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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Bless Clif High Forever, But....

 By Anna Von Reitz

We grew weary in the long years during which we often seemed to be the only voices raised against the obvious lies and oppressions -- and then others started appearing: Gerald Celente, Catherine Austin-Fitts, and Clif High all crawled out of the government polyglot and onto the main information highway.  

Clif's report, "NESARA/GESARA -- the Progress Report" exactly mirrors our own.  

There is no NESARA/GESARA. (According to Clif, GESARA never actually existed and NESARA was proposed legislation that never got anywhere, just as we described it to you.) 

No QFS. This, as Clif explains, is because quantum computers are in their infancy, and even if they were ready for commercialization, they would be old analog system batch processors not able to connect to and work with AI and digital systems. 

This is consistent with our report that what they are calling "QFS" is actually a thrown together old MS-DOS system cobbled together by CIA operatives working in collusion with the Chinese Government. It's analog and it's a batch processor, but that's not all a "quantum" system needs to be.  

No RV -- According to Clif, all that was spawned off Bush-era wrong-doing in the Middle East, which resulted in some parties making a lot of money off the Kuwaiti dinar devaluation, but there is no similar situation to take advantage of now. 

This squares with our analysis that (1) nobody knows what anything is worth anymore, because the world commodity markets have been rigged for so long that there is no sane basis for an RV; and, (2) speculation in Zim and Dinar is based on immoral force and manipulation that will blow up in somebody's face, sooner or later.  Make sure it isn't yours. 

Clif also provides a blow-by-blow of the criminal and even ridiculous Federal Reserve System, which, unknown to most people, vastly predates 1913, and amounts to a completely unnecessary monopoly franchise in which the Federal Reserve prints "the money" which isn't money, and rents it back to the Government corporations at interest.  

What happened in the 1930's. as Clif explains--- is that the fiat currency promoted by the Federal Reserve was dying a natural death and was only preserved at that juncture by indebting all U.S. Citizens and using criminal means to secure gold reserves -- a two-pronged effort to save the Federal Reserve System that resulted in illegal gold confiscations by Roosevelt and inflation of the fiat money supply. 

It's important to understand that the Federal Reserve System is unique to the British Territorial Subcontractor dba "the United States of America, Incorporated" and apart from that faint connection, never had anything to do with our country at all. 

It's also important not to make the fundamental mistake that Clif made at the end of his "NESARA/GESARA -- The Progress Report", when he looked at the situation from the USA, Inc. perspective and pronounced, "All that remains is debt." 

Like so many other commentators who see only one side of the ledger, Clif sees only the debt side of the situation and doesn't appear to realize that there is a credit side, too.  

The crucial question is -- who is the debt owed to?  

And the answer is, to me and you.  

We are the priority "preferential" creditors and we will shortly demonstrate why that changes everything and why "All that remains" is not debt. 

We agree that there will be no NESARA/GESARA ---short of a miracle with no supporting genesis that is visible to the public eye.  We agree that an RV is not going to happen and that speculation in Zim and Dinar is a no-starter, too.  We agree that what they are calling "QFS" is not a quantum computing system. 

Bless Clif forever for his forthright analysis and honesty in a world where honesty is an endangered species.  

But let's turn the focus away from the debt and onto the credit side of the ledger, because when we do that and we balance the books, the debt disappears in a cloud of smoke.  

What remains is that our credit far outstrips their debt, so much so that we, the American people, and living people in general throughout the world, are left with a very substantial credit and no debt at all. 

That credit is every bit as trade-able as any debt note --even more so, as the credit represents the value of actual goods, actual commodities, and actual services. 

Those who have ever received a "gift card" are already familiar with prepaid credit, and all that needs to happen to correct the world economy and do justice in the world, is for some responsible government to balance the books and issue the credit back to the people it belongs to. 

This has been done by the actual American Government, The United States of America, Unincorporated.  

The people of the world now have the gold-backed American Federation Dollar and Credit Certificates. 

From now on and for the foreseeable future, the world runs on prepaid credit, not debt -- and debt is not "all that remains".    


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