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Thursday, October 8, 2009

American Police Force- Cabazon redux on Crow land?

Dollar, Gog Magog war? Flu pandemic-confluence of world-shaking events for October / November possible?

American Police Force -Hardin, Montana and Crow Tribal Lands

October 7, 2009


Much has already been written and broadcast regarding the controversy of the American Police Force deal to take over the Hardin, Montana Prison, its posing as the Hardin Police Force replete with Mercedes SUV's with decals saying Hardin Police Force, its planned massive expansion onto Crow Tribal Lands to create a Mercenary and Private Police Training Center, and the resultant controversies & wide public notoriety causing the Montana Attorney General to begin investigations of Capt. Michael Hilton and American Police Force dealings with the Two Rivers Authority.

Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, the Billings Gazette, and the good and patriotic people of Montana have alerted and done yeoman's work to bring this potentially unconstitutional affair into the bright sunlight so that Americans can see a future where Foreign Mercenaries will no doubt be involved with policing and incarcerating them and perhaps foreign terrorists or anyone else designated as an insurgent or terrorist by the Federal and State Governments. One can read the Department of Homeland Security Report on domestic Terror Groups and its brother report from Missouri, the infamous MIAC Report which cited 2nd amendment advocates, Right to Life advocates, Constitutional Advocates, and even voters for Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin as potential terrorists, to see just who might be placed behind the razor wire. Add in Swine Flu Vaccine refusers, President Obama's Top 25 Enemies List, and now journalists who refuse to burn their sources, as well as Bloggers.
However, so much has been said that now the news cycle is beginning to see some spin attempts by PR flacks, local "boss hog" Politicians and elites, and even the Governor himself who assured Montanans that this was really about ....a card shark with many aliases, felony convictions, and potential fraudulent dealings with Hardin ........not any governmental conspiracy against the people. One could easily ask, "Where was the Governor, the Attorney General, the Montana Legislature, and the Montana Congressional delegation before Steve Quayle and Alex Jones sounded the alarm and the Billings Gazette took up the torch of good 1 rst amendment reporting and speech? " "Why didn't they follow these potentially fraudulent and unconstitutional proceedings and investigate them prior to the huge public outcry and media exposure?
Read the whole article here:

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