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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Why Do I Care About Britain and Australia?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I generally care about everyone. This is nothing so altruistic on my part; there is a good dollop of selfishness involved.  When everyone else is healthy and happy and sailing along on greased grooves, I have a greater chance of enjoying the same result myself.  

It's the same way with my defense of everyone's right to free speech and freedom of religion.  By defending their rights, I am defending my own right to the same things. 

It's the same way with my objection to the existence of slavery in the modern world. Eradicating slavery for others makes it much less likely that I'll be enslaved myself.  

When we eradicate an evil, we don't just eradicate it for ourselves. We eradicate it, so it can't hurt anyone anymore.  

That's the channel I'm on. 

When I draw "the limits of the law" and object to the licensing of basic rights so as to convert them into privileges, it isn't that I have a passion to defend profligates and snake oil salesmen; no, far from it.  

Instead, in defending their right to engage in an occupation of common right without a license or to travel from Point A to Point B on the public roads without a license from anyone to do so, I am defending my own right to take herbs instead of patented pills, and my own right to travel without government approval.  

Our Founding Fathers realized that we are all in this together and that the "measure" we dole out to others is the same measure we receive back ourselves. 

All these people engaged in power-mongering and trying to micromanage and control the lives and activities of others-- usually to procure revenue for themselves or the organizations they belong to by levying fines and fees-- haven't quite got the lay of the land. 

They (rather stupidly) assume that they can take away the rights of others without endangering those same rights for themselves. They also underestimate what I call "Legislative Creep". 

Having once succeeded in foisting off an oppressive licensing regulation or other statutory provision--- and having received both income and coercive power as a result of this activity--- legislatures everywhere are encouraged to do more of the same. 

It's like giving a horse unlimited access to oats, or letting a six year-old have unlimited cookies.    

Legislatures and Congresses and Commissions and Bureaus and Agencies and Boards of Directors will all eat away at us, our property, and our rights as long as we let them do it.  

That's why it is supremely important that we defend the rights of others and cherish those rights as dearly as we hold our own, and the reason we must stand together --- not only in this country, but worldwide --- to defend the rights of humankind against all forms of 
regulatory oppression, deceit, and overreach. 

The current fight we are engaged in worldwide is between those who care about their own rights and those who don't. 

I can't account for those who don't care about their own rights and who don't see the necessity of also preserving the same rights for others. 
Collectively, we all have skin in the game, encouraging us to seek and maintain a condition of health, happiness, and abundance, instead of descending to a dog-eat-dog mentality or a herd mentality, either one. 

I prefer to defend the rights and happiness of others, because in the end, I prefer a world where everyone has enough of everything they need, including freedom, and I know that this is easily achievable. 

It's only fraud and self-interest that has prevented this happy outcome until now.  

It's time to upend selfishness and fear.  Expand our vision to embrace what is truly good for ourselves and everyone else.  

Defend their rights and their lawful governments and their lawful money, and you also defend your own.  

So, that's why I care about Australia and the reason that I care about England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, too. 

Test me and you will find that  I care about people in Sudan and Siberia and all the other countries, too.  

I especially care about people who have self-respect and who exercise their minds and look up at the stars in the sky and feel how small they are.  I especially care about those who accept responsibility and assert their natural and unalienable rights without apology or political correctness. 

And lastly, I especially love those who think beyond themselves, and who step forward to defend the rights of others, for they alone are my peers. 


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  3. What is the source of the "rights of others?" Can we have a general idea of where those rights are found or do we just pull these rights out of thin air? Would these rights be found in the Bible, Koran, some Satanic book? We may need to get specific here. It is possible our jural assemblies will need guidance when it comes to a moral compass.

    1. Back in the early 80's George Gordon and his Common Law study group determined to hash out just how many 'Rights' we had. They went into the wee hours of the morning, discussing specifics, whether this that or the other one was covered by another, boiling down the list to the basics before they quit for the night. Turns out we have a little over 100, altogether. So yes, just because they're not enumerated (as specified in the 9th) doesn't mean they don't exist.

      They don't just come from 'thin air'. These are from the minds of men but the groundwork is laid out by our Creator, as all of them are based in the Ten Commandments. And they make sense. Common sense. The Common Law is called that because they are the Laws common to ALL men. EVERYONE is expected to know them, as basic Rights should be obvious to all.

  4. Could not have been said better I am riding with you and praying many more will ride with us to fight for truth.

    1. Right direction, wrong horse.

  5. If you think about rights, they are something not wrong. Things that harm others are wrongs. No one has a right to do wrong. Is it right to read what you want to? Go to the store? Enjoy a beautiful sky? Their are many rights. Harm no man (everyone) and harm no ones property protects basically most rights. We ate born with them like your arm. You have a right to your arm...,