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Sunday, January 21, 2024

International Public Notice: My Sources

 By Anna Von Reitz

I hear this complaint occasionally, from bewildered people who can't fathom the extent of my knowledge, or from those who want to pick away and try to undermine my authority and credibility: why doesn't she publish her sources so that we can follow along and research things for ourselves? But, in fact, I have published my sources every step of the way. 

Indeed, I have been careful to do so.  Pick up our books and you will find dozens and dozens of sources and places for you to look -- and see -- for yourselves.  In over 4,000 articles, I have given sources and court cases and pointed the way out of this morass of Lies. 

Last night, I looked up at the night sky and saw the Great Serpent squirming across the firmament, writhing in its death throes, and all I could think was -- thank the true and ever-lasting God.  

In the end, all you have to do -- is do the same. Look and you will see. Ask and the keys will be given.  Start digging anywhere you want and the evidence will be there.  

Start at your local water plant and ask why you are paying for Fluoride, a known poison and industrial waste product, to be added to your drinking water?  

The great reservoirs of insight are contained in the records and minutes of the Second Session of the First Continental Congress, the Papal Bulls and other published acts of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Acts of Parliament and the Kings of England that set all this up-- most especially those of King Henry the Eighth, who imported the Catholic Hit Men known as the Merry Men (Acting) Company, aka., the Bar Association, a Theater Company, to England; the Act of Union creating Great Britain, the Naval Dispositions Acts occurring in Parliament from 1864 onward, and the Insular Tariff Cases in the U.S. Supreme Court from 1900 to 1904 that set up the century-long criminal rampage that included two World Wars and constant Mercenary Conflicts all over the world. 

To quote Chief Justice Harlan, "mischief" indeed.   

There are also noted researchers who have compiled vast amounts of information about the practical nuts and bolts of the system -- Kurt Kallenbach has provided us with immense amounts of information about the role of the Roman Catholic Church in all of this, Romley Stewart has fully and exhaustively explained the use of DOG LATIN, also known as "American Sign Language" to defraud and impersonate living people, John Anthony Hill ("JAH") has exposed the illegal and unlawful nature of the entire reign of Elizabeth II in the High Court case Regina v JAH, Don Benson has painstakingly documented the fact that our States never ratified any of the post-Civil War "Amendments" --- including the so-called Sixteenth [By-Law] Amendment to the "Constitution" of the Scottish corporation calling itself "The United States of America" --- Incorporated.  

These are some of the landmarks on the long journey home, and there are plenty more --- the work of Mary Croft in Canada, the work of Jean Keating (his Prison Treatise is immense and his discovery, as in legal discovery using Benedict's On Admiralty is amazing), the work of John Paul Anthony aka "The Informer", the landmark defense case of Thomas Cryer against the IRS in Shreveport, Louisiana....

But almost as instructive are the missing parts of the Narrative -- the oaths of office not taken, the oaths of office changed to promote evasion of the Constitutions, the "peace treaties" like the Treaty of Manilla Bay that aren't actually land jurisdiction treaties but are sea "treaties" instead, the missing formal Declarations of War from the correct Congress starting The American Civil War and our entry into the Second World War, the missing peace treaties and processes at the end of the Civil War and the Second World War -- which allows the continued illegal Occupation of this country and all of Western Europe by what has effectively become our respective versions of the "British Raj", the admissions of the 1934 Congress concerning the creation of an "independent" government for the Philippines, the Emergency Banking Act of that same year, the Minutes of the May 1930 Geneva Convention which reveal how the G5 agreed to go "bankrupt" via Treaty Agreements that were never revealed to the Public -- and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's role in all that, three years before he became "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated, and bankrupted it, the Minutes of the March 1933 Conference of Governors where these British Territorial Officers "pledged" their "states" (meaning the States-of-States in the sense of "Confederate States") and citizenry as chattel backing the parent company being bankrupted,   the similar actions undertaken by the "Congress of Vienna" in response to the 1848 Rebellions in Europe, the history of the vanishing Dutch East India Company and its surreptitious merger with the British East India Company which became its storefront, the First Inaugural Address of Franklin Delano Roosevelt where he talked of the "consecration" (a religious act) of the Municipal United States Government and the sale of the Municipal citizenry as slaves via "clearinghouse" certificates (the introduction of the Depository Trust Company/Cede and Company used to seize upon and enact the 60/40 split arrangement of the Popes and the "British Monarch" operating the British Crown Corporation), the entire war reparations debate surrounding the end of the Seven Years War in Europe -- also known as The French and Indian War in The United States, and the disastrous changes to the English Common Law undertaken by Admiralty Lawyer William Murray, aka, Lord Mansfield, allowing the Courts to function as Debt Collectors for the King-- and share in a cut of the profits, a hideous pollution of justice in commercial conflict of interest that continues to this day, the creation under the regime of Franklin Delano Roosevelt of more than 350 new unauthorized Federal "Agencies" to act as unaccountable Subcontractors of our Subcontractors.... the list goes on and on.  

Read G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.  Realize that in the basement of the house where these international criminals met, a vacation home owned by the Rockefeller participants in these meetings, there is a stone altar for purposes of ritual blood sacrifice.  And if you have guts and brains enough, journey on.  

Realize that Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are all part of the same Clan.  Realize that King Charles III, looks just like Himmler's Lieutenant, Reinhard Heydrich, for a reason.  And come to that, there's a reason that King George V and Czar Nicholas look as if they were cut with the same cookie cutter.  Now take a photograph of the young George V and the young Adolph Hitler-- and erase Adolph's moustache..... look and you shall see and see and see. 

Listen to what another Royal Bastard, Edward VIII's daughter, Emily Windsor Cragg, had to say and show in photographs.  

Bear in mind that all these supposedly English Kings never sat on the Throne of England; they served as "British Monarchs" instead --- and like "Irish Lords" substituting themselves for the local people, they are all Germans since the days of Queen Anne.  George V changed his actual name, (von) Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to "Windsor" in 1917 to make it sound more English. 

But he and all his offspring are still German just the same. 

Also bear in mind that the actual (numerous) Kings of England are all French.  Who knew?  Go study the Last Will and Testament of William the Conqueror, who disinherited all his own children from ever owning anything in England, and the resulting Norman Settlement of England. His loyal French Barons were all apportioned their share and granted their sovereignty in England.

You will quickly begin to grasp the enormity of the ridiculous deceptions that have been promulgated on the Public by these dogs in a manger for the past three centuries. 

These are some "high points" for you and any other eager historian to investigate for yourselves. There's plenty more to feast upon. If you want to gain some scope in the world forum, research the fall of the Ottoman Empire --- which was engineered with malice aforethought by the same British Crown Corporation commercial interests that fomented The American Civil War 57 years earlier --- just in time for them to "get a toe in" on the crude oil bonanza in the Middle East.  

You absolutely never hear a word about the Ottoman Empire in any public school history classes, if and when they offer anything resembling World History at all, yet it is fundamental to understanding Middle Eastern politics and history and what the British Crown Corporation did to position itself as a comptroller of Middle East crude oil reserves while at the same time setting up "American" (located anyway) oil refinery and exploration corporations to capture the "value added" profits of turning Middle Eastern crude oil into refined oil products.  

Marvel at how the politicians in DC carped for decades about "oil shortages" while they were consistently among the top three oil product Exporters in the world at the same time.  And also while refusing to develop our own massive crude oil reserves located less than a hundred miles from our major oil refineries. 

Next, why not review the Natural Resource Conservation policies put in place by Theodore Roosevelt, FDR's Cousin, and note how he set things up to buy everyone else's natural resources at bargain basement prices before developing any of our own.  Note how this benefited Roosevelt and his industrialist cronies by promoting commodity supply control (rigging).  

Also marvel at how these same purported "representatives" of ours created the non-existent "National Debt" and preached that idea ---relentlessly --- for decades, to fool the American people into thinking that they owed this insurmountable debt and then use that misinformation to poor mouth for larger and larger "federal deficits". 

Look at the history of Easy Eddie O'Hare, father of the famous Flying Act that O"Hare National Airport in Chicago is named after and his role as Al Capone's "creative" bookkeeper and the development of "double accrual" accounting -- adopted by the Territorial Congress as the official Government Accounting system in 1946.  

Popularly known as "keeping two sets of books" this system was created to dodge the IRS by separating income streams into "budgeted" and "unbudgeted" income. 

So ever since 1946, the run amok Territorial and Municipal Congresses could keep us entertained with endless moaning about "budget deficits" that didn't exist, and "budget fights" that were totally bogus --- while in the background, hundreds of billions in income were being shunted off and shoveled into commercial Black Ops, Payola payoffs to foreign governments, and "investments" in commodity rigging schemes like the Economic Security Fund and Economic Stabilization Fund -- both conveniently abbreviated as "ESF", so that you can go dizzy trying to figure out which illegal and immoral slush fund the crooked central banks are talking about at any given time. 

Look at the issuance of billions upon billions of 1934 Series A "Bearer Bonds" based on our illegally confiscated American silver, mysteriously issued at the same time the crooked 1934 Territorial Congress was declaring "bankruptcy" ---and used as payola to buy off individuals and government officials from here to Bangkok. 

Look at Congressman Louis T. McFadden's impassioned speeches before the Territorial Congress just before all this crap went down and his complaint accusing the Congress of the crime of "unlawful conversion" which is still lodged and "pending" in the House Judiciary Committee records. Just look.  

Pick a subject, any subject, and begin pulling on the thread.  See where it takes you --- and I can tell you, you will always wind up in Rome.  At the end of the day, the center of the spider web is in Rome.  

It is completely, obviously, irrevocably clear that "our Federal government" has been a sham since at least the late 1850's and that Franklin Pierce was the last "American" President even though he was a Bar Attorney and prohibited from holding the actual office of The President of The United States of America. 

Learn to look closely at what you are reading, as in the example above. 

Abraham Lincoln, another Bar Attorney with a less savory complexion, was "President of the United States of America" (Incorporated, a British Crown Corporation) and was prohibited by the 13th Amendment to the American Federal Republic's Constitution from acting as "the President of the United States" --- meaning that "United States" --- or the Federation's actual presidency, The President of The United States of America. 

Are you beginning to see the size, scope, and deliberate chaos caused by the British Crown Corporation, the Government of Westminster, and their Silent Partners at the Vatican?  The duplicitous use of similar names?  The failure to disclose the nature of the subject, by omitting the word "Incorporated"? 

Look at the history of the so-called "Inner City of London" and the whole "suppressed Templars" myth.  What a bunch of bull---as in Papal Bull. There were some sincere men like the Last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, who resisted the Pope, but the Templars --- after becoming successful and honest bankers, were unlawfully converted to the service of the Roman Pontiff by Clement V.  

The Templars weren't suppressed.  They were forcibly converted by the Roman Pontiff to the same evil pagan religion that has subverted and grown up in tandem with the Roman Catholic Church to this day. 

Their remnants controlled by the Bar (Baal) Association and the Temple of London, are on display, like taxidermy specimens mounted on the wall of a Big Game Hunter and echoed in every Freemason Lodge. 

Just look.  And if you want to know how I know all this --- (1) years and years of dedicated scholarship; and (2) resolving to never lie about anything at all ever again.  

When you ally yourself with devotion to the Truth, whatever the Truth may be, it is absolutely amazing how you begin to see the Lies built up around you like a towering prison that is of made of other people's idiocy and self-interest, cemented in place by intergenerational gangs of thugs --- bought off politicians, ignorant bureaucrats, kings who aren't kings, Popes who aren't Popes, money that isn't money, and every manner of crazy deception and most of all, False Claims in Commerce. 

Ally yourself with Truth, learn to read very closely -- paying attention to every nuance of names and styles of printing -- and just start looking around.  Learn that when something surfaces that you have never heard of (or been allowed to think about) --- like the fall of the Ottoman Empire, or the formation of the "British" National Trust or the actual definition of "money"---  it's probably crucial and being hidden on purpose.  So dig into it. And keep digging. 

Learn to look for what should be present, and isn't.  Like any Congressional Declaration of War related to The American Civil War. Any Declaration of War at all, from any Congress.  

And learn to reason your way forward. Using this example, uh, well, there is no Declaration of War from any Congress seated at the time, so... that means it can only be an illegal Mercenary Conflict. 

And then, learn to confirm your theories with evidence drawn from the public and private records of the time --- such as the Muster Rolls and private paperwork of the Civil War soldiers themselves. You will see that they were "enrolled" as fighting for --- not the actual State of the Union, but for the "Confederate" State-of-State organizations, misleadingly called "Confederate States" when they weren't States at all.  

Stare up General Ulysses S. Grant (US GRANT) aka, Hiram Grant's rump until you can see daylight, follow his pedigree, and that of Abraham Lincoln, too.  Realize that there is a reason that General Grant and his wife took a train to Ohio the same night they were supposed to join Lincoln and Mary Todd at the Ford Theater.  And it wasn't to celebrate Easter with their daughter.  It was to take part in ancient pagan ritual sacrifices of the Spring Equinox, sacrifices that included Abraham Lincoln.  

Know that there are two Spirits still at war here, the Spirit of Truth, and the Spirit of Falsehood.  Their battle in the Heavens is long over, and the Heavenly Host is here to settle things on Earth.  Know that. Believe it. It's coming faster than you think and no amount of duplicity will save the Perpetrators of these evils. 

Watch the metamorphosis of "General Order 100" ---the very first so-called Executive Order--- and otherwise known as The Lieber Code, into the Hague Conventions. And how the Hague Conventions were gradually converted into "UN" Conventions, with everyone assuming that "UN" stood for The United Nations, when it stands for the UN CORPORATION, a Nazi-collaborating Vichy French Commercial Corporation formed in 1943, in the midst of World War II, and causing no end of criminality ever since.  

If you don't feel like a Fool's Fool by the time you are done with your required reading and thinking, you certainly should. I do.  I look at what I was taught --- and pointedly, not taught --- in the schools for the Public meaning all us inferiors and infidels called, appropriately for once, "Public School", and can barely control the impulse to vomit, especially on Jimmy Carter and the "Federal" Department of Education he foisted off on the people of this country.  

Did you know that Jimmy Carter is Rockefeller, too?  Did I mention that? I believe I did.  Certain names come up again and again: Roosevelt, Carter, Bush, Walker, Rockefeller, Kennedy --- but at least all the Kennedys weren't uniformly evil.  

I look at what passes for "journalism" in this country and feel the same rising gorge.  I think of the BBC's motto, "Listen and obey." every single day.  And I don't believe anything I hear and not close to half of what I see. I am dedicatedly aware of what I don't see in the news -- like the gross genocide in Gaze and Yemen and most of Africa that is taking place with hardly a whisper from the Press Corps.  

I observe how Black Magic is used by these Perps -- poppets and transubstantiation, for example, -- for commercial impersonation and substitution frauds in all three jurisdictions -- air, land, and sea.   

We, Americans, are being set up as the Fall Guys for the British Crown Corporation and the Government of Westminster and the "United States Government, Inc." and the WEF ---- everyone on Earth is blaming us for their sins, and there's just a couple things standing in the way of these Perpetrators pulling off their "Great Taking"---- and it isn't Donald Trump. 

It's our widely published (and cured) claims against them, the Public Law of Nations, and the actual American Alliance with Russia standing in their way. 

Send them home to Hell where they truly belong; every single hour of every single day, let the prayer and demand be on our lips: kill the corporations masquerading as our governments.  Lawfully convert them -- nationalize them -- without further delay, and step up to populate our lawful American Government, instead.  Let all the nations rise from their slumbers and do the same.  

We have given you all the information and tools to peaceably, lawfully, and hopefully, with alacrity, do what needs to be done; and as for my sources, definitely include The Bible, which is the ultimate playbook of the Perps and which is driving their narrative full time.  

You will find their instruction for conducting war by polluting the food and water (and even the blood) of their adversaries in the Book of Isaiah.  

You will find their instruction for destroying the world by fire in the Book of Revelation -- hence their many decades of polluting the natural world with incendiary and poisonous industrial by-products.  Look at the 1989 Commemorative Coin issued by the Vatican to celebrate their chem-trails program.  And examine the destruction of Paradise, California, and Lahaina, Hawaii.   All they needed was a laser to touch off "spontaneous" metallic incendiary fires that burn hotter -- much hotter -- than any natural fire. 

These men and women are criminals and psychopaths, who have polluted the Earth, and attempted to blame others for it.  

It's time we all went home, us to Heaven, and them to the Abyss. 

But you, dear children of the Living God, have nothing to fear, only a simple choice to make.  Choose life, and in choosing life, you will choose against evil.  You will see evil for what it is and be done with it forever. 

You can do this for yourselves, and you will be content that I gave you more than enough abundant sources to explore and confirm everything I have said. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 21st 2024 


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