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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Are You Still Confused?

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are understandably confused ---well, if Anna went out and reclaimed all our stuff, why isn't she in Fat City?  And why aren't we any better off yet?  

There are stages or steps in everything we do. 

The first stage was waking up.  We had to realize what was happening around us.  We had to research the situation.  We had to go outside this country to get the news.  We had to piece together the puzzle from history and public documents -- and a few whistleblowers, like Karen Hudes. 

The second stage was --- okay, we finally woke up and knew what was going on, but we still had to respond to it.   

Let's bring you up to speed:

Other governments that are heavily in debt to us, were trying to sell off our country's assets to pay their debts, and their other creditors were bringing claims against our assets.  Read that again, twice.  

Foreign Municipal Corporations that are over their heads in debt to us, were trying to sell our assets to their other creditors as payment for their debts.  

We were being bypassed in the line up of Creditors, because we were all being impersonated as foreign citizens and because our government was being mischaracterized to the rest of the world as "absent" and "in interregnum". 

Our entire country, our land, our homes, our businesses, were all "tagged" and "latched" by the British Crown as "subject property" ready for auction as abandoned property salvaged by the Crown under the Law of Admiralty. 

The International Banks were going along with this, because it was profitable for them, and because there was nobody and nothing standing up and objecting to it.  

To the rest of the world, our government did in fact appear to be "absent" and unaccounted for, for decades. The banks said we had only 500 million United States Silver Dollars still in circulation, which to them, indicated that our American Government was dead. 

This is how Hillary Clinton, a Communist Attorney, proposed to get away with the Uranium One deal. This is how HRM Elizabeth II proposed to sell her "tribute interest" in our in-ground gold assets to the Chinese. 

Enter me, our remaining American Fiduciary, Anna Maria Riezinger. 

I began formal objections in 1998, objecting to all of this nonsense, serving Notice on the miscreants, entering diplomatic missions, corresponding with the foreign Principals responsible, throttling the banks, calling the American States into Session, preventing sale of our resources to pay foreign debts, locking down claims on all our property assets to prevent the Crown's "hypothecation of debt" scheme, and sounding the alarm for all the other Americans to rise and shine.  

So, we put a stick in all their little red wagon wheels, slowed it all down, caused enough trouble and prevented the identity theft of our country--- and the theft of our assets to pay foreign debts. 

But that only solves part of the problem. Our assets may be saved and secured and outside the reach of foreign creditors, but we still had to collect from the miscreant Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia.   

So I claimed all their debt.  

Not just the debt these organizations owed to our government, but all their debt in sum total.  And we proceeded to prove that no such thing as a "national debt" can exist in a debt-credit monetary system. 

The entire "National Debt" of the United States Municipal City-State and its corporations, like all the other "National Debts" that countries have been laboring under, don't exist.  It follows that all the interest everyone was paying on these debts was also bogus.  

And once again, Granna and friends --- those who understood what she was talking about and came to her aid --- kicked rump from Brussels to Bangkok. 

But all of that, the summary execution upon worldwide "national debt" was only part of the remaining problem.  

Foreign banks still had possession and control of our
assets, leaving us with everything locked down, in "off ledger" accounts and "blocked accounts" and so on.  

They were forced to admit that it was our stuff, but they hemmed and hawed and found endless excuses for why our Fiduciary wasn't allowed to take possession and direct the assignment and distribution of our assets--- despite her successful and unequivocal claim upon them. 

So, a long period of stand-off ensued, and it appeared for quite a while, that the banks were just utterly lawless institutions thumbing their noses at us, and doing whatever they pleased with our assets and handing out our credit to whomever for whatever purposes.  

Not to be deterred, we developed relationships with international banking authorities and with asset management and recoupment firms competent to go after our assets and enforce the laws. This took time, but was ultimately successful, too.  

The crooked bankers-- and there were quite a few of them--  are now smiling out of the other sides of their faces, and the gigantic fraud scheme is unravelling on a worldwide basis.  

It turns out that both the Communists and the Capitalists were busy preying upon us.  

And we are left with the mandate of our Forefathers -- the challenge, the right, and the responsibility -- to govern ourselves. 

At this point, the slow "mills of God" have ground their way forward and we have secured large chunks of our assets with a lot more to be located, secured, and accounted for.  

Our assets have been distributed all over the world by these miscreant foreign corporations and it requires an international effort to locate all the physical and credit assets that have been rat-holed away over the past 160 years. 

To my personal horror, I shortly discovered that our country wasn't the only one to have succumbed to these white collar con artists. 

I was, at the time, the only land jurisdiction Fiduciary operating in this arena, and therefore the only one left to claim back the assets belonging to numerous foreign countries that had come under the thrall of this same corrupt system. 

So in addition to all the American assets, I "inherited" the assets of many other countries, and the responsibility to return those assets to the people they belong to.  

We have faced the same problem in all these other countries as in America: over a course of decades, the natural government of the people in each country has been eroded and left dormant and subjected to foreign occupation by various military "protectorates", until the people no longer know how to organize and operate their civilian governments.  

So, quite above and beyond having to re-educate Americans about their own lawful government and how it operates, it has fallen to us to sort out this dreadful mess and help dozens of other countries and millions of other people find their feet again --- and keep everything running in the meantime, too. 

The mandate of our Founding Fathers has been extended to billions of other people --- in the form of a circumstantial necessity to accept the challenge, the right, and the responsibility of self-governance.     
We are continuing to close the door on access to funds for illegal and immoral and non-contractual purposes, including but not limited to war-profiteering, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, conspiracy against the constitutions (our own and others), drug smuggling, securitization fraud, human trafficking, criminal commercial claims, peonage and enslavement rackets, racketeering, impersonation, identity theft, illegal contracts, and fraud --- among other things. 

Our problems still aren't over yet.  We have secured our assets, brought our lawful government into Session, wrestled the bankers, built a whole new banking system and secured that, planned and designed a whole new world economy designed for the benefit of the Earth and the living people....but it all takes time, we are slogging very painfully through the very last steps and hurdles. 

A great deal has been accomplished against impossible odds, by average people acting together. 
The victories we have claimed and the victories we are still working on, are for the Common Good of all people and for our beloved planet. Everyone has a stake in this working out. 

We are motivated in all of these activities by love, not any material advantage.  Love for our fellow man.  Love for the Earth.  

And as for me, I am not here as a politician. I am here as a Great-Grandma.  I have lived my life and loved my loves; I have raised my family and done my duties.  My responsibility now is to educate you, empower you, and pass the torch--- in that order. 

The education part is well-begun.  The empowerment has started on many levels, as you have learned about law and jurisdiction and history and science, and began to explore your own hearts and minds in new ways. I am aware of my Soul Contract and am supposed to stay with you and be working with you another ten years. 

Make tracks, therefore, and help bring all this work to fruition. Though the day is coming when I won't have to ask you for financial support, this work we have begun will always need your understanding and support.  

You will be responsible for your government, your country, and your world.  


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