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Saturday, August 5, 2023

As Things Stand on August 5th 2023

 By Anna Von Reitz

I talk to people every day who are having a tough time wrapping their heads around the world they are living in.  I sympathize. 

The only lawful government in The United States is represented by the living people standing in their State Assemblies in each State of the Union. 

Neither the British Territorial United States Government operated as a District of Columbia Municipal Corporation nor the City of Rome Municipal Corporation operating the Municipal United States Government have the nature and structure required to function as a lawful government of our nation-states nor our country as a whole. 

All the Principals involved have known this for more than 160 years, so it's not any new news for the Pope or the King or the Lord Mayor. 

25 years ago, my husband and I realized that the IRS was a privateering scam and everything else has unravelled from there. 

We realized that certain bankers and politicians and captains of industry were intent on declaring our entire country to be "vacated" and abandoned property --- ripe for the taking.  

We also realized that the corporations posing as the "government" were foreign subcontractors in the business of providing governmental services. 

It took time to organize a response and prosecute it, but we did the work. In the course of doing all the research and making the efforts involved, we learned that our country wasn't the only victim of this False Claim on Abandonment scheme. 

So we expanded our efforts to safeguard our own country to the other victims of the same con artists. 

As things stand, I set up my Proper Name Trust and recorded it.  I claimed all the major corporations and their debts, worldwide, in favor of the living people. 

So, for example, when I claimed the UNITED STATES, INC., I also claimed their subsidiary franchises, like CHINA, INC. and the UNITED KINGSDOM, INC. and AUSTRALIA, INC. 

What makes my claims unique besides the Due Process I gave them, is that unlike all other claimants, I claimed the debts of these corporations. 

Everyone else was busily trying to avoid claiming these awesome debts, but I claimed them, because I realized that for me and all the other living people, their debts are our credits. 

Claiming their debts puts me -- automatically -- in the absolute Preferential Creditor driver's seat.  All my claims are cured and they are all secured and they are all sitting in my private express trusts and my public Fiduciary Trusts, where they have been automatically cashiered during the entire process. 

So, through me and my Proper Name Trust, which on the statutory side is good for fifty years from the date of origin, all these corporations and all the assets they were holding at the time of my claim, are preserved for the living people of this planet. 

So, for example, whether it's AUSTRALIA, INC. or Australia, Inc., the assets are claimed and held in trust for the living people of Australia. All living people in Australia, aborigine or European, African, or.... whatever. Red blood and hands and feet, blood that flows and flesh that lives.  So are the debts (credits) held in trust.  Both the assets and the credit created from the assets belong to the living people of that country and nobody else.  

Now, it's true that everyone has to shake a leg and get organized and operate their own country's lawful government again, and it's true that may take some doing, but there is no "drop dead" date and no excuse for rumors telling people to meet a 60 day deadline to pull a lawful government out of their hat, or else join a native tribal government. 

We have our lawful government and every other nation impacted by this immense and brutal fraud has a traditional government.  

All the property that was claimed by the British Territorial pirates has come home to me, and as my Irrevocable Will says, all that property must be returned to the living people it belongs to -- not to corporations "representing" them, nor to the administration of tribal councils cohabiting the land with them and certainly no kind of Congress presently in situ.  

Each country has to organize their own lawful national government to inherit the public interest, and they have to get their own political status in order to inherit their private assets. 

They have to overcome their own ignorance and bickering in order to self-govern.   

The public assets get released from my trust(s)  when the living people of each country get organized to operate their own lawful government again, and the private assets go back to each one of the living people as they correct their political status with no predatory public interest claim attached to their private assets. 

Is that clear enough for everyone, everywhere? 

I own your corporations chartered since the 1600's. I own their debts, their franchises, their trusts, their names, their stock, their contracts, bonds, bills, indentures, treaties, and everything else that they have held "for" the living people --- and misused to profit themselves.  

We are irrevocably determined that it all goes back to the living people, not some "representation" of them, but literally given back to them. This is their inheritance and they are responsible for caring for it and passing it on to the next generation. 

We will do whatever is necessary and expend whatever a Prudent Man might reasonably expend to educate and assist and organize the lawful governments, clean up the damage, and support and educate the people to help them through this transition back to sanity.  

It is our intention to retire as soon as possible, to enjoy our well-earned peace, and whatever days are left to us. 

We do not enjoy managing other people's property and firmly believe that everyone needs to learn how to manage themselves and their own affairs. 

This argument about self-governance has gone on for over a thousand years, and as of last night, we won. 

Let us all redouble our efforts and carry through straight to the goal --- which is nothing less than freedom and prosperity and peace for all. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


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