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Thursday, March 7, 2024

International Public Notice: Britain Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the wake of the First World War Britain received a Protectorate assignment in the Middle East.  

It promptly created "Palestine" out of thin air and ancient history, and thereby also created "Palestinians".   

Thus, they created: Team A. 

Then they cut a deal with Jacob Rothschild for a 99 year lease on a chunk of Palestine that he proposed to turn into a Jewish Homeland.  

Team B.  

Thus the Brits packaged, relabeled and sold what wasn't theirs, and thereby created a war zone in which innocent people on both Team A and Team B have endlessly suffered for the profit of the Perpetrators who are always at the bottom of every dogpile on Earth.  

And here they are, again, providing money and manpower and consultation to Team B, which happens to have money to pay for their missiles and tanks and bombs and military experts, while Team A --- which lacks money ---  is obliterated into pink mist and starved by these heinous monsters in our midst. 

Oh, all you oil-rich sultanates and caliphates, who stand by and allow this, what will your God say to you?  That you let the innocent perish and lacked the courage to oppose these evil men?  That you joined them in the genocide?  That you washed your hands like Pontius Pilate and looked the other way?  

History and God see you.  And so do we all. 

And you, Britain, who like the shadow of something unreal walk disembodied from any land of your birth, what excuse can you offer for continuing to harbor the denizens of Fleet Street, who pay for and cause all this misery and disruption on purpose, for their own profit?  How long must the nations suffer because of you and your failure to oppose these Perpetrators in your midst?  

Jacob Rothschild at least may have intended something good for his people and he paid for it honestly in gold, even if it wasn't --- in the end --- his gold; but by what excuse has the British Government used the Balfour Declaration as an excuse to define, package, and label both Palestine and Israel, where in fact nothing exists but people who are being decimated and killed for the sake of war for profit--- and oil? 

The Gaza oil reservoir, newly discovered, is the actual "cause" of Netanyahu's genocide and we all know it.  We also know that Hamas is funded by the US Government and always has been, because we got the bill for it.  

So here we have a phony front organization for Western Imperialism "attacking" Israel, while Israel conveniently let's down all its perimeter defenses to expedite this attack, a thousand innocent people, mostly Muslims (those that Hamas is supposed to represent?   Really?) are killed, and in return, Israel kills another 30,000 innocents, again, mostly Muslims, and levels the towns and infrastructure in Gaza to make way for its own anticipated development of the Gaza oil resources. 

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, every individual, organization and government to which this Notice is addressed should be ashamed. You should hide your faces, and admit that by your silence you have condoned genocide-for-profit.  

We see through it.  We see you for what you are.  We see how you operate.  We condemn you before all the nations.  The blood of Gaza and Ukraine is on the hands of the British Parliament and Privy Council. 

And on your feckless handmaid Generals and Admirals of the U.S. Army and Navy, too.  

How is it that they fail to answer to the actual civilian government of this country, the people who pay for their salaries and pensions and educations and equipment and everything else, howbeit, laundered through a foreign paymaster, SERCO?  

By what right or imagining has Britain been enabled to dictate who functions as paymaster for our Army and Navy?

Let Britain and all its guile be exposed before the people of the world.  Let us all step back and realize the immense and continual harm the British-Romano Caste System has done to humanity over the course of centuries, crippling thought, hoarding and/or stealing the resources of entire countries, and promoting endless war-for-profit, denigrating the natural estate of Mankind, corrupting our institutions, and all the while pretending such a smug superiority ---based on what? 

Their ability to escape detection as the Cause of the violence and rot at the root of Western Civilization?  

Our eyes are wide open and we know who to blame, and if it is inconvenient, nonetheless, it is true.  

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 6th 2024


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