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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Situation Report

 By Anna Von Reitz

For all of you who follow the Biblical narrative, we have always been involved in a contest between Eve's children and Satan's children to claim ownership of this planet. 

The first point is that in this contest, we are talking about spiritual parents.  

The living God is a spirit.  And Satan is a spirit, too --- the Spirit of Falsehood.  

We align with our spiritual parent by our own nature and our choices and by the frequency of energy that we reflect and broadcast.  

The children of Eve broadcast love and truth, while the children of Satan broadcast the energy of fear and falsehood. 

In technical terms, the children of Eve resonate to 528 MHz while the children of Satan resonate to 741 MHz.  

It is thus very easy to identify the two groups of people on this planet. 

Realizing this, the children of Satan rushed forward their Mark of the Beast program. 

The "Mark" imposes an artificial emission of 741 MHz energy and this makes it look like everyone who has been vaccinated belongs to Satan. 

They are naive enough to think that this false signal will confuse the angels of God. 

They forgot that our Father searches the heart.  

So all their schemes to shelter themselves and claim victory by making it look like a majority of people voluntarily chose Satan, have come to naught. 

And all their efforts to externally violate and control people, those plans have come to naught, too.  

A new Mark of the Lamb has been placed upon the innocent children of Eve whose blood was polluted.

While all of this was going on, the children of Eve were given the keys to eternal life. 

This immediately sparked fear in Satan's brood, and they began to imagine that the Earth would become overpopulated--- and the whole depopulation narrative began. 

This is just another ugly fear-based fantasy, like human-caused global warming, having no basis in reality.  

Remember that their hallmarks are fear and falsehood.  Remember that perfect love drives out all fear.  

Perfect love has been unleashed in this biosphere, which has one sure and certain consequence.  Those aligned with war and death and destruction have to leave.  

As eloquently foretold in the Bible, Satan's children have to be removed by greater and more discerning powers than those presently developed on Earth, but they will be removed nonetheless and that process is well underway. 

As for the rest of us, have no fear.  Love the Earth and love each other. Commune with all that is good and true. Let your hearts and minds be fixed upon the glorious inheritance stored up for you. 

Do not be concerned by the uproar going on all around you or by the many strange things you will see --- such as the emptying out of entire cities, and the placement of stone and metal stele at various places around the world, or the presence of "signs" in the sky by day or night.  

Just know that Satan's children are being removed and their removal will open up an opportunity for great joy and renewal throughout the entire Earth. 


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