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Monday, November 13, 2023

What I Know -- For Sure

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know that "the US" was a Municipal Corporation that had no contract with this country to provide us with a monetary system or actual currency. 

The same is true of "the USA" which was a Municipal Corporation that likewise had (and has) no contract with this country to provide us with a monetary system or currency.  

I know that both these corporations have acted in fraud since at least the 1840s.  

I know that both these corporations, their franchises, and their Principals, owe us an insurmountable debt and that we recognize no Successors to Contract; so there can be no further presumptions against our Government nor our people.

I know that "the QFS" was developed at Fort Wright-Patterson AFB right next door to Dayton, Ohio, under a CIA Project named "Crimson Gate". 

This project was named "Crimson Gate" because it was developed by the CIA in collusion with the Red Chinese with the intent of selling off control of the United States Dollar and the Federal Reserve Note, etc.,  in exchange for padding the CIA pension fund, otherwise known as the China Development Fund.  

I know that the CIA is a privately owned foreign corporation that has acted in treason against this country ever since the Kennedy Administration, and it is only one of several Agencies owned and operated by yet another Municipal Corporation headquartered in the District of Columbia calling itself The United States Government, Inc.   

This private foreign entity also owns and operates the FBI, the DOJ, the DOD, the BLM and numerous other Bad Actors in the Federal Pantheon. 

I know the XLM so-called "digital Central Bank currency" is another fraud.  

I know that Central Banks were created to rig commodity markets and that they are intrinsically illegal and unlawful, because commodity rigging is illegal and unlawful in the modern world.  Uh-Duh. 

I know that the members of a foreign British Territorial Congress lacking any authority to do so, allowed themselves the privilege of contracting with and colluding with a Central Bank System and allowed it to operate in this country after the Civil War and that the grasp and reach of this same Central Bank System was extended in 1913 and finally bankrupted in 2009: that is, The Federal Reserve System. 

I know that the Federal Reserve (apart from the Federal Reserve System) and the International Monetary Fund are owned by two separate groups of foreign interests, one founded in the wake of the Civil War (Federal Reserve) and one founded by ex-patriots that owned primary shareholder positions in Standard Oil (International Monetary Fund). 

I know that the Federal Reserve and IMF have colluded to cheat their Creditors for decades.  

I know that one, the Federal Reserve, gives remedy that it is required by law and contract to give, and the other, the IMF, then comes in and uses any excuse it can, to deny access to the remedy provided by the Federal Reserve using the SWIFT transfer system to block any actual transfer of assets or funds. 

Not coincidentally, the SWIFT System does to bank transfers exactly what Standard Oil did to oil transfers --- a crime for which Standard Oil was convicted and liquidated--- and for which SWIFT and its operators should be convicted. 

I know the only difference is the commodity that was subjected to monopoly inducement and manipulative control --- oil in one case, currency in the other.  

I know that if the courts and the other banks and the lawyers and the politicians were worth their salt, none of this would be happening.  So I count them all equally corrupt for not joining together and bringing these atrocities to an end. 

I know that the net result of the Federal Reserve-International Monetary Fund détente is that the Creditors are denied any satisfaction and the two bank systems split the take.  

I know that this is criminal as hell and amounts to a form of financial theft and tyranny that is tacitly backed by the U.S. Military and DOD. And, of course, the CIA. 

I know that there are two factions in the CIA, one predominated by Americans and one predominated by Fabian-style Communists who back the whole idea of a Chinese World Hegemony as long as they get their share. 

I know that the only American banking system is now launching and that the only people in the world having the right and responsibility to access and use American assets are now present and accounted for.

I know that the actual government of this country has never been and cannot be vested in any incorporated entity at all.  

I know that we, average Americans, are the long-lost Foreign Sovereigns, and I know that Sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron. 

I know that unless certain members of the military and what "represents itself" as public government in this country jerk awake, there will shortly be a big Hollywood-style propaganda and brainwashing campaign, seeking to convince the people of this country that "their" military ---- which hasn't been their military in 160 years --- finally came through and saved them from a fate worse than death.  

I know that's all nothing but a big bunch of hooey, too. 

I know that the DOD set up a coercive racketeering scheme to act as a colonial mercenary force engaged by corporate masters like BlackRock, Bayer, and I.G. Farben,  to pillage the natural resources of Africa and once again survive by thievery and pre-determined --- that is, rigged, currency speculation "legalized" by JPMorgan-Chase, the (relatively) new owners of the old bankrupt Federal Reserve System. 

I know that there are at least twenty (20) vicious illegal, immoral, unlawful wars for profit going on in the world right now. 

And I know that the feckless, useless, gagged, and grossly unprofessional "news" media in this country is sorta-kinda-reporting on only two of these conflicts.


I know that I heartily wish I didn't know even a tiny percentage of what I know --- for sure.


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