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Monday, March 6, 2023

Another March in March

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who received the first article in this series, "Marching in March", are now familiar with the concepts of perceptual viewpoint and the fact that we can change our perceptual viewpoint in ways that allow us to see things from perspectives that our bodies and physical environment don't allow. 

This ability is part of the common heritage of Mankind and as natural as rain falling; yet, for many generations, the general population has not been taught about this ability nor enabled to develop it.  

We've been kept crippled and dumbed down--- and not just about American History. 

For the past week, I've asked everyone to do a little experimentation with shifting your viewpoint --- and realizing that you can, with a little practice and effort, experience the world from the viewpoint of the family cat, or another person, or a bird in flight.  

These are baby steps and this is a natural ability.  Don't be frustrated if you can't do it right away.  You didn't learn to walk in a day either.  

Some people will find it remarkably easy, and some are already fully conversant and able to project their conscious viewpoint at will anywhere they like.  

In the military and laboratory settings advanced use of this natural ability is called "remote viewing". They try to keep it hush-hush because the spies don't like being spied on, but that is not really possible.  

This ability develops spontaneously under conditions of danger or extreme stress and the military is itself one of the chief sources of the danger and stress that triggers it.  Nice irony.  

In more mundane and kindly settings, being able to shift your perceptual viewpoint develops from day-dreaming, which is one of the reasons that generations of school teachers have walked around classrooms rapping the knuckles of teenagers---jolting us back to Indoctrination 101.  

There are a number of immediate "violent and irrevocable conclusions" to be drawn from the direct experience of this long-buried ability. 

Suddenly, it becomes very apparent that you, your Consciousness, is not your body. 

And your ability to see is not limited to your physical eyes, either.  

As surprising as this is, you can have more-or-less immediate proof simply by exercising and expanding your perceptual viewpoint. 

I have told you that each one of us projects an electromagnetic field around our entire body, usually between 6 to 20 feet in all directions. This is popularly called your "aura", but it's really just an EM field that all living and nonliving ordered energy systems project, according to their kind. 

That is, even a piece of rock conglomerate has an aura, because rock crystals form ordered energy matrices. We simply have larger, more complex, and mobile auras. 

Some people train themselves to see auras naturally, but anyone can see auras with the technical assistance of Kirlian Photography, which has been highly developed by researchers in Eastern Europe and Russia--- and here, too, though you probably never heard a word about any of this.

The American Dental Association doesn't want you to see what Kirlian Photography shows about "silver" dental amalgams used as fillings. These amalgams contain mercury, a poison; and, Kirlian Photography reveals how the mercury is released as a smoke-like vapor with every bite you take.  

No need to wonder why people who have better teeth live longer, and it should not surprise anyone that auras exist, either.   It would be far stranger if you had a living biological system and no EM field around it. 

The surprise should be that rocks and especially crystals and other inanimate metallic and mineral structures have such strongly defined auras when there are no known biochemical or other active electrochemical processes present. 

How is any electrical flow being generated to create an EM field around, say, a fistful of quartz crystals?  

Answer: mineral matrices connect to and interact directly with the geomagnetic field of the Earth --- so do we, for that matter, but with rock crystals this relationship is not complicated with all the additional electrical interactions of a living body. 

If people saw Kirlian photographs of crystals they might realize that the massive geomagnetic potentials of the Earth can be captured and amplified and directed....and that there is absolutely no reason for us to build electrical grids and transformer farms and spend billions on gigantic power generation turbines and coal and oil and gas. 

Uff-da!  And wouldn't that just force a massive overhaul of the world economy?  No wonder you never heard about Kirlian photography before. 

I am going somewhere with all this, and it's the background to another simple perceptual vision exercise ---and understanding the effects you will probably bump into. 

Sit in the middle of a room with, hopefully, at least six feet of clear space in all directions around you.  Close your eyes.  Can you sense all four walls around you?  Or only one wall?  Or two?  Or three? 

So your ability to sense the walls surrounding you is dependent on the radius of your own aura, the size and shape of the room, and your position in the room.  

The walls have their own electromagnetic "emanation" that bounces off your aura and that is what enables you to sense their presence, or lack of presence, which is even more interesting.  

Ever suffered from vertigo?  The sudden feeling of everything falling away from you?  

Your aura just suffered a blank spot in the feedback it is constantly receiving from the surfaces around you.  

What happens when you walk toward a door in a wall?  

There are actually two acts of "opening" that take place each and every time you walk through a door.  

If you are aware of this and take notice, you can sense when your aura "hits the wall" and how it merges with the wall and moves forward through the wall and the door,  how it pauses while you fiddle with the door, and how your aura moves onward ahead of you as you walk through the door. 

The first opening is when your aura contacts and merges through the wall, the second is when you swing the physical door open and walk through it.  

You are not consciously aware of how this process works, so you don't notice the subtle merging of energies and movement of energies that it takes to walk through a door.  

Well, have you ever wondered how "ghosts" walk through walls?  You do it yourself every day, but you don't know that, and you haven't been taught to observe it. 

So you don't. 

And that is too bad, because it keeps you from discovering yourself and better understanding your world. 

We are the unknown country.  

I have travelled this landscape before you and you need not be afraid; but you do need to wake up and wake up others to travel with you. Each generation has its cadre and you must find yours. 


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  1. Yes, "we've" been dumbed down. Both grossly and so subtly. For instance.

    Merriam Webster 11th edition:

    Homo - Synonym for "homage." As in a serf who owes fealty (homage) tithes and/or taxes to a feudal lord. (versus "Homo Sapiens" versus "Genus "Homo Borg? de facto! on ya Noah Yuval Harrrrrrari)

    "human" - circa 1553: a bipedal primate animal.

    "human being" - 1751: Human.

    "humbug" - 1751 - Something designed to deceive and mislead. Willfully false deceptive. to deceive hoax or engage in a deception.

    (my many thanks to the alert soul who in 1751 gave us the "human" humbug reveal!)

    1. Awesome add-on to Anna's excellanto exposé-essey.
      DearAlmightySpiritusIntelligence TrueLivingGod Make Peace on Earth. m

  2. A lovely and plain word "man," as in "adam" a child of the eternal creator of all. As in the family of "man." As in "Mankind (And for those lobotomized amongst us - that is in fact "woman" the mother too.)

    As in the family of all life.

    Yet so many have been robotized into endlessly repeating the hypnotic trigger "human" or "humanity"

    You who read Anna's blogs, who are reading, please demand each who you may meet, stop using such tripe triggers as "humanity" or "human." Remind, they ensnare themselves in their self made penalty, as non attention to a much higher Lord.

    (You may know them, their tripe-triggers and by they being triggered, by how they complain of this blog posted here.)

  3. None of this is unknown or new. I think it's "grandma" who is just becoming aware. Making the transition from religion to spirituality so-to-speak. Nothing new under the sun for many.

    1. Observation. And an accurate one too. You just don't like it. You are the complainer.

    2. . . .and you are looking through a lens on its edge.

    3. Lol. Oh. Ok. Thanks for the gibberish.

    4. Do you prefer: You be observing edgewise at a lens. Or lens through which you peer is blasted? Or you observe as if through sea-glass, stinking conch close upon your ear, sounds of ocean in your mind, sand in suit, sea-grass up your nose, and no where to go but alone.

    5. why not just prove anonymous 10:11am is wrong? oh, yeh, because you cant. :):):)

    6. If is unknown why don't thou anonymous 10:11am have a blog and go for it in Your own words.
      DearAlmightySpiritusIntelligence TrueLivingGod, Make Peace on Earth. m

    7. m,
      10:11am is replying to "anna's" Article here, so theyre going to put their reply here, not on a different blog.

    8. Anonymous 1:19 why don't you mind your own business and while you're at it stop being so fake. Stop trying to be somebody you're not...Brown noser. Lol!

  4. the universe is 99.99 % plasma .E= mc2
    Mass is energy yes a (standing wave) what we call matter is like the wave of hot coffee sloshing back and forth .
    Different types of waves electromagnetic up and down transverse.
    And what Tesla was using longitudinal
    A squeeze wave that can penetrate the nucleus that’s hundred thousand times bigger than electron .
    It a boiling mass but the gentle penetration of longitudinal waves can organize it.
    Creating anti gravity, time altering (Philadelphia experiment)

    1. The whole of creation within a single atom.

    2. luv to read your inner-standings bubba.
      thanks for sharing.
      janmarie. :)

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  6. Let us Build

  7. It really is something that we tolerate those who seek to undermine and adulterate OUR forums. What, do you non-ASNs think you are saving someone? Think about this... the devil desires all to succumb to the lies. Why are you working soooooo hard...? I would say that you have only your father of lies to comfort you and you so want comfort. You just don't realize that the comfort you seek is submitting to the will of God, and seeking the Glory of Creation. Be Gone fould beasts...!

    1. Yeah ok boss man intolerant but talk sanctimonious as Hollier than thou. What a hypocrite.
      If we Speek untruths point it out, what you afraid of?
      Paul was heavy into censorship but is allowing comments .
      Not your call buddy not your blog
      Sounds like a member of communist party were only members of party can hold any office or get a government job .
      Anna has one time admitted to being Jewish and communist.
      She’s doing a makeover lately instead of anti Christian and prefers Rosecrustian.instead of an unsitely crucifix a rose and a cross.
      But not making a big deal out of it
      However you want to attack let’s be honest

    2. yes, they think they can just keep attacking people and people will shut up again, but thats not going to happen.

      their azz is in for a damnrough- azzed ride in our law-full American common law courts under authority of our Unanimious Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America, July 2, 1776: all under authority of the laws of nature and natures create-r/"God":
      • where man stands and records his claim using his God-given voice
      • man-to-man
      • before God and his fellowman;
      • and proof is required;
      • no Attorneys are allowed;
      • and false claim-ers/ liars are punished.
      what theyve done, theyve done on our land, so our laws apply.
      if they had wanted to use SeaLaw they shoulda never left TheSea.

  8. History is written by the victors, he who control the present controls the past ( media& publishing) ,
    He who controls the (Past) controls the future.
    Nothing new under the sun ,careful
    study of the past reveals the designers were like graffiti writers all over the planet only of high order whole cities several miles Long in Mexico oriented on a exact azimuth in degrees.
    One structure reflects others all over the globe what is uniform about all the structures they talk in English feet and miles .
    The dimensions usually all way give their exact longitude and latitude to 10 decimal places . To say we have been manipulated is an understatement.
    The Bible is an historical record and when cross referenced with other records royal libraries , Dead Sea scrolls
    Show to be accurate.
    Unfortunately tyrants among us (((Rockefeller & Dale Carnige))) one created public schools the other library.
    First thing an occupying force take control of country it controls the media including publishing.
    It to us to correct the lies and protect innocent people.

    1. your last line there reminded me of something i just heard again recently bubba:
      98% of people are sheep
      1% are wolves and
      1% are sheepdogs.

  9. Another March in March, on the ex parte milligan when los angeles ca court finish March 6, the bomb was released the court finish, l.a. assembly republic must take control, but we shall watch to see what assembly is doing, common court is ready, now Selassie god seeing if assembly know what time it is. Judges are being banishment treason is still in affect we shall used it,



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