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Friday, March 24, 2023

In studio special forces operator reveals US under active INVASION right this minute


  1. well they have to create *some*thing to use as the TrojanHorse to bring the new BRICStype money system in on dont they? ------- create a problem that causes the people scream to be saved from it, so that the changes the people would never ordinarily go along with are accepted?...
    just scare the crap out of everybody while stealing peoples money with pre-planned "bank" collapses.... kinda like the $2Trillion dollars "going missing" as Building 7 at WTC was destroyed.
    its not working. just like none of the Narratives and cv and the jab didnt work.
    all thats happening is that people are being able to see who is doing evil.
    people are not only not going to go along with it, they are also going to make the thieves pay back what theyve taken. watch.

  2. GenocideInProgress

    AlwaysPresentIn- WeTheLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilPeoples-DNA, PleaseFreeDOMize
    TheUnitedStatesOfAmericaOutOfSynagogueOfSatan, AndFraudgenic
    ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas, AndParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms, AndFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSercoGroup AllPoweredBy
    StealthyHidden under WHO/WEF
    BabylonianRadhanitesGenocidalDogma, AndPleaseRecreateTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'sBodyAndSoulHealthy, andProsperous andTheRest of TheWorld willFollow. m

  3. Data (TADA)

    Internet of Bodies

    They're all walking in lock step to the
    World Parliament and the Earth CONstitution
    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction
    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments

    They're running parallel scripts
    Two wings of the same bird

    As per the UN
    UN plan devised at the Presidio
    20 minutes in
    BIRTH of the UN plan during WWII while they were freeing Germany of all their stuff while implementing the plan

    1. absolutely right shelby, they are running both sides of the FAKE "WAR" THEY, THEMSELVES, ARE CREATING. --AS *USUAL*. perhaps EVERY WAR ever started was started by them agreeing together ahead of time who is going to Play which side?

      most of us people are at peace with each other. ITS THEM CREATING WAR. Its their debt to God and theyre going to have to pay it i say, not us.

      These stoop id shills on utubb keep talking about there has to be "A "SCARE EVENT": to WakeUp the "sheep". ALL CONTRIVED... Pre-planned for years. and i say: it's failing.
      "The Alien Savior". ALL CONJURED, prob. Project Bluebeam type. Tom Horn and Cris Putnam's "EXO VATICAN" was published years ago.
      many already know. and know about Mount Graham in Arizona. know about the Vatican's L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope. its their wrong-doing, not ours... their debt to God, they pay i say.

      oh, yeh, and a "SolarEvent" they all keep yammering about... where "we all go into 5D".... listen! 5D is: UrDed.

      i woman:say, may create-r God turn any of his energies theyve been mis-using back around on them like a boomerang and, with the same mercy theyve shown to Gods creations, so return every mis-used energy BACK UPON THEM, including brain aneurisms, clots, and all other damage they intended for others so that none of them can recover, before they do any more damage, and so: be.

  4. This is all disinformation -- lies and deceit. In light of what Anna is saying, Russia and China are not our enemies and are not attacking The United States of America (unincorporated). However, they are attacking the U.S. and the US, which is the territorial (British Crown) and the municipal (Papal Rome) governments, currently operating fraudulently inside of our land and soil jurisdiction. Both the territorial and municipal must FALL! Get out of the way and let our allies destroy them.

    1. Paradise Nevada - unincorporate since 1950

      There are unincorported places like this all over the CONtinent

    2. Lavern and Shirley

      On your MARX
      Get set and go now
      Gotta dream and we just know now
      We're gonna make that dream come true
      Doin it our way
      We're going do it our way
      Yes our way make all our dreams come true

      Song sang at the beginning of that sit com is YIDDISH

      There is nothing we won't try
      Never herd the word impossible
      This time there's no stopping us

      The BREWERS of beer one of their favorite sedatives to indulge the goy along with their other alcoholic horseshit
      Same with their drug trade and medical mafia


      NOAH webster and the dick tion ary they give the goy to learn em up right and proper to follow along as they steal your asses blind

    3. The people of Russia and China are not our enemies but the schumcks claiming they are their leaders and working for this world order are very much accomplices/enablers to this glow ball Pyramid Ponzi Scheme

      They've been brainwashed just as much as the rest of us through their SINDICATED tell lie vision glow ball ponzi schemes

      If you can read the links I provided and still back up what this harlot is telling you then you are part of the problem

      Those two witnesses you gathered up and provided relate directly to the jewish shetar and providing as such you have claimed to be the DEBTOR and not the CREDITOR at all (et al)

    4. Read it


    Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)
    governance over their natural resources (in particular oil, gas and minerals)
    Which is why they are combing the land records and sending out Landman agents to round up the HEIRS to the land and getting them to sign shit they have no idea what they are signing (like my mom and her brother)

    Medici Ventures and Land Governance
    Dr. Patrick Byrne the Founder and CEO of
    new aged, such as

    BLOCKCHAIN you know like a block and a chain around your neck like a slave
    It's just the digital theft of the land, banking, health and everything else under the Sun

    They need your doughnations, records and for you to sign up, sign in and volunteer you skills to the END GAME

  6. Geo codes, geo engineering
    Annagram geo you get ego

    And don't forget that Greg Bradfords videos which have all been taken down has one about ole Hitler played by the actor Bing Crosby and the BING search engine that is named in his honor
    He lived on as James Gilbert to direct and produce all the 007 BOND movies
    His father, Fred Astaire, played the role of FDR when they did their last new deal of the card deck
    And the Green New Deal is their steal it all and the goy have nothing and the new World Godvernment

    And that geo well hell BINGO
    There you have your NGO's and kind of like ego all wrapped up in one
    Add the COG's Councils of Godvernment and you have a wel oiled machine working in lockstep to MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE while screwing everyone else on the plan IT

    And those MOU's ole Patrick is hob knobbing the world getting signed by their actor accomplices add an SE and what do you get
    MOUSE or that really should be RAT not a MOUSE

    Your internet chains

    The INTERNET = The WORLD WIDE WEB = SLAVERY = the CHAINS / CHANGE / CHANG-E, the FLOOD GODDESS, binding humanity to the illusory 3D Trance State for the simple purpose of casting a veil over Reality and Wisdom.

    The INTERNET is built on LINKS = LINK-ON = LINCOLN = the LION KING = the SPHINX. This is yet another aspect of the FLOOD meant to perpetuate the Trance State.

    CERN home of the world wide web (666 in their friggin logos)

    1. GEO markers - triangulation station survey marker

      Cyclone of 1875 in Georgia?

      GEODETIC MARKER placed in 1930 complete with the triangle/pyramid in the middle of it
      Several free masons buried on the site
      One commenter wrote the following
      That is actually a triangulation station survey marker and there should be two more there. You can log that you found them and say what condition they are in. I love benchmark hunting, such history and so glad you know where this one is. Next time you go by there see if you can find the other two. Here is the link to the benchmark or station.

      Another interesting tidbit on what this outfit does

      What comes to mind is National GEOgraphic

      And what do you do when you put outgoing mail in your mail box, you throw up the red flag???

      What is interesting about this as I observe new HOA's being built in record numbers all around where I live, is that they no longer have mail boxes at their home location they have what I would refer to as 'mailbox bank deposit boxes' located at one single location at the front of the complexes and all must go to this one location to pick up their mail.
      This creates less work for the mail man (flip the m's you get 33)
      GEO codes in my humble opinion are latitude and longitude NOW as the identifier of your physical location which can be determined and LINKED by your IP ICANN home address when you signed up with your ISP (think ESP) provider like AT & T which all LINKS to what they refer to as AI which is nothing more that the DATA being analyzed and used to identify the end user - your cell phone IP address can be linked through ICANN and all DATA can therefore be compiled on the end user which I think all ties back to the PERSON ID which is LINKED to the FAMILY ID attached to your SURNAME

      Amazing shit these guys are uncovering
      The stolen mineral rights from the creek indians as the guy mentions that the current 'owner' plans to will it back to the indians??


    The INTERNET = The WORLD WIDE WEB = SLAVERY = the CHAINS / CHANGE / CHANG-E, the FLOOD GODDESS, binding humanity to the illusory 3D Trance State for the simple purpose of casting a veil over Reality and Wisdom.

    The INTERNET is built on LINKS = LINK-ON = LINCOLN = the LION KING = the SPHINX. This is yet another aspect of the FLOOD meant to perpetuate the Trance State.

    All of the INTERNET PIRACY Bills, and PRIVACY Bills, being brought forward at this time by different governments throughout the world, is the LION KING at work, manipulating the masses to enter into the secret sacrifice chambers of lunacy. Not only does humanity enter willingly into this realm of madness, … they scream, they protest, they resist, they rebel, they resent, they retaliate, they reject any suggestion relating to their loss of freedom of speech and expression of thought… (kind of a sorry sight) … when after all, … it’s just an illusion.

    Without the internet, the Arab Spring couldn’t have come to pass. All of the bullshit stories in regards to world events, especially since the WTC attack couldn’t have spread throughout the world, ever deepening the Trance State as people listen to whack-jobs and their ever-so-convincing orations that the world has entered into a mass awakening, … a bond with true consciousness, … when all the time, these charlatans are assisting in bringing to pass, the luciferian agenda of lunatic styled stupidity.

    The elite of the world are so obviously indoctrinated in the insane notions of the egregore Thought Process, but it’s the TRUTHERS, the CONSPIRACY PEDDLERS, the REPTILIAN AGENDA nut cases, who unwittingly, and unknowingly, are a major driving force in fulfilling the agenda of hypnotic control. Bringing to pass unequalled confusion and hysteria never before seen in the illusory existence of this planet. … and none of this could be done or accomplished without the internet, … the computer, … that system established to allow the presentation of the Ego, … to perpetuate the insane Mind of the Thought Process, … to hide, to veil, to deceive, … with the single notion of the destruction of Truth, Reality and Wisdom.

    … and so we worship the inventors of windows and gates (even as the 2 faced god Janus) … and we link into the madness of the 2 faced god of LINK-IN (1’s and 0’s, a penis and vagina), … LINK-ON, the god of Lincoln, … the deity of the Sun and the Moon. This is CHANGE, … definitely CHANG-e … the Flood Goddess we’ve been implanted to BELIEVE IN.

  8. Child registration by UNICEF

    Common Core and the imminent SEIZE of ISD's

    And here's your TEA party folks

    The SEIZE of Waterloo schools in Canada
    See scroll down the page to where you see the following
    March 22 - Red Cross Promotes Migrant Invasion of the US
    Red Cross created by the very same crooks

    Same as the Mormons created by the same crooks a 33rd degree free mason and a member of the club
    Master Mason

    ACTS = AX
    The AXE to hew down the corrupt tree. In the DAY when all will be manipulated into a ONE WORLD GLOBAL CONTROL system.

    AXE 2:1-4:

    Their fake awakening was a decoy so you wouldn't search for the real plan
    not the fake reality plan presented to the masses by their minions

  9. This is PRICELESS! A true work of art!

  10. Go look up the IOI
    and a document called

    A clip from the article
    Now therefore this document records the rules for the operation of the North American Region and the election of its Directors, including a Regional President, as adopted by the Ombudsman of the Region on August 27, 2019 and supersedes any and all of the previous rules of the North American Region.

    Now tell me folks are there not so called obudsmen in this so called unincorporated assembly process that Anna has going?

    RDS was/is an OBUDSMAN

    Funny thing to that IOI looks to be the number 11

    He does many videos with the 101
    And is it not funny you are prompted to go buy a book with the numbers 101 in the title?

    And that IOI is the same type of SPELLING

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    1. Anglia is a foreign scammer - bad English dead giveaway

  12. Eyel and in Greenland
    Hmm imagine that

  13. "By the time most people finally realise that our MILITARY has been leading a global operation to kill 94% of the people on earth, it will be too late.
    And what a cruel hoax the Q-psyop is. It’s yet another INVERSION of the truth. Military Weaponized Public Health. It looks like we are all enemy combatants located in a military ‘kill box’. If you are military, or ex-military, you’ll know exactly what this means.

    This might be one of the most important videos you’ll ever see. It explains everything! FOI's reveal that health/science institutions around the world
    (211 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

    Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words - PUBLIC HEALTH HAS BEEN MILITARIZED

  14. In this one he shews that symbol many times

    The rubber sole on your shoes to disconnect from the 'motherboard' aka now they pedaling it's name as GAIA

    1. Build Back Better
      Basic Building Blocks
      35 minutes 45 seconds in to the video

    2. Da'at anagrammed data
      and at one point previous to the da'at reference he mentions IA which is AI backwards
      around 17 minutes

  15. Think it's a coinky dink that they named their son Archie

    This is PRICELESS! A true work of art!

    And if this red haired son is the son of a well known hollywood actor/producer/director who played roles from a little boy named Opie with the firendly sheriff and then on to tell us all about our Happy Daze playing the role of Richie with his television sister being the hidden daughter of Marion Ross (then she went on to be Pat Benetar).


    Remember now ole Ronnie did the movie Hillbilly Edigy but first it was named Hillbilly Effigy
    Bout how they destroyed the ohio valley states when they shipped all the automobile and steel industry out of those states then shipped in their heroin and other shit to kill off the population and move in their REPLACEMENTS

    Michigan outside of the designated human habitat zones is a waste land
    They're cashing in on it as they steal all the resources as they go
    And their
    Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)
    governance over the natural resources (in particular oil, gas and minerals)

    Like the Katrina 'climate change' kill off and then the Rockeyfeller oil and their accomplices that make up the fake Godvernment in Saud moves in
    You know the red and white checkered board tablecloth head wearing actors portrayed as the leaders of Saudi Arabia

    It's not rocket science folks
    The lands of make believe and every cock roach in hollywood is part of the con because they are all related to one another
    Same with all the production companies across their golden globe as they've hynotized and brainwashed through tell lie vision and radio and computers and cell phones the entire populace to believe this CIRCUS

    Gypsies, tramps and thieves
    THe Wonderering....

  16. William J. Casey, the head of the CIA once, reportedly said,"We will know our disinformation is complete when everything the American people believe is a lie." Nothing could be more true today. The disinformation and propaganda are ubiqitous. I truly think that shock, awe and confusion is the agenda; fear porn fed to you via spoon at EVERY turn. Please use discernment and have faith. Choose the white pills over black. Anybody who claims they got it all figured out should be discredited immediately. Anybody who spouts off about knowing everything...proves to me they do not.

    1. Hmm head of the CIA, I wonder who his bosses were?

      Now they're white pills over black? Checkered board floow perhaps
      Black and white duality?
      What happened to red versus blue?

      No one has it all figured out nor did anyone say they had it all figured out - just proves to me you spouting off is just another red herring

      You were the one defining a commenter on here as bi polar, narcissist and other shit not more than a week or so ago - don't go putting labels on anyone because as you can see CONsciousRN the plan is to make anyone not following along with the script appear to be mental and linking it to the social media
      Those ICD-11 codes and your psychiatric hellth is being discussed at the round tables is DAVOS for implementation
      It's why they launched all the mental hellth commercials and set the stage with Simone Biles the olympic whatever to discuss her mental issues along with various other SELLebrities to set the stage

      Psychological Seance and Cognitive Dissonance and the plandemic

      We're not dumb and informing others of the plan to declare them mental because we don't beLIEVe the horseshit anymore is being responsible and honest not some cock and bull well they just don't know what they've talking about

      I worked in electronic medical billing and claims for decades, I know how this shit works and what I'm talking about
      Large scale operations billing millions of claims on behalf of medicaid and medicare and thirt party claims for state agenices
      This operation was a spin off company from Deloitte and Touche
      Might want to check their world wide offices one of which is in London

      And one of the first things they launced in Telemedicine what pshchiatry visits
      I know I also worked for a start up company for telemedicine and they were hot and heavy to implement telemedicne for psychiatry back in 2015

      Oh I'm using discernment you can count on it

      video 10m48sec, skip to 1.55 for content
      is up on mycatholicredpill on rumble, five hours ago.

      she calls the hospitals: hospi-KILLS and the carehomes: SCAREhomes.
      She is saying that: the Nurses became the paid "Assassins" of the people who trusted the Nurses to care for them. she says the Nurses:
      Murdurred them
      Assassinted them.
      Ekxecuted them.
      She says the Nurses Injeckted the people who were trusting the Nurses to care for them even when those people were unconscious.
      and lots of recorded "test eye monies" of people who say their loved ones were murderred using this "Midazolam"... that, after the people died, their "Government" still said was given in acceptable doses.
      "Midaz": is this a reference to Midas?: gold? mon-eye? this world's riches?
      "olam": a reference to Hebrew languageword that means: forever, eternal?
      ... who would name a "medicine" that is killing so many people something that sounds so much like it *could* be interpreted as "gold/riches forever"?... and why?

    3. then the same video goes on to say that Suckabuergh has paid to have 100 million American wildlife injeckted with em ah'r enay....
      and peoples beloved pets too are being in jeckkted.
      but,... now just how did they do that?...idk... did they go out and chase down 40 million squirrels? 30 million bunnies? run down 30 million deer? im having a hard time believing this, but it may be true. could just be a scare tactic tho since they want people to quit eating meat.
      theyre also saying our beef has been so-injeckkted, and i do not have a hard time believing that.
      theyre also saying that Gates' GAVI [that Trump supposedly helped with funding] has already has supposely somehow gotten this em ah'r enay into the veggies: lettuce, avocadoes, tomatoes, others.

      To me, they do not look sufficiently disturbed when talking about something that may have been put in our food that could kell us. the man, in particular, looks like he is maybe having difficulty suppressing his smile?? idk. ????

      dont forget that jesuis said NO DEADLY THING WILL HARM YOU!!
      ref.: mark 16:18:
      "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;
      they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."
      so there.

    4. if any actual Nurses have anything they feel safe sharing, it would be great to hear what you can safely share.

    5. I find it odd that '11' seems to be all over the place
      His videos all about el even J anus

      ICD-11 codes to come in the near future where the use of digital media is LINKED to their PSYCHIATRIC bullshit and we're all nuts

      Windows 11 and billy goats

      A Q uarius is the 11th so called sign

      My sister just bought a new kitchen stove made by LG and on the right side of the stove where the display panel is it reads ThinQ
      You think that is an accident

      janmarie my sister has a friend that is a nurse and her hubby is a rich jewish doctor
      Both are brain dead about any of this shit
      They both took the vaccines and continue with their hellth crusade
      In the last year all of a sudden everyone in their circle has dieabeasties
      All of them wearing monitors and taking diabeasties meds
      This doctor is making refereces today that people are depressed and having all kinds of issues maybe they need to be on meds???
      I kid you not

      Like I said back in 2015 I worked for a telehealth company - it was rolled out JIT (just in time) for their launch of telehellth visits via computer screens and not an actual face to face CONsult

      Funny thing to, tell a hellth - thell them your hellth and they will cure all that ails you MY ASS
      Hellth apps on your phones monitoring your every friggin move probably more than most thinQ
      All of this generates DATA or da'at

      The Internet of BODIES by the RAND CORPORATION

    6. And oh I forgot hellthcare and BLOCKCHAIN

      Might I remind you that ole Ptrick Byrne is the front man for all things block and chain and MEDICI VENTURES

      And of course the MINI SERIES (disguised as MINISTRIES) of CORPORATE ENTITIES SET UP BY THE SIN DIC ATE for all the monitoring of the da'at (data) to enACT those new ICD-11 International Classification of Diseases (Zoonotic Diseases look it up)

      Hand and rubber glove stuck up your asses to reem the patients every which way but loose as they create the problems and then implement their solutions on the deaf, dumb and blind
      Run a scope up your ass and call it MEDICIne

      Cut the wisdom teeth out of your friggin jaw and label it necessary
      Hmm I wonder why they do that
      Could it be connected to your wisdom?
      They butchered my jaws up at the age of 19 to get to those teeth and label and LIEcense the butcher who did it as an ORAL surgeon

  17. The stage is set

    And what better place to stage yet another stunt than one you've used before
    The hynotized sheep won't catch on

    1. That guy and his onnabageusha pal have been at it for over a decade. All the numerology and symbology, its tends to so often miss the mark that its just like wading thru a morass of random information looking to make sense out of its randomness.

      Do you read the fulford stillnessinthestorm site? That one has amusing takes on the details he shares. "multiple sources agree". Manufactured agreement based on nothing statements identifying nobody one would defer to if actually named.

  18. Oh No! Maybe the White hats can save someone... if they're done playing Dress-up.

  19. Yo Shelby. Its good to be aware of things, but at some point one has to see that its going to come thru regardless how one feels about whatever. No point getting all whipped up into hysterics. This has been how its been for the better part of my 47 years on this rock. Always some group trying to take advantage of the national public for their own enrichment. If people don't care enough to do their own research BEFORE acting, then I don't know that constantly putting more DATA on the plate is gonna change anything and you just expend your energy trying to make people aware.

    Did you ever read about a Swami Trailanga? Taking his tact might be a more functional approach to fostering change than railing in the comments, tho by all means do continue if its therapeutic for self.

    1. It's not therapeutoc for self
      I'm pissed

      Contrary to my comments I liked the job I did and now based on all this shit I no longer care to do the job and a lose of that very vital income has done nothing but reek havoc on me and my support of grandchildren and great grandchildren that these fuckers aim to snuff out

      Not to mention with not working for the last 6-8 years there goes that so called social poverty check - the less you make in the last 10 years of your prime is what they base your friggin so called social poverty upon
      You can thank the SINDICATE for that
      And now that I know what the hell the game really is
      Otherwise known as your new and improved GAIA as they clean out the SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST
      Universal Guaranteed Annual Income as long as you toe the social order of things line

      This is by no means a friggin picnic

      Therapeutic MY ASS