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Saturday, August 5, 2023

New Thread for Oregon Discussion - Part 2 - Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

Over two years ago I announced the plan for a new banking system, specifically, a "bilateral" banking system that would allow our States of the Union to conduct both trade and commerce independent of the BRICS or SWIFT or QFS. 

This news, and also the news that we would be launching a new asset-backed currency, a gold-backed dollar, was greeted with joy --- in most quarters.  

In due time, everything necessary has been created and synchronized and paid for.  The Assemblies have authorized the creation of a new American currency, the gold-backed American Federation Dollar, the AFD.

Since then, trillions of dollars worth of credit and assets have been recouped that are owed back to the American People, bilateral banks have been chartered and Bank Treaties have been signed, a whole architecture of satellites and computers has been purchased, new programs have been written, and so much more --- to bring us to this day, when our online banks are fully functional, ready to launch.

Bricks and mortar are still to come. The cash form of AFD embedded with threads of gold is still to come, but the vast bulk of the work and the diplomatic efforts and everything else that has gone into this effort has been accomplished. 

We now have our own independent banking system.

We have our own international land recording system. 

We have recouped some of our assets and credit, though there is still a lot more to retrieve. 

We have overcome all legal challenges and diplomatic obstacles and we have done this not only for ourselves, but for living people worldwide who have been robbed and oppressed for generations.

All this has been taking place on a truly global and international scale. 

The principle function of our banks is to create and spread the benefits of prosperity.  We don't even think of them as banks in the common sense, because we will not be enslaving anyone with debt and interest on debt. 

Instead, we will be delivering back prepaid credit that the living people are already owed and allowing customers and vendors to seamlessly conduct business on a global scale. 

Unlike the common corporate structures, we are not limited to a single-minded focus on "profit at any cost".  We are, instead, enabled to use our hearts as well as our heads to embrace all that is truly good for mankind, and are free to count our "profits" by a different standard. 

We are literally opening up the whole world economy and making money and banking services available to everyone, regardless of race, creed, age, sex, religion, nationality, or any other difference.  We are focused on the unity of mankind instead. 

Just stop a moment and take in the mind-boggling immensity of the endeavor and realize that it has nothing whatsoever to do with an ordinary State of California Credit Union. 

Our bilateral bank system is a totally different thing in a totally different jurisdiction and on a totally different scale. 

How there has ever been any "mistaken identity" confusing a Credit Union belonging to a Private Membership Association (PMA) in California for what I am doing with the bilateral banks, is beyond me.  

Even the promoters of the PMA Credit Union knew it had nothing to do with me, which is clearly revealed by their own comments on the Global Family International Trade Bank channel on Mattermost. 

The only discussions I ever had with these PMA members were in the context of preparing to migrate their Credit Union accounts over to the Bilateral Banking System, which is a Lawful Conversion process any credit union can undertake. 

So they knew that I wasn't a PMA member, that I had nothing to do with the PMA Credit Union, and that the PMA Credit Union wasn't linked to the Bilateral Banking System. 

But they told Assembly members that they had to be PMA Members in order to get an account in "my" international trade bank.  

They misrepresented accounts in their own PMA Credit Union as accounts in the Bilateral Banking System -- which they knew wasn't true.

Then, on cue and in sync with the attack on our international Land Recording System (LRS), they started a panic and started a bank run on their own Credit Union. 

And have attempted to blame me for it ever since.

In concert with all this, they were also telling people to go all over the country and start new bank accounts with Federal Reserve banks.  For no apparent reason.  

Well, there was a reason -- the reason was to pump billions of dollars worth of new credit access into those banks.  

So these people are Liars, pure and simple, and Instigators, too, seeking to undermine me and undermine our banks and even undermine the credit union and PMA they were pushing -- all to profit the Federal Reserve. 

That identifies these people as Undeclared Foreign Agents working for the British Territorial Government and the Rothschild Banking Empire headed by the Bank of England. 

They are competitors out to besmirch our efforts and blame me for something they did. 

And curiously, while loudly blaming me, and knowing that they had passed off accounts in the  State of California Credit Union as accounts in "my" bank, they never suggested that their victims could get satisfaction by reporting the circumstance to the State of California Banking Commission.  Why not? 

Because the State of California, Inc., is a Rothschild enterprise and they wouldn't want to hurt their own business. 

Think back to the tactics these people used, how they asked you to do things (join a PMA, take out multiple new accounts in other banks) that made no sense, how they made you feel afraid in an already scary economic environment and pushed the idea that I was involved in what they were selling. 

The bad news is that we suffered an attack. The good news is that we survived it. 

I speak to Hunter several times a week.  He hasn't gone anywhere. He's had to knuckle down to build a replacement International Land Recording System on top of building our global bank system.  

He has done it all as a heart transplant patient. 

These vicious people didn't even have respect for that, for his health, and for his friendship.  

So mark them well. Know what they are and never trust another word they say.   

The actual Oregon Assembly will be resuming meetings. Those who want to follow the peaceful and lawful path, join Tricia.  

Those who want to be traitors to their own country and act as shills for foreign business interests, go cuddle up to King Charles III ---  join your District Assembly. 

The rest of us won't miss you at all.


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