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Friday, October 20, 2023

Republics Versus Republican States

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yet another confusion -- and this one is meant to be confusing, so watch out. 

In recent days (and in the past) I have described the Bunko Squad crime called "mirroring" which is another form of impersonation.  

It can be someone dressing up and adopting your name and appearing to be you, or it can be an organization doing the same thing to another group or business, or in this case --  government. 

Think of the little gambit of "McDonnel's Hamburgers" versus "McDonald's Hamburgers" and you will get the drift.  

Parodies that involve mirroring are legally protected, like me pretending to be Steve Martin,  but deliberate mirroring so as to confuse the public for purposes of financial gain or to promote false authority and exercise of power under color of law, is not. 

This second brand of mirroring is what we have here --- trying to pass off State Republics for republican States. 

Part of the confusion is created by the interplay of two distinct languages --- Latin and English, which have different grammar and style conventions.  The rest is provided by similar words providing a basis for deception.  

Many English-speakers are familiar with the fact that other languages, including the Romance Languages descended from Latin, and the modern Germanic Languages and Scandinavian Languages descended from Old Saxon, assign a Gender to nouns, so that the definite article for each noun has to be learned along with the word itself.  

"Republic" in Latin is a male noun, whereas "republican" is a female adjective describing -- in our important example, "form of government".  

The Constitutions guarantee us the right to assemble our "republican form of government".  

Not a "republic form of government". 

This may not seem like a big deal to an English-speaking public, but it is a big deal.  

Remember that the Treaties and Contracts including the Constitutions were all finalized in their official versions in the diplomatic language of the day --- French, which is a Romance language derived from Latin, complete with gender issues. 

A "republican form of government" is not the same as a "republic form of government" and that should be our first clue that the Federal Republic Government is a different beastie than the government guaranteed to us under the Constitutions. 

The State Republics created to be members of the Federal Republic are a different government apart from and operating in a different jurisdiction of law from the actual republican states guaranteed in the more than 200 year-old French.  

And here we encounter another difference between English and Latin and Latin-derived languages: in Latin (and antique French) small letters denote elevated status or seniority, whereas in English, all Proper Nouns (and though this is something of a grammatical oxymoron, all Proper Pronouns standing for Proper Nouns) are written in Upper and Lower Case. 

Thus, in the official diplomatic French version, "republican form of government" refers to "republican states" which are the very same "free, sovereign, and independent states" referred to by King George III in the Treaty of Paris 1783.  

In Diplomatic French as in Latin, our physically defined States of the Union are styled as "states of the union" because we are translating from French, not English. 

This has caused no end of confusion for Americans unaware of this linguistic maelstrom, and it has caused many Americans to assume that the French "states" have to be something other or different from our English "States" --- which is not the case. 

This has also caused many weird style conversions in private and public records, such as "the state of maryland" versus "The State of Maryland" and also "the Republic of Maryland" and "the Maryland Republic".  

As my Mother might say, "Sweet Jesus, what conundrum of Satan is this?" 

The only way to straighten it out is to decide which language convention you are going to use -- translated French or English -- and then use that style throughout whatever you are creating or translating. 

By the time the Confederation (doing business as the States of America) was creating the Federal Republic, and all the Confederation members operating as individual States of States, e.g., The State of New York, were spawning State Republics to serve as members of the Federal Republic apparatus-- the documents were no longer being written in Diplomatic French. 

So as of 1787 we have the original members of the Confederation (1781) each doing business as an American State of State with names formed as, for example, The State of Virginia and The State of Maine, each spinning off new State Republics to serve as their members in the new Federal Government being created.  

So we suddenly had the Maine Republic, the Florida Republic, etc., and they were all members of the American Federal Republic Government operating in international jurisdiction under the original Federal Constitution of 1787. 

Okay, well, and good, but.... the Federal Republic also operated in Global Commerce, yet another jurisdiction with its own laws and conventions, so.... 

The various State Republics were formed with "sister" commercial organizations all with names styled in this manner: the Republic of Florida, the Republic of Maine, etc. 

And this is what is giving rise to all these "State Republics" and "Republic of States" organizations trying to spring up like dandelions in spring. 

Does everyone reading this have a headache yet? 

What it boils down to is this: between the years 1787 and 1860, we had an American Federal Republic -- an American Subcontractor that provided the States with various agreed upon mutual services and which operated under "The Constitution for the united States of America".  

This Federal Republic and its members, the State Republics operating in international jurisdiction, and the Republics of State operating in global commerce, all disappeared in the wake of the Civil War. 

They vanished without a trace, but the actual States and the People did not vanish.  We were still here, simply left without a viable American service provider --- and conveniently not having it explained to the American Public, because the other foreign Federal Subcontractors were eager to take over. 

The American State of State doing business as The State of Maine prior to the Civil War was quietly replaced (as an "emergency" measure) by the State of Maine operated by the British Territorial Government -- a foreign Federal Subcontractor operating as a democracy (neither republican nor a Republic) under The Constitution of the United States of America. 

And that, dear friends, is where we have been stuck ever since, as the victims of a phony emergency and a British Territorial Military Protectorate foisted off on us by traitors and fools. 

Recently, a great many people --- mostly these same British-affiliated Territorials and District of Columbia personnel misleading ignorant Americans -- have been promoting restoration of the Republics of State, such as the Republic of Texas, as an answer to our practical and political dilemmas, 

By what means and authority can they act?  

Certainly not as Americans. 

The American States  (Maine, for example) gave rise to the American States of States (The State of Maine) and the American States of States gave rise to the Federal Republic States (the Maine Republic) which gave rise to the Republic of States (the Republic of Maine).  

The only American part of this whole apparatus still standing is the original State --- Maine.  Our original States of States, like The State of Maine, have been rolled up and cashiered in State Trusts operated under names styled like this: the Maine State (Trust). 

All the entities now operating as states-of-states are British Territorial interlopers foisted off on us in the wake of the Civil War, or Municipal Corporations infringing on our trademarks and Good Names, e.g., the STATE OF MAINE. 

Folks, there's no way to get there from here, except to go all the way back to our original and still-standing States, Maine, Illinois, etc., and reconstruct our own American States of States, dissolve the foreign State Trusts, and operate our own State Governments again.  

The Brits came in here in the wake of the Civil War and forced everyone to write "new" State Constitutions and forced us to contract with their State of State organizations via these undisclosed and forced contracts.  

Even our own soldiers and service members didn't know what was going on.  

It was a Substitution Fraud -- the British Territorial Government substituted their very similarly named State of State organizations for our own American States of State organizations, and almost nobody was the wiser. 

They are trying the same thing again.  They are trying to substitute British Territorial "State" Republics for our vanished American State Republics. 

Rather than standing down and helping our States of the Union do the reconstruction work that only the States can do, they are trying to get Americans to accept their fraudulent substitution scheme again --- only this time, they are aiming at occupying our Federal Republic --- with the intent of establishing their own Federal Republic, instead. 

They figure that if they could replace our States of States with their States of States, why not replace our Federal Republic with their Federal Republic? If they could get away with the State of State of switcheroo, why not a Republic State and Republic of State switch, too?  

It's time that we woke up, all the way up, and then time to stand up --- all the way up.  

Our States of the Union are in Session now.  Our unincorporated Federation of States is in Session now.  We don't need any other representation or instrumentality to function.

Our States of the Union (or in French translation, "states of the union") are alive and well and hold General Jurisdiction over everything within their physical borders.  

Don't like the Border problem?  Join your actual State Assembly and tell the British Territorial State of State Legislature and Governor what to do.  

Don't like the horrific problems with the medical industry?   Join your actual State Assembly and tell the British Territorial Government and especially the United States Secretary of State to clean up the Patent Office, revoke all harmful and criminal patents, and kick SERCO back to the UK.  

This is your country, but you are going to have to work hard and educate yourselves to keep it secure and enjoy it.  Begin now.  Go to:  

Bypass the distractions and confusions and keep on the straight and narrow.  This is supposed to be an American Government run by Americans and serviced by American organizations.  

Make it so. 

And for all you other countries, whose natural government has been similarly usurped upon and left dormant and occupied by foreign, albeit, Allied military forces --- the same situation and verbiage applies. 

Most of the other countries never had any system of state or provincial "republics" to start with, and now, suddenly, people are talking about starting republics in Italy and republics in Romania --- and it is all equally misbegotten. 

You don't want "Republic" governments. You want "republican" governments. 

Pay attention to the essential difference between  governments organized by the people who live within the established physical boundaries of your country, and "governments" organized by corporations to provide "governmental services" for a fee. 

If you let them, such corporations will endlessly expand the services they offer, until they are paying themselves to wipe your butts for you, to do your thinking for you, to manage and dictate your health care for you, and all sorts of other tasks you never asked them to do.  

And they will keep on serving you and providing all this unauthorized service and charging you for it, until they own everything you think you own, and they are standing there, mugging, and pretending that they were all good loyal public servants, doing what you told them to do. 

Stop the madness now.  

Restore your lawful governments --- the republican form of government you are owed, and don't be fooled into chasing after or supporting any incorporated "Republics" operated by foreign interests. 


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