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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Does Mind Control Exist? Call Out for Ramola D.....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, it does. 

There you have it. For sure. 

Here is Bill Clinton apologizing for mind control and its misuse by the private, foreign, for-profit government services corporations masquerading as our government: 

And if this old tattered link won't work for you, go to YouTube MSNBC and type in Bill Clinton: "We need to start talking across this divide". 

When you are done, take the antidote for that much time spent with Bill Clinton, and dial up Ray  

Ray has come out of retirement swinging --- and not from any chandeliers. 

You might want to keep on standby and leave that window open if you decide you need more confirmation and information about mind control technology.  

(A good dose of Brother Ray is one of the few cures I know of for involuntary vomiting after you read more about this stuff....  think of it as mental and emotional Imodium-AD.) 

Start here for historical reference: 

Go here and see some nitty-gritty about how they pipe into your head:

More nitty-gritty geek practicum on how electromagnetic fields can be manipulated to mess with your nervous system without your permission: 

More patented proof of mind control manipulation using scalar technologies: 

And a nice general overview of future/present developments: 

Here is the official academic name and giddy-up for all this "technology": 

Here's a less scholarly romp through the madness: 

Here's the famous "Hackable Humans" speech and a little glimpse at the complete insanity at DARPA: 

Now, imagine a really smooth cold martini sipped to the sound of fingernails on a blackboard -- the voices are so silky, but the subject matter feels like a serrated knife edge: 

And still more, encapsulated in a lawsuit:

And never forget the BBC motto: "Listen and Obey". 

Does mind control exist?  

Bill Clinton apologizing for something that doesn't exist wouldn't be a first. That queer old charlatan has more weird quotes to his credit than Ernest P. Worrell. 

But it's pretty hard to deny patents and Scientific American and reams and reams and reams of technical data and declass docs and so much more.

Like so many of the other monsters we've left growing like mutant fungi under the bed, it's been there all along --- sucking up billions upon billions in research money --- and somewhere in our assaulted psyches and pocketbooks we've known it and been too afraid to look. 

So look at it now.  

We've been funding our own demise and the tools in Congress have been paying for this ultimate invasion of our privacy while pretending to represent us. 

Now you know why we called our book, "You Know Something Is Wrong When...." 

If you need any other Wake Up Calls, say around 4 AM, just let me know.  


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