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Monday, March 6, 2023

You Are "the Third Temple"

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have been taught to think of "the Third Temple" as a building, like Solomon's temple, built by men to honor the glory of God. 

Or was it built by men for their own sakes?  Go figure. 

They pretended to glorify God, but God needed no glory from them.  The temple building was more about giving men something they needed, something visible to anchor their faith and impress the neighbors. 

Now, imagine a temple built by God to honor his own glory? 

God left the temple after what happened on Golgotha, never to return to it. He left the Hebrews to sort out their own mess.  He tore the temple curtain in front of the Holy of Holies from top to bottom, and that mighty wind?  That was the Lord God Almighty exiting.  

Today, there is a focus on "building the Third Temple" and all sorts of  attention on theTemple Mount and Jewish intentions to build a new temple on it.  Just recently, we had another international incident focused on this: 

What if I told you that we have proof that the Temple Mount is not and never was the location of the temple described in the Bible?  What if that location was completely razed, just as Yeshuah foretold, without one block left standing on another?   

The Romans didn't leave the Wailing Wall or any other supporting superstructure related to the temple Jesus knew.  When they razed the temple at Jerusalem, they tore it up by the roots.  They carted away the blocks and used them for road work and other building projects. It was a complete, utter demolition -- not one block left standing on another.  


The location of the former temple is now a long grassy slope supporting a turnpike, and all this focus on the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall is misguided.  

The location of the "Temple Mount" venerated today is the former location of the Roman Fort and Garrison in Jerusalem. That piece of ground has nothing to do with God or Yeshuah or the Bible, but men will be misled to fight and die over it just the same. 

What did God do after he the left the temple? 

He rebuilt the true temple of life, the body of his Son. He gave Yeshuah an incorruptible body.  

You are yourselves the basis of the Third Temple, wherein God will dwell and write his Law on your hearts.

This is already happening, so no need to wonder about it or fight over it. 

The Third Temple is not made from gold or cedars of Lebanon. 

We shall worship, truly, in our own hearts. 

So don't get all steamed up about the plans and activities of men, the strife engendered in Old Jerusalem, the constant brotherly scraping of Judaism against Islam and both against Christianity.  

The day is fast approaching when all will be revealed and people will walk around striking the heels of their hands against their foreheads and saying, "And I didn't see this coming?"  and they will finally remember what he said, "Behold, I make all things new." 


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  1. Yea, it's about time

  2. So as prophesied by Paul, will you have the antichrist sit in the wing of your third temple Anna? Are you deliberately trying to mislead people now??

    1. How many people now think of themselves and in their own hearts as Gods? Masters of their own universe?
      The antichrist is in these temples.

    2. Wasn't Anton talking about the prophecy about a building will be built and about the two sets of three and a half years where a man or image says he's God?

    3. Yes about how the antichrist will set himself up to be worshiped in the third temple. They will restart sacrifices until he says no more. Then everyone will be forced to worship him. its all in the bible. Anna must have thrown hers away. Aliens must have told her to do that ;)

    4. Just take a look in the mirror and you will see the Antichrist. Because you operate by the dictates and whims of the natural man and that's why you can't comprehend what Anna is saying.

      1Co 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    5. Oh Victor I just love it when people judge others so quickly and show their complete ignorance. Ive studied end times for 6 years straight out of my 40 years studying off and on. I am more than happy to debate this topic with you if your not too scared. Signed the devil

  3. Doesn't London City contain a law building called third inner temple? Washington State of Capitol has a Temple of Justice. Makes sense we would contain inner temples within us. Nothing outside of us that is not within us. Seems a word thing of us. Moose are a temple unknowing of it like other creatures, just are, no need to define or twist it all up in a mess

    1. That City of London has Courts and Temples, I think they work together. ?

  4. The earth and all the wicked Abba Father will distroy.

  5. Yes, i did read about the actual King Solomon temple was near a natural Spring. The Temple Mount was the ancient Roman Fortress.

  6. There is a shared Temple Mount arrangement, and the temple is all prefab, and ready to build; the priests instruments are ready to implement. We are only waiting for Daniel 9:27, and Revelation 11:1-2; providing a literal, interpretation being viable, and accepting a physical manifestation, as our witness

  7. I am waiting for the Common Law Courts and our four pillars! Please! Let's work on our assemblies!

    1. They're all drunk on money and banks. That seems to be too many people's obsession.

  8. The Anglo-Saxon Nazi Zionist Jews knows the real Jerusalem is located in Peru 🇵🇪.

  9. Lets hope everyone publicly recorded isn't now on a list to be dealt with... Sure seems like Annas stopped giving direction since the primary action of list building is probably as complete as its going to be without "missionary" work co-opting new rubes.

    How are anna and james unable to prevent further registration of birth certs acting to traffic newborns into the incorporated jurisdictions for taking advantage of? And why would anyone record before that Auto-magic registration function is Halted and Prevented from further traffiking? That it hasn't been prevented infers it will go on as it has for the last 160 years. No point recording if they can just re-register your information in their domain via some other automated process. Its not like I, as an infant, registered my own birth cert to traffic myself into the incorporated jurisdiction, but Anna pretends everyone who finds themselves thusly holds the onus to correct their own misidentification while in the same breath saying Fraud vitiates all criminality. It was fraud that trafficed me, if I go record then perhaps I am giving them ammunition to pretend I knew and existed in their incorporated jurisdiction on purpose. Weird to consider, but prolly worth considering.

    1. how refreshing to read this utterly logical train of thought. luv it.
      these are possibilities people will eventually have to think about, so will probably be better off to just go ahead and think about them now.

    2. UNICEF and SDG's

      Society first acknowledges a child’s existence and identity through birth registration. The right to be recognized as a person before the law is a critical step in ensuring lifelong protection and is a prerequisite for exercising all other rights. Yet the births of one fourth of children under age 5 worldwide have never been officially recorded.

      A dedicated target (16.9) under Goal 16 of the SDGs aims to provide legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030. Functioning civil registration systems are the main vehicles through which a legal identity for all – and target 16.9 – can be achieved. Such systems produce vital statistics, including those on birth registration, which are foundational for achieving sustained human and economic development. While most countries have mechanisms in place for registering births, systematic recording remains a serious challenge, highlighting the urgent need to improve and strengthen civil registration and vital statistics.

      By providing all children with proof of legal identity from day one, their rights can be protected and universal access to social services can be enabled. If we are to fulfill our promise to leave no one behind, we must ensure that every child is registered at birth and receives a passport to lifelong protection – a birth certificate.

    3. I read somewhere that the daughter of the Bushs' went to Brazil traveling under the UNICEF banner and she secured a land deal of which the land sits atop the worlds largest fresh water aquifer

      And tada like that she is now an author and an advocate for these poor children

      Think the sindicates UNICEF gives two shits about any children?
      You better wake the fuck up folks

    4. And isn't this rich
      Support the guardian - shew your support doughtnate today witht he big 'G' for give I suppose or maybe that's GLOW BALL or

      And 'G' it's supported by the Billy Goates and Melinda (Kevin Cline) Foundation

      And imagine that Brazil is part of the BRICS green new world UN agenda 21 SDG blah blah blah BULLSHIT
      South Africa

      The rocky and bullwinkle plan in their own words

      So when someone tells you that Russia and fake ass Putin is your friend tell them to go pound salt

    5. And their so called divorce BULLSHIT

      She the little clip about this so called divorce
      Well this is so they can hide the assets and continue the CON on the world as they move about undetected and their Presidio UN Agenda moves forward without detection

      Their World Parliament ACT is under CONstruction to merge the UN
      See ACT #64 which the details have not been worked out by the scribes yet

      World Legislative Acts annagrandmama's is LAW

      The Shetar
      Your two witnesses? Might want to read that there Shetar and see what those two witnesses you gathered up really means
      They identify you as the debtor not the creditor

    6. The Presidio and the connection to World Parliament


  11. Exactly Jewish religion that once again misidentified groups of people, judaism is created from Babylonian Talmud.
    Judao Christiany is not compatible . The ruse of Rothschild buying and terrorizing the Palestinian’s is a ruse to get gullible Christians to believe they are the chosen ppl.
    Fact of the matter is the millions of Israelites have been identified thanks to archaeology .
    The 10 northern tribes and 5/6 of southern tribes went into Assaryian captivity and placed on perimeter to act as shields to Assyria.
    We know the movement of these people that called themselves the house of Issac .
    But pretty sure this is mostly falling on Jews ears and not Israelites.

  12. What does all of this have to do with building our Assemblies!? Enough of this Religious clap trap!

  13. The Temple is not in us. Its a building of the Israelites of the Torah, that is essential to their worship. No temple , no functioning religion. The Persians, then Romans destroyed it. Masjid Al Aqsa is built on the remains of Solomons temple, since about 650ad. God has forbidden rebuilding the temple, Jesus condemned them, yet the modern Jews of the Talmud are trying. Not a good idea, for them. Jesus a prophet handed the baton to the final prophet, Muhammad. Get with the program.

    1. mirror of the middle east


    1. That kid looks like the guy from the movie Fast and Furious?
      Ya know they one that already died in a fiery car crash
      And why in the hell with the technology available is that picture of him so grainy looking

  15. I really don't think anyone knows just how damned corrupt thi shit really is

    This is a world wide crime syndicate folks and they have brain dead military and now Isralie trained police forces

    Longest operating base in the United States the Presidio
    20 minutes in

    And the Presidio and Presidium is all over World Parliament documents folks
    And so is the OMB and obudsmen and the like

    I have been telling you for months and years now

    The surname and the patent on all surnames

    And their false phophet is

  16. The thieves trucking the oil off the land out in the middle of bumb fucked egypt

    And a statue to a no name so called governor no ones ever heard of and a dedication to the fake monument 80 years after the so called building

    They are lying the asses off and have been forEVER

  17. Beware the Ides of March

  18. Interesting verbage they scripting
    "bank run contagion”

    More of their hocus pocus WHOREshit

    Be sure and log in, SUBSCRIBE/SUBMIT and doughnate doughnate doughnate, your support for their heist is sorely needed

  19. Are you 'acting' as their sureity

    Now remember that Borgia is ...

    1. Ever herd the saying they got ya comin and a goin

      Two lies don't make any of it right or truth

      And lets not forget the Medici
      Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
      They too are one of the so called families who run the world of lies and they are behind the earth land swindle and ole patrick here is aiding and abetting

      land portal
      land data providers

      Tell me what do you think of a Land Recording "SERVICE' provider?

  20. Create 'communities' on line

    Interesting comments too about MAPS

    See CMAP - the future mapping of their mega city SMART regions

    Part of their COGS they have set up
    Councils of Godvernments

    This shit has being going on for decades and the people that work for any and all these 'sindicated organizations' are working towards their own demise

    The Regional Planning Act of 1965
    670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes

    Regionalism -----


    Data data data folks

    Hmm you don't say
    Land Data Providers or those who provide Land Recording 'SERVICES'

  22. Just wow

  23. Have a read there is a sillycon CONnection to all of the mayhem

    And all the actwhores on the world stage like Xi the hollywood actor hired to play the role
    And Put In hired to play his role
    Both from the same GUILD I suppose

    And of course their audience reduced to cattle just cannot see through the mask/veil

    1. Interesting headline for the fake Kamilla surrounding the meet up in CalifOrion


    They've been selling us this CONscience nonsense (nous) for friggin decades

    1. And is this not interesting
      Steve Outtrim
      He created a software called HOTDOG

      Page 2
      Baronet Sir James Outram

      Funny how Outtrim and the other guy never tie the knot and link it to YOU KNOW WHO

  25. [thATs-nICE:dEAR]


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