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Sunday, June 16, 2024

International Public Notice: Why It Must Be an American Republic

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our American Federal Subcontractor was known as the States of America.  

The States of America was a "doing business as" name of our Union States from the beginning of our Government, but it did not become affiliated with the Confederation until January of 1777 when debate about creating a Confederation of "States of States" to go with our Federation of States began. 

This debate about the creation of the Confederation continued for almost five years, ending with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation in 1781. 

Less than a decade later, the power-sharing agreements reached in the peace process ending the War of Independence resulted in further power-sharing of mutually-held delegations of power implemented under the Federal Constitutions. 

These settlement agreements provided for the Union States operating as the Confederation and doing business as the States of America, to undertake the management of the American Federal Subcontractor --- that is also known as the Federal Republic. 

This American Federal Subcontractor came into being in 1787 via the adoption and publication of The Constitution for the united States of America. 

Please note the unusual construction of the name -- the contract is clearly given to the States of America, which are merely described as being "united".  

In years to come, this Federal Subcontractor would be called by various names including "Federal United States" and "the United States Republic",  the "States of America Republic" and, most popularly, "the Federal Republic". 

It's emblems are still blazoned on many memorials and buildings and landmarks in the District of Columbia, but this part of our government has been mothballed for many years, and it cannot resurrect -- or as the verbiage goes, "reconstruct" itself, without assistance from both the Union States and the Federation of States.  

The States of America Confederation ceased operating in April of 1861, when its Southern Delegates left it without a quorum to conduct business. 

With the States of America Confederation paralyzed, the Federal Republic which depended on its administration was also paralyzed.  

Lincoln replaced the missing Southern Delegates with his own Appointees and continued on as if this was a lawful and legal solution to the problem, which of course, it never was and never will be. 

In the confusion that surrounded the end of armed hostilities in the Civil War the American Public was not given full disclosure about the "war" which turned out to be a Mercenary Conflict, or much of anything else.  

What they observed is that Union soldiers and people purportedly representing "the Federal Government" (never saying which part of the Federal Government....) showed up and demanded that they write new State-of-State Constitutions and hold new elections, which they did.  

What they didn't know and weren't told, is that these new "State Constitutions" allowed British Territorial Subcontractors operating as franchises of the United States of America, Incorporated, to replace the American State of State organizations that were members of the original Confederation, both North and South.  

Thus the original American business entity known as The State of New York was replaced by the British Territorial entity known as "the State of New York" and this happened throughout the country. 

The only apparent difference presented to the American Public besides the new State of State Constitution, which appeared to be very close to the old version in each instance, was the change from the Definite Article, "The", to the Indefinite Article, "the", when naming the State of State, a change that failed full disclosure.   

The British Territorial Perpetrators behind this claimed that it was necessary on an "emergency" basis and would stand only until the American Federal Republic and the underlying American Confederation was "reconstructed".  

And then, while murdering, threatening, burning out and slandering the people who would naturally be in charge of such a Reconstruction, the Perpetrators sat down to wait and see if we would undertake the work.  They even busied themselves with setting forth "Reconstruction Acts" favorable to themselves and British interests. 

In truth, there was not and is not any obligation or requirement on the American side of things to reconstruct the Confederation or the Federal Republic, either one.  

The powers delegated to the Confederation were apportioned to it by the Union States in 1781 and required a secondary delegation of powers from the Federation of States which held and exercised those same powers from 1776 to 1781; the powers delegated to the Federal Republic were delegated to it directly by the Federation of States in 1787.  

This is how and why we have a federal government and not a confederal government. 

The Federation of States had handled all international and global business for the Union States between 1776 and 1781.  

In 1781, the Confederation known as the States of America took over responsibility for global commerce, while the Federation continued to handle international trade relations. 

The adoption of the American Federal Constitution in 1787 saw the delegation of 18 (later 19) enumerated "mutual powers" from the Federation of States to the Federal Republic.  

Additional unstated powers were reserved to the States and people under Amendment X, including non-delegated mutual powers that remained with the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America -- Unincorporated. 

Actually rebuilding ("reconstructing") the Federal Republic thus requires rebuilding the Confederation of American States-of-States organizations under new Constitutions as a first step.

The British Territorial Bait-and-Switch has to be reversed and each actual American State of State must be restored under a new state-level Constitution before the original Articles of Confederation can be invoked to reconvene the American Confederation which has not been in Session since April of 1861. 

And that must be done prior to repopulating the Federal Republic.  

If, that is, we are going to reconstruct the failed Confederation and the Federal Republic it was responsible for managing. We don't have to.

That choice, to issue new state-level Constitutions for American owned and operated State-of-State organizations and go through all the rest of the work, lies with the people of each State.  

Meantime, the States of the Union are back to handling all the powers formerly delegated to the States of America Confederation, just as they were from 1776 to 1781.   

When the recipient of a delegated power fails to perform, the delegated power returns to the Delegator.  All delegated mutual powers of the Union States were held by the Federation of States and delegated through the Federation of States, and so, they return to the Federation of States.  

You can think of this process thus:  the Union States determine and donate each of the "mutually held powers" to the Federation of States, the Federation of States delegates the powers related to commercial affairs to the Confederation of States (1781), and later, delegates additional enumerated powers to the Federal Republic (1787), the British Territorial "United States of America" Company (1789) and the Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor (1790).   

This is why the "Federal Government" is described in terms of the Federation of States: all the "Federal Powers" were delegated to the Federal Subcontractors by the Federation of States. 

Logically, as each of these Federal Subcontractors failed to perform, their delegated powers return to the Delegator and do not rattle around in hyperspace or get shared out among their fellow Subcontractors like bon-bons at an Open House party. 

When the Confederation failed in 1861, its delegated powers returned to the Delegator, the Federation of States, by operation of law.  Lincoln ignored this and acted in treason and breach of contract. 

Similarly, when the Federal Republic failed as a result of the failure of the Confederation, all the powers that had been delegated to it returned to the Federation of States that bequeathed them.  

As each of the subsequent Successors to the Federal Constitutions have been redefined, reorganized, and failed, their delegated powers and their right to exercise the delegated powers, return ultimately to the Federation of States. 

During the most recent bankruptcies of both the United States, Incorporated (UNITED STATES) and the British Territorial United States of America, Incorporated (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), our Federation of States stood up and said, "Enough!" 

Since then, we've heard multiple offers from the reorganized British Territorial United States of America, Incorporated, to continue to occupy our States and provide routine government services through their State-of-State organizations. 

Their own U.S. Supreme Court has even allowed them to issue their own gold-backed currencies using State Trust assets, which is in contravention of the Mutual Powers Agreements that require the issuance of one national domestic currency based on silver and an international currency based on gold -- not individual State currencies issued by foreign State-of-State Governments operating as unappointed "caretakers" and unauthorized trustees of our actual State Governments, which are now in Session. 

Both in terms of Law and Legalities, our States and our Federation of States are owed the orderly return of all State Trust assets and all loyalty and good faith service of the British Territorial State-of-State organizations and their elected officials. 

Any Federal Republic must be an American Federal Republic, not a British Territorial Substitute; and in the meantime, the actual American State Assemblies and their properly declared and provenanced States and Members must be recognized as the purportedly long-lost American Government -- for so it is.   

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 16th 2024


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