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Monday, November 13, 2023

It Wasn't Fiction -- Ayn Rand

 By Anna Von Reitz

When Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged, she was cleverly disguising a news report.  

The circumstance that she described via the means of a fictional story was all-too real and she was in position to observe it happening. 

Just as the first wave of our mutual misfortune started with "Honest" Abe Lincoln, a man "so crooked he couldn't pee straight" and Queen Victoria's madness, the second wave started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

It was the second wave of infamy that Rand recorded for us-- the growth of ignorant and thuggish federal Agencies, the takeover of entire industries by abuse of regulatory powers, the manipulation of the stock market, the so-called "public interest" acquisitions of shares in Fortune 500 Companies, the idiocy of the politicians in charge of all this. 

What it amounts to is that FDR stole what was left of our gold, used it and income from taxes to hire thugs to protect himself and his cronies, assumed (by unauthorized Executive Orders) new powers for himself, and reinvested in the Fortune 500 so as to acquire public shareholder interests in major economic sectors--- oil, steel, railroads, mining--- the very industries described in Atlas Shrugged, took the first hit in preparation for WWII. 

In the new Communist world, public interests were private interests, and vice versa.  They did this under the guise of supporting the economy and "underwriting" American industry and later, the excuse for investing public money in private enterprises changed to being a benefit for our troops returning home from WWII. 

The Wartime Government which was already positioned in all the major industries that benefited from the war used the profit to buy up more majority shareholder interests in secondary industries: chemicals, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and state banks all fell in line. 

These massive portfolios of government-acquired stocks and bonds were supposed to belong to individual servicemen coming home from WWII, but they were never told about this largesse, and things were legally manipulated so that the Vermin responsible could claim that our service members "never came home" ---and keep control themselves. 

This was done by the same unlawful and undisclosed conversion of their individual political status to that of Federal Dual Citizens which I have described elsewhere. Not only did these men not know that they were the heirs of all this wealth, they didn't know that their status as Americans had been changed to that of Federal Dual Citizens, and they didn't know they were acting as mercenaries, either. 

The undisclosed and unlawful conversion of our service member's political status denied them access to the Constitutional Guarantees they fought for, and also neatly denied them any interest in the stock portfolios the government corporations purportedly acquired for their benefit.

By the early 1960's the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia were by far the largest stockholders on Wall Street, and they had acquired majority shareholder interest in all the Fortune 500 Companies.  

This is the world that Jack Kennedy lived in, and you may be sure that he knew what was going on.  He and his brother, Robert, took many steps to rein in the boiling corruption that this unholy marriage of government, and what still appeared to be private interests, created. 

With the Government Service Providers --- foreign Municipal Corporations in the business of providing governmental services --- firmly in control of the stock market and all major economic sectors, it was a no-brainer to take over currency markets as well. 

The multinational perpetrators of this scheme simply used the wealth provided by tax income, personation crimes, stock market manipulation, commodity rigging, and the illegal securitization of living flesh to buy up stockpiles of world currencies.  

They bought up enough yen, rubles, pounds sterling, kroner, and so on, to control the currency supply of all the countries on Earth and tucked it away in the sanctimoniously named Economic Stabilization Fund under the control of the US President (IMF) and Secretary of the Treasury (Global Federal Reserve). 

If the Powers That Be didn't like your politics or the price you wanted to charge for your beans, they simply manipulated the market supply of your national currency to devalue it via inflation, or restricted its supply to create poverty.

Just as Thomas Jefferson said, "either by inflation or deflation...." they attacked national economies and bullied everyone to sell natural resources and manufactured goods at prices favorable to them, to elect leaders favorable to them, to adopt economic, political, and defense policies favorable to them. 

They also invested heavily in the muscle to "defend" this ill-gotten hegemony, and manipulated the clueless masses of people in this country with False Flag Events that were staged by Hollywood production companies. 

Usually the actual losses involved in these False Flag Events, like the Titanic and the World Trade Center, were calculated to benefit political cronies who were seeking to cash in on insurance policies and avoid otherwise catastrophic expenses --- like adding bulkheads and adequate lifeboats to the Titanic, or doing asbestos remediation on the World Trade Center. 

Even Pearl Harbor was couched in terms of providing an excuse to renovate and replace the old, tired Pacific Fleet.  There's a reason that the new whiz-bang Carrier Fleet was sent out to sea, leaving the old battleships at anchor, like so many beached whales awaiting slaughter. 

Ever wonder how we got all the magnificent film footage of Pearl Harbor as it was happening?  Or the World Trade Center disaster, either?  Hollywood Film crews were on site, and the cameras were rolling. It was staged. It was an inside job.  Both times. 

The American Military Forces were converted illegally and immorally--- and very quietly--- into Mercenary Forces in the wake of the Civil War.  

This was accomplished via an unlawful conversion promoted by Abraham Lincoln, who was "President" of a British Territorial Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Incorporated, and not the actual intended President owed to this country at all. 

This conversion of our honorable military into a mercenary force was permanently cemented into place by U.S. Grant, a man who adopted this moniker, but whose real name was Hiram Grant.  

Go figure. 

The foreign Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia, both the British Crown variety and the Roman Municipal brethren, invested heavily in their Mercenary Services Division, known as "the DOD" and eventually leveraged their way into holding the Defense Contracts for the former Commonwealth, most of Western Europe, this country, and Japan ---- and Israel.  

As the Americans were clueless and wealthy, the Perps sweetened the pot by offering to pay over 95% of all the "defense services" costs for other countries, in exchange for preferential trade status and land to build and maintain over 950 military bases worldwide. 

This is how we, Americans, wound up paying 96% of the defense costs of Western Europe, and similar bar tabs for the Commonwealth and other far-flung "territories" taken over by the British Territorial Raj masquerading as Americans. 

When Britain was faced with worldwide disapproval of its thuggish colonial practices, it converted its Commonwealth "colonies" into "territories", and created an even more oppressive military government for them all, instead. 

These British Territorial military governments were of exactly the same kind and species as the British Raj in India, and all run by British Crown Corporations using the model provided by Cecil Rhodes and his British South Africa Company.   

So instead of Nazis, we've had the American Raj, the Japanese Raj, the British Raj, the French Raj, the Israeli Raj, etc., instead, but as you can readily see now, the people of all these countries have been kept clueless and dumbed down and their media and news organizations have been violently suppressed. 

The Americans didn't know they were being used as cheap mercenaries by the Brits.  It was only the High Ups, people like George Herbert Walker Bush, and Henry Kissinger, and General Colin Powell -- all knighted by the Queen, who knew the truth.  

None of this crap was ever told to our young people "enlisting" in what they thought was an honorable military service.  For one thing, if they had known, they wouldn't have sold themselves as mercenaries so cheaply. They certainly wouldn't have meekly signed unpaid "volunteer" service contracts with the so-called Selective Service.  

Don't blame the Americans.  Don't hate the Americans for all the harm done in their names. We didn't know what was going on, and for the most part, neither did anyone else, because it was all being done under a "cloak of secrecy". 

Blame the criminal masterminds in White Hall, and "Westminster" -- the Inner City of London, and in Rome and Washington, DC and NYC--- and remember that the District of Columbia isn't even part of our country.  

Blame the British Government, which has never been content with the role and status that Nature's God gave it --- a little pile of green rocks in the North Atlantic. 

And observe with me, that they could have retired and lived in peace and plenty within their own borders and attending to the needs of their own people at any time, simply by living on the ill-gotten largesse that they and their agents have stolen from the rest of us already.  

There's really no need for all the war-mongering and super spy crap and deceit and finagling and insurance fraud and oppression of other people around the globe.  Apparently, the Brits just do this for fun and to keep everyone's attention centered on the dramas they create rather than focusing on the puppet masters behind the stage. 

If everyone focused on the actual cause of the problem --- ill-gotten wealth and control obtained by criminal means and misrepresentations --- by the British Crown and its affiliates, which means the all the major corporations now trading on the rigged stock market run out of Telaviv, e.g., "the WEF", we could bring an end to this Imperial British-Roman rampage and consign it where it belongs in the dustbin of history. 

Finally, let me observe, that the politicians we hold responsible for this circumstance, are pawns. Most of them are too stupid to pass a 1965 High School Graduation Exam. Even the highly groomed figureheads like King Charles III, are impeccably dull and dim. 

Don't hate the Americans and don't hate Charles. He doesn't have a glim in Hades; he has been brought up like a prize racehorse, used like one, too -- and his people have suffered as much or more than the rest of us from the rampages of the British Raj. 


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