for himself and his family.

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